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The Public Pulse: Good to see this voting support; Differing views on Trump, Biden

The Public Pulse: Good to see this voting support; Differing views on Trump, Biden

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Good to see this voting support

Kudos to Secretary of State Bob Evnen and his office for the enlightened decision to ensure that all Nebraskans receive mail-in ballot applications for the November election. And credit as well to Douglas County, which has already mailed applications to all registered voters.

The decision reflects a welcome concern for voters as well as poll workers, and offers a practical and effective approach to facilitate the voting process in an unprecedented time of pandemic.

Andrew Schilling, Omaha

It’s a big deal for customers

Who would have thought the USPS would bring the nation together? I knew when the president and the postmaster general started messing with the USPS with their recent actions, they had not studied the history of such actions.

I worked for the old Post Office Department/USPS for 33 years as a postmaster. When such actions were taken during my time, many times by the USPS itself — such as going to five-day delivery, closing post offices, raising rates, consolidating routes, changing opening or closing times, etc. — such actions brought a fast response from USPS customers, usually to their congressional representatives: “Don’t mess with my post office!” The House and Senate knew where their votes came from and stopped those actions.

Does that sound familiar as to what is happening today? Nothing raises the ire of U.S. postal customers more than someone messing with their mail!

Ed Tomek, Omaha

Omaha, put people first

As a boy growing up in a white family, my parents taught me to ask a police officer for help if I got lost or in trouble. Unfortunately and for good reason, many parents of color worry that contact with police might lead to tragedy and so teach their children what to do if targeted by police. My parents saw no need to worry about that.

And as an adult, I don‘t worry about police harassment. That‘s how it should be for everyone.

The protests show that many Omahans feel afraid of police because of their race rather than protected as citizens. At a joint press conference, Mayor Jean Stothert and Chief Todd Schmaderer assured us that they heard this message. And yet they are calling for increases in the police budget without increasing services to reduce the need for policing, such as mental health care, employment and drug abuse prevention.

I‘m disappointed that the Omaha City Council voted down Chris Jerram‘s proposal to keep the police department‘s budget about where it was last year and divert the proposed increase to services that help create real security.

I hope they‘ll fund needed services. Yes, the city‘s budget situation is dire, but so is the need, and the city should put people first.

Curtis Bryant, Omaha

Trump critics are fueled by hate

It truly must be miserable having hate consume your life. From the moment President Trump was elected, the Democrats/liberals have spewed hate and disrespect. The whining and protests calling for impeachment started immediately. Hilary Clinton called those of us that voted for President Trump “deplorables.” Now so much hatred has been spread by them, eroding our civilized society, that people are rioting in the streets of Democratic/liberal cities, destroying property and people’s lives.

Back in the spring during the Democratic candidate debates, even Bernie Sanders called for the candidates to talk about their policy ideas when each of the others mainly spewed “we have to beat Trump.” They have beat that drum into the ground.

Every day it seems the liberals show how uncivilized they are. They believe killing babies is a woman’s right. They hate our country’s Christian values at every turn.

Joe Biden says he’s going to unite the country. Really? Who is responsible for the disunity and disrespect immediately spewed when President Trump was elected our president?

I am a President Trump supporter and I do wish at times he had more dignity, but when you’ve been blamed for everything that people do from the day you were elected, it gets old and truly hard to not react in the same manner as your accusers. He is not a dictator taking control of our country. He sees better in our state governments and humanity, advising us of the CDC guidelines on the coronavirus, but it is up to us to use our common sense as to how to apply them. Maybe President Trump’s biggest fault is his belief in the good, caring and independent thinking of people.

Brenda Ray, Fremont, Neb.

Trump’s terrible harm to GOP

It is rare to hear from Republicans of principle and courage these days, so I applaud Chuck Hagel on his cautionary advice and denunciation of the Trump administration. The Republican Party, bereft of ideas and intellect and full of anger and grievances and no hope for the future, is on a nihilistic pursuit of power and money at all costs, bringing the nation to the brink of becoming a failed state.

Farm bankruptcies have increased every year Trump has been in office, due to his peculiar 19th-century mercantilist ideas about trade. We are in the midst of the greatest economic decline and contraction in decades because Trump rejected the science and data, instead relying on tin-hat conspiracy ideas.

Hagel is right: The Republican Party no longer exists; it is the party of Trump. And Nebraska Republican Executive Director Ryan Hamilton apparently agrees. This formerly vibrant, honorable party of big business, banks, conservation and moral values now proclaims complete fealty to a man who has spoken of his sexual attraction to his daughter, who is an adulterer and a pathological liar, who promotes truly lunatic conspiracy theories, who eagerly fans the flames of racial hatred, who delights in dividing the country — calling anyone who doesn’t adore him an enemy but warmly embraces murderous dictators, and who is willfully decimating the institutions our founding fathers so carefully and thoughtfully wrought.

This election, as Hagel warns, is critically important. We can rescue our democratic republic by voting Trump and every one of his complicit, cowardly, craven enablers out of office.

Diane Wanek, Omaha

Come on, GOP: Condemn QAnon

Thank you Sen. Ben Sasse, for saying that if President Trump were a “real leader” he would denounce QAnon and for correctly calling President Trump’s recent executive orders “constitutional slop.”

But I thank you with faint praise. All responsible human beings have a moral duty to condemn dangerous nonsense such as QAnon. President Trump’s recent executive orders violated the constitutional provision that grants the power to tax and spend to the legislature not to the executive. It is a provision intended by our founders to be a check on a president with authoritarian inclinations. As U.S. senator you have sworn to uphold the Constitution; ergo, your condemnation of those orders is simply following your sworn duty.

Strong praise would be warranted if you were to speak out against all of the president’s actions which usurp the legislature’s authority and abuse and demean the office of the president. Now I ask Sen. Fischer and Congressmen Smith, Fortenberry and Bacon: Will each of you condemn QAnon and uphold your sworn duty to defend the Constitution?

Marvin Andersen, Grand Island, Neb.

Biden’s unimpressive record

So If former Vice President Biden has so many fantastic ideas and plans on how to make America better, why didn’t he unleash them during his nearly 50 years in public office, eight of which when he was the second most powerful politician in the country?

Tom Buglewicz, Omaha

Great work, county employees

In the last three months I have had to do some business with the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office. During the time when the office was closed to face-to-face contact, I received help via email and voice mail. I was dealing with the 50th Street location.

The gracious professionalism and expedited service was over the top. I have always received excellent service from this location (it’s the reason why I go back there), so when I visited the office in person during this time I had to tell them how great they all were.

Keep up the good work. You are a credit to our county offices.

Mary S. Thompson, Omaha

president, Dahlman Neighborhood Association

Our invaluable libraries

I want to give a shout-out of thanks to the City of Omaha for reopening your library services during this ongoing pandemic. Although library facilities and lobbies aren’t open to the public yet, OPL offers online materials requests with curb-side pick-up at four locations. What a lifesaver for a lifelong library geek like me!

Growing up in Omaha, my father took me as a child to the original Farnam Street downtown library. I still remember walking up those big stairs of that old building, and the musty smell inside of those heavy doors, and all those wonderful books! I was hooked, and my lifelong love affair of reading began. It also instilled in me a great appreciation of libraries as an institution and service to the community.

My 85-year-old dad still loves the Omaha library. Up until quarantine hit, he would sometimes walk to Swanson library, which is just a few blocks from his assisted living complex.

Unfortunately, like many people, since March 16 he has been quarantined to his facility in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. How awesome is it that I can now request books, pick them up for him (and me), and drop them off for him to his building.

Erin Quinn, Omaha

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