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The Public Pulse: More letters supporting City Council candidates; Omaha police and diversity

The Public Pulse: More letters supporting City Council candidates; Omaha police and diversity

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Reelect Melton

I write in response to The World-Herald endorsement of Sara Kohen and to the Kristen DuPree Public Pulse letter of April 23. DuPree suggests that Aimee Melton, the incumbent for City Council District 7, should be unseated because she denies science and voted against mask mandates. Such an assertion is unfounded at best and blatantly false at worst. As for The World-Herald, the rejection of Melton because she appears too political is a very slim argument when she is simply upholding her oath to protect citizens’ constitutional rights. City Council members and candidates are clearly politicians and all act politically. Mask mandates are one more example of government overreach, and voting to protect our rights is what we hire politicians to do.

I live in District 7 and have been inundated with political literature from both Melton and Kohen, yet I still have no clear picture of how exactly Kohen will accomplish her stated goals of smarter streets, making Omaha an even better place to live and creating good jobs.

Conversely, Aimee Melton has City Council and legal experience and a proven record of accomplishments that are instrumental in Omaha’s culture and growth. Melton has actually voted for smarter streets, making Omaha an even better place to live, and to create good jobs. She voted for additions to the Fire and Police Departments, another police precinct in west Omaha and the $200 million road development project.

Aimee Melton is the clear choice for Omaha City Council District 7.

Michael Moran, Omaha

Yes to Melton

I must say I am disappointed in one of the main points The World-Herald uses to endorse Sara Kohen for City Council. Aimee Melton’s trust in her constituency to responsibly wear masks without a mandate and her fervent support of the police (she is endorsed by the police union) are the primary reasons I will support her for a third term.

Rob Hitchcock, Omaha

Support Kohen

I am pleased to have the opportunity to vote for Sara Kohen for City Council in District 7. Sara is a proven advocate for children and is responsive to the needs of citizens of the district. She respects science and public health authorities and does not misrepresent the positions of other candidates. Sara does not support those who participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection and will bring a breath of fresh air and a positive approach to the needs of the district.

Ken Keith, Omaha

Support Leahy

Southwest Omaha is lucky to have a great choice for City Council, Patrick Leahy. As a trained architect and former Metro Community College board member, Leahy knows how to navigate various perspectives to get things done, exactly the skills the council needs. Both Leahy and his opponent support zoning reform to allow more compact and convenient neighborhoods less dependent on cars, but it’s Leahy who has actively volunteered for years on the issue with the Omaha Missing Middle Housing Campaign and Mode Shift Omaha. His roots in District 5 are deep, with all four kids having graduated through Millard Public Schools. The Leahy family is a proven commodity in Omaha. Let’s elect the next generation on May 11.

Alex Liekhus, Omaha

Credit Stothert

We are starting to see results from the approval last year of the $200 million “Roadmap for Better Streets” with 59 new road construction projects underway in the city. Mayor Jean Stothert deserves the lion’s share of credit for this.

I have noticed several Public Pulse letters from supporters of RJ Neary who criticize Stothert on the issue. Are they aware their candidate has publicly supported the $200 million bond initiative?

Elijah Olsen, Omaha

Police, diversity

I was thrilled to learn the new recruit class of officers for the Omaha Police Department will “shatter” the record for diversity (news story, April 30). Forty percent of the new recruits are people of color while 20% are women. What is also impressive is 28% have some form of prior law enforcement experience.

These new recruits will ultimately be out in the community protecting us and I wish each one every success. Kudos to Mayor Jean Stothert and Chief Todd Schmaderer for delivering on the issue of a police force that looks like our community.

Helena Wolfe, Omaha

Masks are needed

I got vaccinated to protect myself and my loved ones from COVID-19 and to enjoy freedom. It’s such a relief to feel free, for instance, to hug my vaccinated mom and dad and visit vaccinated friends face to face without so much worry.

I still mask up in public — especially indoors — because while my risk of catching or spreading COVID is much lower now, it isn’t zero, especially with so many people still unvaccinated. That’s why I’m disappointed that the Omaha City Council is letting Omaha’s mask ordinance expire May 25. While the COVID risk in Douglas County is down, it’s still high.

The more Omahans are vaccinated, the safer and freer my family and I are.

Curtis Bryant, Omaha

Election letter deadline

Election-related letters to the Pulse must be received by noon today.

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