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The Public Pulse: District 2 voting; Thanks to newspaper carriers; No to library demolition

The Public Pulse: District 2 voting; Thanks to newspaper carriers; No to library demolition

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District 2

Douglas County voters have chosen the Democratic candidate over the Republican in every District 2 congressional race since 2012 following the gerrymandering of district boundaries 10 years ago.

By an average of 3.4 percentage points, Douglas County voters chose Ewing over Terry in 2012, Ashford over Terry in 2014, Ashford over Bacon in 2016 and Eastman over Bacon in both 2018 and 2020.

Despite this clear expressed preference on the part of Douglas County voters for Democratic congressional representation, only in 2014 was the Democratic candidate elected to Congress. In every election year since 2010, western Sarpy County voters swung the district as a whole into the Republican column by an average 2.6 percentage points, overturning a Democratic victory and replacing it with a Republican one.

District 2 congressional election results do not reflect the will of the majority of voters in Douglas County, the most populous county in the state that accounts for almost one out of every three Nebraskans. One of these things is not like the other. It is time to remove western Sarpy County from District 2.

Peter Gadzinski, Omaha

Library location

I have been reading with real irritation the plans to demolish and replace a perfectly good library by rehabbing an old warehouse supposedly safely away from the awareness of the current homeless population (it’s not) and converting an old Shopko into administrative offices.

I drove downtown Sunday night to see whether plans similarly touted about demolishing an old building and replacing it with a grand development had ever matured, a location one block from the library, 1416 Dodge St. Nope. It’s still a vacant lot.

Why not save the cost of demolition of a much better looking building than 1416 Dodge ever was, plus relocation costs of staff and books, plus the continuing costs of renting the old Shopko (I’m not sure who owns the old warehouse downtown) by encouraging whoever lusts after the library’s location that a location just as good is open only a block away?

Michael Osborn, La Vista

Thank you

Thanks to our World-Herald carriers, Marc and Jill. Great service every day without fail. Also thanks to the OWH want ads. Everything we advertised, dozens of items, sold in record time.

Jeffry A. Simet, Elkhorn

Avoiding extremism

I agree with Rick Galusha’s column (OWH, Dec. 12) on finding good people and avoiding extremism. I wonder if he will follow up with a column denouncing the zaniness and the lies of the radical left. If not, then I think he must be teaching political bias instead of political science.

Rod Freburg, Fort Calhoun, Neb.

COVID vaccinations

Why is it that the media gives “The Jet” a pass?

He spent almost a month in the hospital after catching COVID-19. Said he would get vaccinated when the doctors said it was OK. It has been OK since last winter! He is in a demographic where he should have been first in line. Who knows how many people he has been in contact with this winter? He has stated he made a mistake, but who are the people more affected by his ignorance? Wake up, get your vaccinations!

Edward Taylor, Omaha

Political issues

It’s all political to a politician. Reference to two letters in the Dec. 28 Public Pulse regarding efforts to discourage vaccinations. The letters correctly state this critical issue is a national health issue, not a political issue. The problem is, all issues are political to a politician and re-election is the only thing that matters.

Larry Johnson, Omaha

Christmas gift

On Christmas Eve day, I was grocery shopping at Baker’s on 170th and Center, the store was very busy. The man in front of me put his items on the counter, and I put the bar down for mine. The next thing I knew, my things were gone. I said “wait, those are mine.” The clerk said “he paid for yours.” I was absolutely stunned, no one in my life had ever done something so kind for me. I sat in my car for an hour before I could drive home. His name is Doug. I told him my son is named Doug also and I will never forget him or his face.

God bless you Doug and thank you!

Karen Richardson, Omaha

Nice article

A nice article on James Earl Williams (Dec. 29); thanks for sharing his story. I also liked Rick Galusha’s editorial. More, please.

Gary Choquette, Omaha

Public Pulse January 2022

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