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The Public Pulse: Regents' role; Failure at the border; Paper tickets are best

The Public Pulse: Regents' role; Failure at the border; Paper tickets are best

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Regents’ role

We seem to be already approaching “silly season,” also known as election campaigns and political blather.

University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen says “I oppose CRT (critical race theory) today, will tomorrow and will oppose it as your governor.” Not good enough for Patrick Peterson of the Nebraska Freedom Coalition (whatever that is). He calls it an “easy out” because Pillen “does not oppose it as a sitting regent.”

This just in — regents do not, and should not, vote on half-baked theories, on behalf of almost 2 million Nebraskans. (Note to Mr. Peterson — the T in CRT does stand for “Theory.”)

For University of Nebraska regents to venture this far afield, at this point, would be beyond asinine. They have 50-some thousand students and about 15,000 employees, plus decisions on pesky little things like budgets, academic freedom and athletic success. Mr. Peterson’s assertion is laughable.

Lee Rupp, Monroe, Neb.

former state senator and

NU vice president

for legislative affairs

Failure at border

Recent letters criticizing Republicans evidently means Democrats fully support the egregious immigration policy of Biden’s.

The Big Lie coming from Joe Biden and his HHS secretary that the border is closed and that the border crisis was caused by Trump is laughable. In addition to thousands of illegals from more than 25 countries, thousands of pounds of drugs coming over the border, there is human trafficking, sex trafficking and gang members. FBI chief Chris Wray testified that the human trafficking is “modern day slavery,” as migrants have to send money back to the cartels.

Thanks to Governors Ricketts and Reynolds (and several other states) for sending troops to help our border states when our own federal government refuses any help while sending millions to the Northern Triangle countries. The strain on border states’ resources are costing them millions. CBS reported that many youngsters being held at Fort Bliss are on suicide watch due to rapes and assaults. You don’t have to believe the daily videos shown on conservative cable or reported in the Wall Street Journal of this influx; just fact check with any mayor or sheriff of border cities (Democrat and Republican) or ranchers who have had their property damaged, trampled and littered, fences cut, and vehicles stolen. They will tell you that Trump had the border secured, and it would still be secure if Biden hadn’t dismantled all his policies. Dems are now proposing to cut a billion dollars from the CBP budget.

It took a planned visit from Donald Trump to get our vice president to finally go to the border visiting El Paso, a legal port of entry, for a short photo-op, while avoiding the epicenter of illegal crossings 800 miles away at McAllen, Texas. Our border is closed to the north and wide open at the south. What a joke!

Cheryl Bartek, Omaha

Paper tickets best

No one should have to have a digital device such as a smart phone to attend Cornhusker football games or any other sports event. People who purchased season tickets to Husker football games should be able to have paper tickets sent to them. This is the right thing to do. Not all fans have smart phones, and paper tickets are far more convenient.

Many fans want paper tickets as keepsakes, and paper tickets are better if you need to give them to others if you cannot go on a particular date.

The Pulse writer who used the term “boomer” was insulting to me. He has no respect for his elders.

Stephen Hillman, Omaha

Carbon credits

Sens. Fischer and Sasse just voted for a bipartisan bill on climate change. It is called the Growing Climate Solutions Act, and it creates a program to help farmers, ranchers and foresters document practices that sequester carbon so they can sell the carbon credits. It’s a baby step, to be sure. Many question how much carbon will actually get sequestered because of it, but we should look at the glass as half full. Any time our two Republican senators sign on to legislation whose name suggests that they favor climate solutions, we should be hopeful. So good on them for that and for taking bipartisan action.

Next step, support a policy that will actually cut the carbon in the atmosphere. Put a price on carbon with the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Republicans (especially former officeholders) like it because it does not grow the government or pick winners/losers. Economists like it because it works seamlessly and creates jobs. Consumers like it because it returns the carbon dividends to them.

Come on, senators; we know you can do it.

The bill still needs to get through the House. And, of course, it will need the president’s support. But we think that will all happen

Frances Mendenhall, Omaha

Personal choice

Recent Pulse writers were very upset that the NCAA did not require — i.e., mandate — that all players get vaccinated, thus preventing exposing their grandchildren, fellow College World Series attendees — as well all of the citizens of Omaha — to this virus that has a high recovery rate. However, they failed to note — just as the mainstream media does — that vaccination of an experimental product is a personal choice. Many people have done in-depth research and feel very comfortable with their choice not to get vaccinated.

These writers also failed to acknowledge that even vaccinated people still get this virus. As a matter of fact, several of the North Carolina State players were already vaccinated and still tested positive. It’s time for people to get truly educated and do some research. Please don’t believe Lester Holt of NBC news that “fairness (in reporting) is overrated.” He strongly suggests that we do not need to hear both sides of an issue. People need to start to think for themselves and do what is comfortable for themselves.

Dan Hedrick, Omaha

Catholics, choice

Patricia Sexton’s long opinion letter (June 26 Pulse) was just laughable. I think she needs to go back to school. President Biden does not endorse abortion; he, however, doesn’t believe the government should dictate the choices a woman makes for her own body. In fact, the majority of Catholics in the United States support a woman’s right to choose. The Catholic church is also against artificial contraception. How many Catholic women do you think take birth control pills or use other artificial means of preventing pregnancies? Should they not receive communion?

What about our so-called Catholic Gov. Pete Ricketts, who not only endorses the death penalty and did everything he could with the help of his father to bring the death penalty back to Nebraska — he even went so far as to acquire drugs from a company based on a lie? The company’s drugs were supposed to be used for health issues only, and the company tried to get them back when it found out they were being used to put people to death. Is killing OK if you are a Republican governor?

It seems maybe the bishops should be more concerned also with the large number of priests who have and continue to sexually abuse children. They just move them from parish to parish. I also bet there were Catholics who voted for Donald Trump, a man twice divorced and a sexual abuser himself. By the way, I am Catholic and my four sons attended Catholic schools their whole lives.

Janice Mohs, Omaha

Lack of response

I have called Senator Fischer’s office every weekday since the Senate vote on the Jan. 6 commission legislation with a simple request: help me understand your “no” vote. Last week for the first time a staffer answered the call. All other calls have gone to her voice mail.

The staff response was the usual non-answer, “The Senator has not released a statement on that.” More typically she might make a statement after an issue has been settled; not so in this case. Occasionally, I have been so bold as to suggest she speak with Adrian Smith to determine why it took him so long to come up with an answer. On other occasions I have reminded her that these folks, unlike the 9/11 attackers, are Americans and live among us, maybe next door.

On calls to her office, I frequently suggest she change her voice mail message which says, among other things, that she or a member of her staff will call back. I have never accused her of lying, although it is abundantly clear neither she nor a member of her staff have any intention of responding.

We deserve better.

Peg O’Dea Lippert, Papillion

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