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The Public Pulse: Let's respect one another; Omaha snow plowing; Huskers

The Public Pulse: Let's respect one another; Omaha snow plowing; Huskers

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Respect one another

A few years ago The World-Herald published a letter from me. It was during other times of sadness when young Black men were being targeted. I feel we need, now more than ever, the slogan Mom taught us as small kids, to live by the golden rule and never judge anyone, but what I still believe and taught my own family and their family, etc. It is: “We’re all kin beneath the skin.” Happy New Year.

Roda Elman, Omaha

Snow plowing

Why is it that we need to pass a bond issue to get our chuckholes fixed? We have had Mother Nature helping us for years keeping away the snow. So when it does snow, why isn’t the city ready? Not until noon of the 29th did I see any streets being plowed. I couldn’t figure out why only a lane or a lane and a half looked plowed.

Someone told me that the city had a pickup in front and then a city truck behind it plowing. Pickups only have a 6-foot plow and city trucks are 10-foot plows and that’s why we put a minimum of three city trucks plowing on main streets. Who is the wizard that thinks you can plow main streets with pickups? It’s a waste of time. Before you get to the end of your route, the cars have already splashed the snow back on the part you just plowed. You’re wasting time and money.

Streets like L, Center, Dodge. 42nd etc., have walks that abut the street. After we plow the snow on your walks, we went right back and picked up all the snow from bridges and these streets so we would be ready for the next snow. When was the last time anyone ever saw street maintenance pick up bridges or any main street? Now on TV they’re warning you that you better shovel your walk or the city will fine you. This mayor and street maintenance are betting on old Mother Nature to lend a hand by warming up the streets and melting the snow. When you start having accidents because you can’t stop your car, don’t call the city because they won’t do a thing.

Vince Emmanuel, Omaha retired street maintenance supervisor

Excellent work by city

I would like to thank the Omaha Public Works Department and all of the workers and contractors who completed the widening and repaving of 156th Street. During the two-year project, hassles were kept to a minimum and the completed project includes not only better, wider streets, but nice fencing and retaining walls, sidewalks on both sides of the street, and better traffic flow. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Mark McGrath, Omaha

A sense of grace

In reading John Meacham’s book entitled “Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush,” one of his daily journal entries should be highlighted. After losing to President Clinton and having a lengthy transition meeting on a variety of topics, Bush said he would not complicate the new president’s work.

The following journal entry states, “I hurt, but Barbara and I are determined to bid farewell with grace.” Oh, for that type of leadership to be present in America in 2021.

Bob Lykke, Omaha

Huskers, deflated

Just when Husker fans thought they had seen it all, yet another revolting development. We are too tired to play. Really?

Between the great first half of the first game and the great last half of the last game, most times it was as painful to watch this team bumble around as it was watching a Mike Riley team. Lack of development of players, lack of discipline, poor execution, up and down mood swings, etc. made it embarrassing to be a Husker fan. Not to mention the associated apathy.

The nation looked at us favorably when Coach Frost at the start of all of this scheduling mess wanted to play anyone, anywhere. Coach Frost continually said it was critical for us to make a bowl game because we needed the extra practices that would allowed. The fans hear all year how this team is together and loves to play football. Really?

Obviously this team is not together, since reportedly many wanted to play and some did not. Why in the world would Coach Frost give the team a choice? We all thought he was getting $5 million a year to be in charge. The lack of discipline and toughness all year carried over to this “team vote.”

This is not the Nebraska way.

John Saniuk, Papillion

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