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The Public Pulse: Energy efficient TIF projects; Get the shot; Thoughts on Brewer

The Public Pulse: Energy efficient TIF projects; Get the shot; Thoughts on Brewer

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About TIF

Much has been written regarding tax increment financing (TIF) in Omaha. The discussion often revolves around the use of the word “blighted” as a determining factor for what projects qualify. For example, is the downtown public library really “blighted” or is the term really a code word for “community redevelopment area” as described by some city planners? There is a wide gulf between these designations. It is clear that Omaha leaders have favored “community redevelopment” over “blighted” or “substandard” in approving TIF. This is unfortunate, but if the city is going to continue on the same course it has been on, at least they could make TIF funding contingent on assuring that new projects are energy efficient with solar energy (on roofs or surface parking lots). This would help the metro area as it embarks on its climate action plan and it would save energy costs for decades for the occupants of the buildings.

David E. Corbin, Omaha

What reasons?

In the Dec. 26 Public Pulse letters, one person suggested open-mindedly asking an unvaccinated person why they were unvaccinated; another mentioned that health care workers “must have a good reason” to not get vaccinated.

In all seriousness, what constitutes a “good reason”?

In the name of all that is holy, please tell me: what are these “good reasons” for endangering your health and the health of your friends, family and community?

Joshua Whitney, Nebraska City

Gun safety

First of all let me say I am a true conservative but I was in shock after reading the write-up recently on Sen. Tom Brewer’s proposal on “Constitutional Carry of Handguns,” (Dec. 26). It says he want to pass a bill that would require no criminal background checks, no $100 fee and no 8- to 16-hour class on safe gun-handling.

As I said I am a conservative but this is just so wrong in so many ways. Without a background check you are actually saying anyone who wants to start toting a life-threatening device around (gun), its OK with him. Also I will say I think the 16-hour class is probably too short. What should happen is a mandatory refresher class every single year for eight hours. Also in that class should be education on the laws of Nebraska what constitutes a situation where you can and cannot pull your weapon. People without proper training and skill may be more harm than help in a life-threatening situation. Didn’t we all just see that first-hand in what happened with the Kim Potter case? When you are in panic mode? I want someone to come to my aid that has had intensive training, not some gun-toting person that just bought their new Glock from Cabela’s and is out to save the world. Also, I have always thought the $100 fee is way too low for the privilege of being able to carry a concealed weapon. It should be $500 a year. And I will just leave you with this — not only am I very conservative but also I do have a CCW, which I respect and always obey the laws that it comes with.

Chuck Petersen, Elkhorn

Net zero emissions

Recently, OPPD and NPPD have adopted net zero emissions policies. Yet, these policies are ripe for marketing scams.

For decades, the far left has declared war on fossil fuels in fighting supposed man-made climate change, but they kept losing the argument. Even President Obama supported fracking of natural gas. The energy industries largely switched from coal to natural gas and carbon emissions went down, but the leftists continue to march on.

The new push for net zero emissions merely opens a Pandora’s box to federal subsidies for untested solar and wind power generation and other scams. The only possible good outcome from such policies is many trees will likely be planted to get to net zero emissions. No one wins an argument against a tree.

Andrew L. Sullivan, Omaha


Public Pulse January 2022

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Schools and businesses must consider implementing mask mandates to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, a Pulse writer says.

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Pulse writer says Nebraska volleyball's championship game against Wisconsin should be the new Game of the Century.

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Proof of vaccination before entering an entertainment venue should be a requirement, a Pulse writer says.


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