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The Public Pulse: Reactions to Omaha election; Fringes in control

The Public Pulse: Reactions to Omaha election; Fringes in control

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Omaha in right place

The 2021 municipal elections in Omaha shows that Omahans don’t want what we saw in other cities this past summer of riots and tolerating anarchy. The city of Omaha has for many years and continues to be the city of moderation and inclusion but draws the line when it comes to outlandish positions that some champion as their reason for change.

The recent electoral victories of Mayor Stothert and Council members Harding, Melton, Rowe and Begley were all challenged by progressive candidates who advocated for many of the same policies that other major cities have implemented. And Omaha voted against those progressive candidates.

Omaha is not the same size of New York City, Chicago, Portland or Seattle, but being the largest city in Nebraska, Omaha set the tone and message that we want positive economic and sociological growth. Omaha must react to attract the best talent rather than relay on organic growth while balancing out the “Nebraska Nice” attitude many of us hold.

Omaha is in a good place, and I’m glad the mayor has a balanced city council that is reasonable and positive-thinking.

Chris Routhe, Omaha

Big factor for Stothert

The analysis of the 2021 city election in Sunday’s paper left out one of the most important reasons, I believe, for Mayor Stothert’s big win. That reason happens to be her outstanding support for the police. Police officers leave home each day and go out to protect the public while risking their lives and are vilified and targeted by many on the left. Working in law enforcement is one of the most dangerous jobs in this country.

Across the country, crime is skyrocketing in cities run by Democrats; examples include Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, L.A. and New York City. Many of these cities have jumped on the “defund the police” bandwagon following last summer’s Black Lives Matter riots and have had to reverse their policies and refund the police. The liberal media focuses only on police abuses, of which only a small percentage of officers are part. I believe this mayor will never stoop to the “no bail reform policies” that provide revolving doors for criminals in several blue states. I’m very grateful for Mayor Stothert’s support for public safety, law and order and the police!

Cheryl Bartek, Omaha

Troubling campaigning

This past election cycle, I momentarily feared for the safety of my kneecaps when I received aggressive pushback after refusing a yard sign for a Democrat candidate supported by Omaha area unions.

A “cross burning”-type mailer was mailed out by Omaha’s police union for this candidate, and there was only a nebulous retort by the candidate himself followed by accelerated support by Democrats for their candidate.

After witnessing the 1960s Alabama “Jim Crow”-era attacks by the Omaha police, Democrats and their unions in the past year, it’s evident that your life, your civil rights, your civil liberties are not safe or guaranteed in Omaha. Most citizens on the other side of Omaha’s red line already knew that.

Bonnie Price, Omaha

Fringes in control

In the Omaha World-Herald on Sunday, May 16, two of the opinion essays on the More Commentary page dealt with the status of the two political parties that run our country. One was titled “Cheney ouster signals the GOP’s decline” and the second was titled “Troubling signs for Democrats.” Here is hoping that both commentaries are correct and we will actually get a party that stands for We The People instead of the right-wing and left-wing fringes that currently control both parties.

Scott Darden, Omaha

Core Christian principle

Mr. Strohmeyer (Public Pulse, April 16) is entitled to his own opinion regarding abortion. He is, however, mistaken in his proclaimed fact of it being “the very core of Church teachings.” The core of Church — Christian — teaching is dependent on the message of Jesus.

Let me clarify neither the Democratic Party nor anyone I know believes in abortion — another common mistaken opinion, not a fact. Who among us, including the U.S. bishops, is the judge of those who for whatever reason make that choice? Strohmeyer and some of the U.S. bishops would deny communion to President Biden, who is the president of all the people, not just Catholics; Strohmeyer actually calls for his excommunication. They remind me of single-issue voters who pick one thing out of the bucket of issues while remaining blind to the greater good or the “core of Church [Christian] teachings.”

Remember the core of the Christian message is Love, as lived out in feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, welcoming the stranger, visiting the imprisoned and burying the dead.

There is also that line about “Judge not that you be not judged” (Mathew 7:1-3).

Peg O’Dea Lippert, Papillion

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