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The Public Pulse: Praise for LB1024; Playhouse event was magnificent; Teaching methods

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LB 1024

Kudos to Justin Wayne and Terrell McKinney and their collaboration with Tony Vargas to get Legislative Bill 1024 passed. The efforts and collaborations that will take place are exciting to think about. Those leaders in the community who have been working for a number of years to affect change, those changes have been meaningful as well: they continue to improve North and South Omaha. When individuals and/or companies consider locating in Omaha, they look at all of Omaha, not just select areas of the community, so it’s great to know that neglected areas of Omaha will get much needed resources for redevelopment. We can’t wait to see what develops.

Ernie Boykin, Omaha

Field of dreams

The event at the Omaha Community Playhouse, showcasing the film “Field of Dreams” was magnificent. Guest Dwier Brown (Kevin Costner’s character’s father in the movie) and Omaha’s Master of Ceremony Bruce Crawford held a Q & A session before the showing that brought out Mr. Brown’s storytelling skills before an almost packed house.

Bruce Crawford has been doing a huge service by putting these shows on for Omahans for plus 30 years. Proceeds for the events always go to a designated charity. This year’s organization was Heath Equipment and Long Term Planning (HELP). My hat is off to you, Bruce. Wanna have a catch?

Bob Sheffield, Omaha

Teach issues of the day

The raft of laws restricting what may or must be taught in the public schools are, for the most part, silly to say the least. Judging by the comments made by some public officials, especially school boards and parents, one would think the goal of public school teachers is to fill their students with impure and downright crazy ideas.

I taught for 38 years. During that time, almost without exception, I encountered teachers who would make excellent neighbors and friends. Most of my colleagues were registered Republicans who attended church regularly.

For the most part, I taught American government. We talked about “the issues of the day,” which were in the news. Discussing controversial issues drew the students’ interests. We had speakers who held public office, we visited the courts and the Nebraska Unicameral and yes, we spent most of our class time learning subject matter which explained how the various levels of government worked.

It was amazing to hear how many parents say their child had started reading the newspaper and watching television news.

Dave Haar, Omaha

Ryan Larsen investigation

I was appalled by the fact mentioned in the May 17 article on the search for Ryan Larsen, that apparently fully trained officers — and a chief no less — heeded a call from a man with a divining rod claiming to know the location of Ryan. I know that every possible call should be carefully listened to and investigated, for the fact that any information is good information, but that poor child’s precious time could have been completely wasted by this endeavor. To trust any individual to provide help to some of the greatest forensic and investigative minds by means of magic or psychic abilities in any investigation is a gross mishandling of time, attention and money. If only it was that easy to bring those who are missing back home.

David Hicks, Omaha

Thoughts on Ricketts

I see where Pete Ricketts is once again trying to impose his ideologies and religious beliefs on the people of Nebraska about the abortion debate going on now. It appears he does not understand that there is such a thing as separation of church and state.

If he calls for a special session to push through his agenda, I urge the speaker of the Legislature to turn him down. If a session is called, I would ask all senators to vote no on this issue. Pete, for me, you cannot get out of the governor’s office fast enough. Also, I was just reading that he has aspirations of higher office. If he is planning to run on his alleged successes as governor, I wish him good luck with that.

Tax relief, dud. Child welfare reform, dud. Prison overcrowding, dud. If he wants to seek higher office, may I suggest he pack his family and belongings and move to Chicago, where he could help his family manage the Chicago Cubs. They could give him a corner office.

Jerry Baker, Omaha

Bad deed, quick prayer

To the person that stole my wallet off the back of my daughter’s wheelchair in Old Navy at Westroads, I pray for you!

Diane Binkly, Omaha

Support for OPS teachers

I’m also a retired Omaha Public School employee. My husband and I have two granddaughters currently teaching in OPS. We hear their frustrations and totally agree with everything Mr. Perrigo said in his Pulse letter (“Out of touch”).

Ray & Jeanne M. Huelskamp, Omaha

Constitutional protections

I see many people saying that several Supreme Court rulings should be overruled because they may have been answering questions not seen by the framers of the Constitution. After the draft of Roe v. Wade was leaked, people are concerned that other rulings, such as affirmative action, may be overturned. We should go back to the way things were at the time the Constitution was written. I am in favor of that. Guns at that time were muzzle loaded, so there should be no restrictions on ownership of such guns. However, the Remington rifles had not been developed, so they should not be protected. And very definitely the guns being used in mass shootings are recent inventions, so they should have no Constitutional protection. Every level of government should be able to regulate their sale and use, including outright bans. They did not exist when the Constitution was written, so there is no Constitutional protection for them.

Richard Weston, Papillion


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