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The Public Pulse: Don Bacon was right about Afghanistan; Ricketts failed the children

The Public Pulse: Don Bacon was right about Afghanistan; Ricketts failed the children

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Bacon was right

After two years of pleading with both the Trump and Biden administrations against the full withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, Congressman Bacon’s warnings came to fruition last month. Last year, the House Armed Services Committee passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act preventing President Trump from withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan. President Trump then vetoed this bill in December of 2020.

Once inaugurated, many leaders in Congress, including Bacon, then urged President Biden to rework the deal negotiated with the Taliban and to leave a small support force on the ground in Afghanistan for the time being. This administration ignored the requests of Bacon and other members of the House Armed Services Committee. Congressman Bacon and other military leaders in Congress should be listened to not ignored on issues of national security. Their expertise proved correct, and the botched withdrawal devastatingly resulted in the loss of 13 brave service members and others.

Ryan Miller, Omaha

Failed the children

If the authorities in our state would put as much energy into the foster care system and the children affected as they put into banning face mask mandates, keeping marijuana illegal and reducing property taxes, at-risk children might have a brighter future. If I was in foster care I would be filing a lawsuit.

Those who decided to accept St. Francis’ original bid should be held accountable but instead they will probably be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Thomas Sanchez, Omaha

Marxist threat

I was born during the Great Depression, which was a difficult period. In the 1940s, we defeated Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and imperial Japan. I served as a Marine in the Korean War. We as a nation survived all these events because we were united. However, we didn’t eliminate Marxism ideology. Marxist writer Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals,” indicating that radicals should infiltrate our schools and news media in order to divide us.

Modern progressive revisionists believe that the Republican Party is the party of racism, when history reveals the opposite. Democratic leaders in the 1800s regularly promoted white supremacy. During Reconstruction, the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery), the 14th (providing equal protection) and the 15th (enabling Black male suffrage) were passed by Republican Congresses. In the 1960s, school segregation was defended by radical Democratic governors in Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia. Today, progressives claim this is old history, yet they want to return to 1619 and claim Critical Race Theory.

Marxism is built upon class conflict and such thinking is now part of some of our public institutions. A self-admitted Marxist is one of the founders of BLM. If we are to survive, we must once again unite to oppose this Marxist menace. Some may disagree, but God gave me free will and the Constitution gave me free speech.

Don Sievers, Omaha

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