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The Public Pulse: Pulse writers, don't just complain; Freedom, equality

The Public Pulse: Pulse writers, don't just complain; Freedom, equality

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Don’t just complain

In reading Steven Smith’s verbal diatribe in the May 28 OWH Pulse, I wondered if he has any actual knowledge of supply and demand regarding oil and specifically gas prices. Mr. Smith writes, “rising gas prices due to the closure of the Keystone Pipeline project and failure to manage the cyber attack on the eastern pipeline.” Last time I checked, that eastern pipeline was not owned by the government. Last time I checked, I don’t believe the Keystone pipeline was carrying any tar sands oil to refineries.

If you are going to write an opinion piece, then make sure the facts of your premise are accurate and not just made up. He may have wanted to address supply and demand and the switch from winter blend to summer blend and the increased profits of oil companies. This sentence was just one of his paragraph of misrepresentations.

So sad that he has nothing but criticisms and no ideas or alternatives on how to deal with what he considers problems. Come on, Pulse writers. Stop complaining and offer viable alternatives.

Rex Moats, Elkhorn

Support for Israel

I love you Israel, because you are the land set apart in the Bible, the written Word of God that has changed my life and has given me a plumb line of moral excellence and standards for living. I love you, Israel, because you provided a home for the Holocaust survivors after 6 million of your men, women and children were murdered, and denied a home in other countries. I love you, Israel, because millions of Jewish people from various countries now reside under the shelter of your wings after being hated for centuries, shunned, discriminated against, terrorized and forbidden to build homes or worship freely in places.

I love you, Israel, because you remember, learn from, and preserve your ancient roots, celebrating appointed Biblical feasts and festivals, keeping the Sabbath, blessing bread and wine, and teaching me ways to pray and honor God. I love you, Israel, because you are a sheltering tree where deserts bloom, snows fall, and amazing inventions and contributions are birthed, giving new life to the world every day. I love you, Israel, because you fight the daily battle against lies, deception, hate, injustice and terror for all of us in the free world.

I love you, Israel because you teach me compassion for others in a world gone mad while so many people hate you, want to kill you, and seek to destroy you. I love you, Israel because you persevere, in spite of all odds, committed to your covenant with God. I love you, Israel, because in you and through you is the Biblical Messiah, the Prince of Peace! Every Jewish life matters.

Kathie Garrett Pieper, Gretna

Freedom, equality

Freedom and equality are not compatible unless we are mind-controlled robots; we are not equal. We were born unequal with different mental and physical characteristics.

Freedom to speak and choose must be protected at all costs. As the familiar quote said: “I wholly disapprove of what you say — and will defend to the death your right to say it.” Almost every individual has or wants the right to choose where to live, how to live, whom to marry, where to work, etc.

Equal and fair is a noble goal that has been sought since the beginning of time without total success. The United States extremists, both left and right, have successfully divided this nation. Complacent voters have allowed ultra-extremists to stifle our freedom of speech by canceling freedom of speech by fear, intimidation and blackmail. Our representatives say they are willing to compromise, yet their voting records are 100% against either side. News outlets no longer give us debatable points of view. They are guilty of giving us half-truths and omissions, leaving us misinformed.

Newly elected representatives have noble intentions. However, they soon find in order to protect their livelihood they have to follow the party line. Term limits may eliminate the forced party line demands. If we continue the path of closeminded non-debatable positions, we will all lose the freedom of speech and the right to choose, including the right to own property.

Richard Lorence, Omaha

Fischer is wrong

Well, we have one senator in Nebraska who’s a patriot and we have one senator who has betrayed her country by voting no on the proposal for a bipartisan commission, which was negotiated to give Republicans a 50/50 split on it. So much for working across the aisle, I got a email from Deb saying how she was working on a bill for cattle producers that was bipartisan; I guess cattle are more important than the Capitol Police who protected her that day on Jan 6, 2021. Five people died that day and the American public deserves answers to why it happen, but one of our senators feels we don’t need the truth.

Republicans should all be voted out of office; the party of “No” should never be placed in power ever again. Deb Fischer should resign if she can’t stand up for the Constitution she took an oath to defend!

Doug Schrawger, Omaha

Abortion’s toll

After reading Ellen Moore’s letter to the Pulse on May 26, I began to hear a tiny baby voice in my head. The voice was saying, “Thank you, Ellen, for all the love from you and the Democrats. I would perhaps return the love to you BUT I CAN’T, ‘CAUSE I’M DEAD.”

Richard C. Hofmockel, Council Bluffs

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