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The Public Pulse: Choose governor wisely; vaccinate health care workers; Pass on mural rescue

The Public Pulse: Choose governor wisely; vaccinate health care workers; Pass on mural rescue

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Choose wisely

Senator Robert Dole has left the building. His death symbolizes the death of the Republican Party at the hands of Donald Trump and his autocratic minions. Dole fought for America, sometimes right and sometimes wrong, in war and in peacetime. He believed in the good people of this country and believed that the Senate of the USA ought to be a force for balance of views, seeking the best solution for the issues that faced the nation. Compromise was not a dirty word; half a loaf was better than none.

That era is apparently dead, as pointed out by former Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. “Power” and “No!” are the watch words now in the Senate. And verbal bomb throwing by Republicans in the House of Representatives. The party of my parents is gone with the wind.

We see it daily now in Republican governors attacking the United States government, while they look forward to the financial support to rebuild our infrastructure in their respective states. They want to be semi-secessionists, enjoying the rising national economy, the national interstate highways, parks, and defense system filled with dedicated men and women who die for us. These governors and candidates deliberately lie to stir up voters against the federal government, vaccinations, school curricula, minorities, guns, and create militias.

In Nebraska, our governors can’t even figure out how to reorganize the tax system to make it more fair and productive. Lord, how long must we wait to get real leaders as governors like Morrison, Exon, Kerrey and Nelson?

Stand up, Nebraska! Really do your homework and choose the next great governor of Nebraska!

Fred D. Brown, Crete, Neb.

Health care vaccines

I am writing in response to the letter from Nolan Gurnsey (“No vaccine mandate,” Dec. 7). I spent over 40 years in health care. People may not know that required vaccinations/testing are routine for health care providers. Some of these requirements include hepatitis A and B vaccines, influenza vaccine, and TB skin testing. I believe it is the right thing to do to require health care providers to get the COVID vaccine. I think it would be unconscionable for a person entering the hospital for open heart surgery (or for any other reason) to contract COVID from a non-vaccinated health care provider. All health care providers have a choice. If they choose not to be vaccinated, they need to choose to look for a new job. It’s not that they do not have a choice, they just don’t like the choices given to them. Welcome to the real world!

Shirley Simons, Omaha

Eye of the beholder

I read with interest the article about the rescue plan for the Pershing Center mural (“Rescue plan for Pershing Center mural takes shape,” Dec. 5). Certainly art is in the eye of the beholder. And the eye of this beholder says ... pass.

Don Rhoden, Plattsmouth, Neb.

GOP political figures

Jim Pillen thinks that Nebraska’s roads are “not that bad” (Dec. 6). Compared to what, a war zone? Remarks like these show that Pillen must live in his own little isolated world, should not be a University of Nebraska regent and is not qualified to follow the present, woefully inadequate Governor Pete Ricketts, to the governor’s mansion. No doubt all of the Republican gubernatorial hopefuls, if elected, will turn down the $2.5 billion slated to come to Nebraska due to Biden’s first infrastructure bill, because they are imbedded in the Trump cult, only care about power and nothing that would benefit Nebraska. And Ricketts had no hesitation about spending $69 million of Nebraskans’ taxes on an upstart company, Nomi Health, for no-bid COVID-related contracts (“Nebraska has awarded $69 million in no-bid contracts to Utah company,” Nov. 21). Some of the money was spent for Nomi Health to find hospital beds for COVID patients. It seems like mask and vaccine mandates to protect all Nebraskans would have been a better use of resources.

Mary Ruth Stegman, Omaha

Quality coaches

Nebraska just fired four coaches; they should have fired Scott Frost too. If you’re going to start over, start over. Frost has been here four years and did nothing. Now Frost has hired Mickey Joseph, former NU player.

That doesn’t sound like improvement to me. How long does Nebraska put up with coaches of questionable quality? At this rate, NU will never be great again. How do you recruit players who even want to come here?

Ron Kistner, Omaha


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