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The Public Pulse: Don't believe pro-gambling lobby; Presidential election; Act of kindness

The Public Pulse: Don't believe pro-gambling lobby; Presidential election; Act of kindness

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Don’t believe pro-gambling lobby

It sounds like the pro-gambling lobby wants to generate gambling taxes and give them to the local governments to ease our tax burden and provide more funds for projects.

I don’t believe our government knows how to spend the money it already has. Cases of waste, overpayment for items and services, emphasis on pet projects, padding of expense accounts, duplication of services, ridiculous salaries or benefits and cost overruns due to poor planning are found in all levels of government. And now we should reward government by throwing more money its way? No, thanks!

If government servants spent our money with thrift and a conscience, the casino profits could fly to Iowa or Vegas or wherever and we’d still have an adequate budget for the Good Life without the penalties of gambling.

Don Wells Jr., Omaha

Veteran’s support for Biden

I am a 26-year Air Force veteran and retired officer. I voted early for Joe Biden. Far from being a “far-left extremist” bent on “ruining” our nation, as Mr. Del Ostergaard would describe people like me, I am simply a person who took an oath to the Constitution and who believes that Constitution is worth preserving. I am sure if Mr. Ostergaard would take the time to chat with me, or with the many veterans and retired senior officers who have publicly endorsed Joe Biden, he would find common ground with us. Most of the military members I served with and know have been scrupulously independent for most of our adult lives. But, this is not a normal time, nor a normal election.

I am appalled by the current president, who seems to demand personal loyalty above all else. That is not what our oath is now, nor was it ever. I am appalled by the current president, who claims credit for improving veteran health care, when in fact most of the improvements were passed during the previous administration. I am appalled by a president who, behind the scenes, ridicules the sacrifice and service of our veterans, especially the ultimate sacrifice of those who have died. I personally know some who have died in service to the nation. I have escorted remains, and I have presented the American flag at the funerals of fallen service members.

It does not make me a “far-left extremist” to want to elect a man who knows what it is like to be a military dad. I would like to elect a president who understands that not only military service, but all public service, is an honorable and worthy endeavor, one that puts nation ahead of party or of self. That is why I already voted for Joe Biden.

James Harrold, Plattsmouth, Neb.

America’s future is on the ballot

My vote this year is done with eyes wide open. My vote this year is for results, not personality or morality. My vote this year is for family, friends, our nation and our future.

I’m voting for the Second Amendment, and against gun confiscation. I’m voting for the next Supreme Court justice, and against courtpacking. I’m voting for the Electoral College and state’s representation, and against the elimination of the EC and the diminished power of individual states.

I’m voting for the police, and against their defunding. I’m voting for law and order, and against the riots resulting in killings and businesses’ destruction. I’m voting for the military and the veterans who fought for and died for this country, and against the destruction of our national monuments that honor them. I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion, and against being censored.

I’m voting for the right to praise God, and against religious retribution. I’m voting for the life of tens of thousands of unborn babies who are being killed every year, and against unrestricted abortion. I’m voting for secure borders, and against illegal and unfettered access to America.

I’m voting for freedom and the American Dream, and against more socialist programs.

Ted Quick, Omaha

Biden’s record is impressive

Thank you to the Omaha World-Herald for endorsing a reasoned man, Joe Biden, for president. It’s unbelievable for some to write that Vice President Biden hasn’t done anything in 40 years. Let me remind them that as vice president, Mr. Biden was behind saving the auto industry and hundred of thousands of jobs throughout the system in the 2008 Great Depression. He helped pass a health care bill that insured millions of Americans that couldn’t afford health care.

He was behind the Violence against Women Act that reduced spousal violence in half. He introduced legislation to reduce greenhouse emissions and dispersed over $90 billion for clean energy. It was Biden who sponsored a key arms limitation treaty between Russia and the United States. And he helped block one of the worst Supreme Court nominees in my opinion, Robert Bork, because of Bork’s racism.

The list can go on and on, but do your own research and stop believing the sound bites opposed to Biden’s accomplishments. Some may not like him, but never doubt his work, his accomplishments or his decency!

Barb Wagner, Omaha

Barrett is great pick for the court

I hope the U.S. Senate will quickly confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Her record shows that she will uphold the rule of law. Particularly, her record on cases involving protections for religious freedom and our Second Amendment rights.

It’s good to see Sens. Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse holding firm and moving forward to fill this seat. Like Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, a Justice Barrett will safeguard the Nebraska values we grew up with and live by, so we can enjoy “The Good Life.”

James Houlihan, Omaha

The dangers of apathy

In the 1960s millions and millions of us marched and demonstrated against segregation, nuclear overkill, pollution and Vietnam. The Constitution’s Bill of Rights recognizes this as part of pursuing a “redress of grievances.”

Nixon called it “crime in the streets.” Civil rights marchers were attacked. Protesters against our bloody blunder in Vietnam filled the streets; some were shot dead on the Kent State campus. Gays were beaten up at Stonewall Inn in New York City.

Other movements that marched and eventually won in the struggle for progress, against a dim but stubbornly resistant segment of the public, were the feminists (look up Bella Abzug), migrant workers (Cesar Chavez) and environmentalists (Earth Day).

Pursuing social justice was dangerous; some were attacked physically with fire hoses and dogs, others by verbal attacks from pundits, politicians or mouthpieces for special interests: Fossil fuels vs. the environment, racists vs. voting rights, and so on.

Then as now, many simply sat on the sidelines and did not participate, or sniped at those who did. Others were apathetic or uninformed. Progress was made inch by inch, dragging against their dead weight, much like today.

Dante Alighieri reserved a special place in Hell for them, afflicted by wasps and maggots. In Canto III, Dante and his guide Virgil hear the anguished screams of the Uncommitted. These are the souls of people who took no sides in life; the opportunists who were for neither good nor evil, but instead were merely concerned with themselves.

Jim Bechtel, Omaha

One kindness leads to another

On Friday morning, Oct. 9, while paying for my COSTCO purchases, for some reason my Executive COSTCO Visa card would not scan. I was totally stunned when a lovely young mother holding a small child quickly reached around me, inserted her credit card and paid my bill. She would not give me her name/address so I could reimburse her or remain long enough for me to adequately thank her for her generous act of kindness.

I would like for her to know that I have paid forward her good deed by sending a $100 donation to the Salvation Army. In spite of today’s world turmoil, this fine young woman is an excellent example that goodness and kindness still prevail.

Gerry Reid, Omaha

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