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The Public Pulse: Democrats are best for progress; Vote for La Grone; Pence rudeness

The Public Pulse: Democrats are best for progress; Vote for La Grone; Pence rudeness

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Democrats best to achieve progress

A large minority of the electorate plans to “hold their noses” and vote for President Trump not because he’s an honorable person, but because of “his policies.” I appreciate Bruce Sprain’s Public Pulse letter of Oct. 4 outlining such policies he supports, as well as his effort to make that the focus of political discussion. He challenges those of us who cannot support President Trump to list “all the great things Biden will do” that we support, as opposed to simple disdain for Trump.

Of course, no one can enact change alone; it takes many people working together. But I would like to see progress toward certain priorities such as: protecting Social Security and Medicare; affordable health care; employing science and reason to address threats from such issues as climate change and pandemics; addressing longstanding grievous inequalities in the criminal justice system; closing fat cat loopholes in our tax code; reining in outrageous corporate greed to make the economy work for the 99% instead of just the 1%; protection of our fragile ecosystem; improving infrastructure; bolstering public education; addressing blatant gerrymandering; and campaign finance reform. I believe the Democratic ticket is more likely to make progress on these issues.

Beyond these critical priorities, an even higher priority is now front and center: the protection of our very democracy from autocratic rule. I never thought it could happen in our United States of America, but this threat now seems very real indeed. Policies are important, but leadership and integrity matter even more.

Anita Jeck, Omaha

Past presidents knew better

Regarding Chris Lewis’s letter about Trump’s journey outside the hospital and the comparison to what he claims would have been said if President Obama had done the same thing, I think no previous president would have gone against doctors’ preferences and done such a thing.

Lowell W. Eyer Jr., Omaha

La Grone has strong legislative record

Just read about the World-Hearald endorsements for State Legislature and curious as to why Jen Day was endorsed over Andrew La Grone. The write-up about Day just listed what appeared to be warm and fuzzy platitudes vs. any real accomplishments. On the other hand, La Grone has succeeded in supporting property tax relief, protecting the Second Amendment, and supporting a bill allowing teachers to restrain disruptive and violent students.

Douglas Clark, Gretna

Pence showed rudeness

I had always thought that Vice President Mike Pence was a dignified politician until watching the debate between him and Sen. Kamala Harris Wednesday night.

He was very rude to both Mrs. Harris and the moderator. He did not respect the moderator and her leadership and talked more than his time and over Mrs. Harris, who presented herself with dignity.

I was certainly disappointed in him.

Patricia Huntsman, Red Oak, Iowa

McConnell has his own ‘packing’ plan

Vice President Mike Pence claimed Joe Biden harbors a scheme to “pack” the Supreme Court if the current nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg is installed. This is shameless in the face of what the Republicans did in 2016 when a vacancy occurred many months before the presidential election. Mitch McConnell refused to act on President Obama’s nominee in the hope that a Republican candidate (he probably expected Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz) would win and fill the seat. We’ve seen how that turned out with Brett Kavanaugh.

Now McConnell has directed Senate activity to confirming Judge Barrett, leaving a COVID-19 relief bill and tens of millions of Americans to languish. Talk about packing!

K.M. Davies, Omaha

Unfair attack on Don Kleine

I know that in the current political climate nothing should surprise me anymore, but I was appalled by the recent resolution passed by the Nebraska Democratic Party against Don Kleine. The situation that occurred in The Old Market is a huge tragedy for both black and white people. The statements issued by Mr. Ja Keen Fox are shameful and totally out of line. I took particular offense at his statement that the Democrats who do support Mr. Kleine are labelled as “elderly white people.”

I thank God that I’m not registered as a Democrat, since I guess I fall into the “elderly white people” category. If I were a Democrat, I would not be able to change parties fast enough! I can’t help but wonder how similar remarks would be received if the more radical members of the party were referred to as “young black people.” The outrage would be tremendous! Whoever made that statement would instantly be called racist, and it’s interesting that the terminology is used only against white people.

I just heard that Mr. Kleine has decided to change parties, and no one could blame him. It’s about time.

Lisa Todd, Papillion

Salute these officers

With all the postings and lawn signs which state “Black Lives Matter,” I would suggest another one, “Good Cops’ Lives Matter.” In the United States, about 50 police officers are killed annually as a result of criminal acts against them. Sadly, no one seems to be marching in protest about this.

Stephen Bloodworth, Omaha

Dangers of ‘patriotic’ education

President Trump seeks a “patriotic education” in our schools. Many Americans will applaud such an incentive, without recognizing that it echoes the methods of authoritarian despots like communists Mao Zedong, Kim Jong-un on the left, and fascists of all stripes on the right.

Our goal must remain to teach our children how to think clearly, not what to think blindly. Remember, Trump professes to “love the poorly educated.” Why do you suppose that might be?

Roger duRand, Omaha

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