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The Public Pulse: Kleine has served well; Defense attorneys showed class; Trump's troubling threats

The Public Pulse: Kleine has served well; Defense attorneys showed class; Trump's troubling threats

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Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

Don Kleine has served public well

The Nebraska Democratic Party passed a resolution attacking Don Kleine, an outstanding public servant who has spent his career in the justice system making tough decisions based upon the law and facts. Don Kleine is a well-respected trial lawyer and person. While Don Kleine does not need me or anyone to defend him given his exemplary life and career, as a lawyer and proud Nebraska Democrat, I felt it important to publicly express my strong disagreement with the resolution.

Vince Powers, Lincoln

Nebraska Democratic Party

National Committeeman, 2004-2012

Nebraska Democratic Party chair, 2012-2016

Defense attorneys showed class

The Omaha community was able to see, in real time, the importance of great attorneys. I am grateful to both Tom Monaghan and Stu Dornan in how well they represented and cared for their client, even after his passing. In this whole situation, it appears they were the only adults in the room.

Denise Bradshaw, Omaha

A troubling grand jury process

Ernie Boykin (Sept. 27 Pulse) has reservations about the grand jury process. As do I.

It appears the appointed special prosecutor was only presenting accusatory evidence. I believe a grand jury should be provided all evidence. A lawyer is an officer of the court and must be working towards the entire truth.

Presenting only one side of the case shows a conflict of interest. Was this special prosecutor appointed to determine the truth? It appears he was appointed to find a reason to prosecute Gardner for “something.”

Dean Bower, Omaha

Trump’s dangerous threats

President Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. Moreover, he has threatened to nullify or impound mail ballots that are uncounted by election night based on unfounded allegations that mail ballots are rife with fraud. In addition, he has made it clear that he and his supporters intend to challenge or intimidate voters by stationing armed or unarmed individuals or law enforcement officers outside or even inside polling places.

Our democracy rests upon the right of citizens to freely choose their government. President Trump is clearly planning to disenfranchise millions of citizens, including hundreds of thousands here in Nebraska, who will be voting by mail in much greater numbers during the pandemic.

This action is far more than “the president saying crazy things.” As everyone knows, words and threats may have significant real-world consequences. I appeal to each and every Nebraskan to make it clear to our elected representatives that the president’s words, threats, and actions — both in progress now and planned — are unacceptable and will not be allowed to stand. The very basis of our democracy — the free choice of every citizen to elect their government — is at stake.

This issue touches each of, regardless of our political affiliations. It may determine whether this country continues as a democracy or is torn apart in partisan conflict.

Michael Lynne, Omaha

Democrats’ misleading claims

I have to shake my head over Barb Wagner’s Sept. 21 Pulse letter. Her contrasting of Donald Trump to the “historic Republican Party” while ignoring the radical makeover of the Democratic Party is typical of the far left’s denial that their own platform is a train wreck.

What’s disturbing too are the innuendos and untruths in her attack on the president’s character while ignoring Joe Biden’s blatant abuse of his office under Obama’s watch. I refer, of course, to the Hunter Biden matter involving Burisma.

One of her attacks alleges that only Trump’s friends in the top 1% benefitted from Republican tax cuts. I know my wife and I paid a lot less tax under the new Republican laws, but we certainly are not in the top 1% and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones in our bracket who benefitted!

Her distorted allegations go on and on to the point of accusing Republicans of losing their souls to a soulless man. Oh, please!

Here’s my point: This election is about making choices that will either protect our freedoms or destroy everything we are (a “reimagining of America,” as liberals would call it). The election is about protecting the Constitution of the United States from forces that want us to renounce our history, our values and our identities while surrendering to political ideologies that resemble Communist regimes. If you think that is a stretch, then you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in today’s Democratic Party.

Ray Salinas, Omaha

Catholics, don’t be single-issue voters

With the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett as the nominee for the Supreme Court, it is assumed that most Catholics will support a “pro-life” candidate.

We as Catholics cannot be “pro-life” if we do not support affordable health care for all, including the unborn.

We cannot be “pro-life” if we do not care for the Earth, our “common home” that supports all life.

We cannot be pro-life if we do not understand the suffering of our brothers and sisters of color and the meaning of why “Black Lives Matter.”

We as Catholics must not become single-issue voters.

Patricia Fuller, Council Bluffs

Preston Love Jr. deserves support

I salute the Nebraska Democratic Party for their temerity in endorsing Preston Love as a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate in the upcoming election. Their leadership rescued Nebraska voters from the dismaying choice of voting for empty-suit Ben Sasse or unevolved Chris Janicek. Preston Love is a community leader of stature, and has been for at least 30 years. His name is synonymous with Black Lives Matter. Voters, if you receive your vote-by-mail ballot in your mailbox this week, be sure to write Preston Love in the blank line under U.S. Senate and blacken the oval. Thank you for the rescue, Nebraska Democratic Party.

Virginia Walsh, Omaha

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