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The Public Pulse: Promote teacher diversity; Flood control is crucial; Ricketts is right

The Public Pulse: Promote teacher diversity; Flood control is crucial; Ricketts is right

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Diversity is a plus

As a retired elementary/middle school teacher, Dr. Gendler’s call (Pulse, Oct. 8) for higher teacher standards is an example of the top down condescending attitude in the profession. Qualifying tests have repeatedly been shown to be biased. SAT scores may be lower overall for teachers colleges, but most employed teachers are working for or have achieved a master’s degree.

Diversity has been shown to be an asset by most universities moving away from segregated, male-only institutions prevalent when Dr. Gendler began teaching. Having teachers of color aids youth socialization and helps our students adjust to real life when they enter our diversified workforce.

Everyone is an expert on education because they went to school. Professors who only taught college students would be more credible if they spent time in the lower schools rather than reading about it.

Jeff Johnston, Elmwood, Neb.

Right priority

Stu Pospisil had a brief story on Oct. 7 about head Burke football coach Paul Limongi. It stated that he would not be coaching Omaha Burke on Oct. 8 because he was going to attend the college soccer game where his two daughters Cece and Sophia were playing against each other.

Kudos to Omaha Public Schools and Omaha Burke for allowing him this special privilege. By not coaching, he gave his players a valuable life lesson. Family is more important than any job. That lesson will stay with his players a lifetime.

Well done, Coach Limongi!

Kathy Keasling, Omaha

Ricketts is right

In reference to Karen Guilfoyle’s Oct. 10 Pulse letter, “What about our needs?”, she questioned the fact why Gov. Ricketts and other governors were going to the southern border. These governors were focusing on our country’s current security problems because of thousands of undocumented aliens currently crossing the southern border.

Since we currently don’t realize the impact that these thousands of undocumented aliens will have on our taxes, medical, housing and education costs, you might not think that that it will not impact you, but maybe you should think of the impact it might have on your children and possibly your grandchildren.

Arlene Zack, Omaha

Great work

I called the city of Omaha Public Works Department about getting a pothole at 120th and Q Street fixed.

Two days later it was fixed.

I just wanted to tell them what a great job they did and how quickly it was taken care of.

Don Kroupa, Omaha

Flood control crucial

In relation to the OWH Oct. 5 article on “ ‘Off the charts’ rainfall rates”: It has now been over two and a half years since the historic and devastating flood of March 2019 in which over $3 billion of damages was incurred in Nebraska alone. In a related article the Papio NRD and City of Papillion celebrated the grand opening of two new flood control reservoirs in Sarpy County and the NRD is in the process of constructing three more in the next few years, while simultaneously rehabilitating the levee system that protects Offutt AFB, City of Bellevue, and Omaha’s Papillion creek sewer plant from future flood threats.

But a vital piece of the puzzle is missing: Where are the flood control plans, projects and funding from the feds and the state? Not one dollar of funding is currently obligated for flood control in Nebraska in either the $1.5 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill nor the billion dollars of federal funds received by the State of Nebraska.

Besides paralysis, endless studies and bloviating, what has been done to protect our citizens and economy from another event like in March of 2019 or August of 2021? Let’s get adequate funding in the hands of capable local entities that have the capability and competence to get public safety infrastructure built.

Garry Knopik, Omaha

Yes to audits

The World Herald editorial, “The election lie is not a game, it’s a danger; our real leaders must squelch it,” (Oct. 8) is way too hyperbolic and immature.

Calling for an audit of elections should not cause alarm. Audits help build confidence in the election systems and help improve them. What does not help is calling people insurrectionists, or spending four years accusing a president of colluding with Russians over the 2016 election.

Fraud or no fraud, the 2020 election lacked transparency and had a vast amount of irregularities partly caused by changes in election laws to accommodate the problems of the COVID pandemic. So let there be audits.

Andrew L. Sullivan, Omaha

Big Lie busted

Kudos to the OWH Opinion on “Leaders must stand up” (Oct. 8). You were spot on in detailing how much damage the “Big Lie” has done to our country since the last presidential election and how it continues to fester. You were also effective in showing the idiocy of state legislators (our own included from Elmwood) across the country by calling for a 50-state audit of the 2020 election. Really!

As I continued to read the paper, there was an amusing point in the Pearls Before Swine comic. To paraphrase, you can’t change the past but you can cry about it constantly. I do hope and pray that we return to normal politics as you noted; however, a sense of humor is helpful until that happens.

Ed Howell, Omaha

Yes, do your job

1. Put America and its legal citizens first. 2. Rebuild our military and stop the Democrats from using it for social experiments. 3. Dump the infrastructure bill. We don’t need it since most of it is pork anyway. Start paying down the national debt. 4. Dump the so-called child care bill, which ends up causing more debt and does little to help families. Go with tax credits instead. 5. Dump all carbon tax and climate change bills. The proposals would destroy our economy and wouldn’t do a thing to stop climate change; the climate will change whether we’re here or not. Learn to live with it; also known as adaptation.

6. Reduce the size and power of the bloated IRS and simplify the tax code. 7. Secure the borders, stop all illegal immigration and overhaul the immigration system. 8. Eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, give parents a greater voice in education and school choices. Stop all CRT, Common Core and anti-America indoctrination. 9. Improve competition in health care and reduce bureaucracy. 10. Help our manufacturing base, which would create good jobs and decouple us from relying on Communist China.

Lou Totilas, Kimballton, Iowa

Buy American

For the last couple of days on the evening news, they have had a story about all the container ships off the west and east coast that they can’t get unloaded. My idea is to “buy American.” If it’s built in USA, you don’t have to wait for it to be unloaded at some port of entry. My non-problem is solved.

Pete Lowder, Gretna

A new religion

Hundred of billions of dollars spent. Millions of jobs lost, many permanently. Millions of people dead. Countries and states in lockdown. The arrogant and the proud of science can’t stop a virus, but they can stop global warming or “climate change”? Behold the new religion of modern man: Scientism. The belief that man is all-powerful.

Randy Rodgers, Shenandoah, Iowa

Software wonders

Many of us are curious about death and its aftermath. Over the years, I’ve made deals with some old friends that if they died before me, they would try to come back and tell me about it. Results were inconclusive until yesterday, when I received an email notice from a deceased sister that she wants to be friends on Facebook. What more proof could one require?

Dan M. Sullivan, Omaha

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