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The Public Pulse: Library demoliton concerns; football recruiting; advocates for OHA union

The Public Pulse: Library demoliton concerns; football recruiting; advocates for OHA union

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Demolition concerns

As someone who has frequently utilized the W. Dale Clark Public Library, I have concerns over its demolition There is so much money involved in the demolition of the present library, renovating the facility that would house the new library, and splitting up the various resource materials, that a wiser decision might be to just update the current facility. With an additional office building planned across the street, I cannot understand the need for yet another office building when so many people are currently working from home and perhaps will continue to do so when the pandemic is over. Perhaps this issue should be put on a ballot so that the public, who are directly impacted, can let their opinions be known.

Lynn Meier Richardson, Bellevue

Football recruiting

Nebraska signed a modest-sized (14 players), low-rated (last in BIG 10) 2022 football class in the just completed early signing period. This summer, there were expectations that the Huskers would have an advantage in Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) that would help attract elite athletes to Lincoln. There were good reasons for thinking that. Nebraska Athletics seemed to be well organized with plans in place to educate athletes for NIL prior to the NCAA approval. This included partnering with Opendorse, an online athletic platform founded and operated by former Huskers. Husker football athletes also have no in state Division 1 schools to compete against for marketing dollars.

Nationally there were some writers who thought NIL would help competitive balance. The prior 10 years saw Alabama with seven top rated classes and Georgia with three. The SEC has dominated the recruiting rankings and results on the field. The 2022 class, the first since NIL was approved, appears to continue that trend with the top three being SEC schools. Texas A&M coach, Jimbo Fisher was quoted as saying “There were a lot of NIL deals going on before all this was going on, they just weren’t legal. Nobody told nobody.” He might have been joking, or it could be an honest quote, at least as far as the SEC is concerned. If any of that was going on in Nebraska, it did not help. Unfortunately, there is not any evidence yet that Nebraska has an NIL advantage or that NIL will improve competitive balance in college football.

Bob Stein, Omaha

Union surprise

I am very surprised that Terrell McKinney and Ernie Chambers are advocating for the 18 OHA union workers, whose jobs were eliminated, to get them back (“Sen. McKinney, labor leaders ask Omaha Housing Authority to undo layoffs” Dec. 17). It seems as though they are putting the safety and well-being of the OHA residents, and there are way more than 18 of them, at risk.

I am sure many of the residents work night shift jobs and could very possibly slip, fall, and be seriously injured on slippery and snow covered sidewalks and steps that were not maintained due to the conditions occurring during hours the union workers refused to work.

Being pro union is one thing, but this is a bit over the top. This does not at all sound like what these two gentlemen have stood for in the past.

Jeff Miller, Omaha

Judicial independence

I am responding to Senator Deb Fisher’s article (Dec. 19). She states that packing the court would interfere with judicial independence. Judicial independence must be allowing only those on the preferred Federalist list to be nominated. Judicial independence must be achieved by blocking a non-partisan nominee for 293 days. Judicial independence must be achieved by rushing a partisan nominee for the Supreme Court within a month of a presidential election. Court packing has already occurred with the current 6-3 conservative majority. This out of balance court does not represent the wishes of a majority of the people.

Bob Rutledge, Ashland, Neb.

Afghan women

Progress to empower Afghanistan women, which began with George W. Bush, has now been set back centuries. Dr. Tom Gouttierre, former director of international studies at UNO, because of his friendship with Premier Hermit Karzi, brought a number of women educators to Omaha to observe and learn how to teach women of their country. They visited a number of Omaha schools, including St. Margaret Mary’s school, to observe modern educational practices. Programs of this nature, which brought Afghan women into this century, have now been setback. Afghan women are now confined to their homes, should they be so lucky. Many educated Afghan women, who were fortunate to be educated, are now subdued or risk being beaten or death.

G. H. Kuhn, Omaha


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