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The Public Pulse: Sasse comments; Defend right values; Carbon pricing needed

The Public Pulse: Sasse comments; Defend right values; Carbon pricing needed

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Supreme Court Sasse (copy)

Sen. Ben Sasse.

Sasse tells it like it is

I am ready to put up a “Sasse for President” sign, right now! Finally a Republican with spine enough to tell it like it is. We have a mess in the White House. Sasse was exactly right on every point he made.

It’s disturbing the way people have come to accept and even encourage compulsive lying and bullying. What message are we sending to the youth of this country? Scary time in this country!

Pamela Fattig, Gothenburg, Neb.

Another Sasse stunt

Wednesday’s telephone town hall was another soap box opportunity for Ben Sasse. Whenever he nears a microphone or meeting he trashes the president. Apparently Sasse has not heard Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” Democrat’s don’t bash their fellow Democrats.

This registered Republican voted for Chris Janicek.

Harlan Holmes, Omaha

Melton’s strange approach

Councilwoman Aimee Melton (October 6th World Herald) continues to disappoint when it comes to COVID. She called upon Dr. Lee Merritt, a retired orthopedic spinal surgeon, to persuade the community to try “herd immunity” as a way to stop the virus. As Dr. Merritt is not an expert in infectious diseases, I’m curious what this witness was meant to prove.

As Councilwoman Melton’s stance is that government should let people make their own decisions regarding wearing masks, I would be curious to hear her positions on legalized casino gambling, legalized marijuana, and same-sex marriage.

Michael Zack, Omaha

Defend right values

In my 56 years of life there has been a major shift in this country. What used to be considered right is now wrong. Left is right. Up is down. Good is evil.

When a local business owner and veteran can be charged with multiple crimes for merely defending his property and eventually his life, something’s wrong. When a highly educated Christian woman with seven children, two of whom are adopted and of another race, is considered too “dogmatic” to become the next Supreme Court justice, something’s wrong. When standing for the flag and singing the “Star Spangled Banner” is replaced with kneeling, something’s wrong. When saying “All lives matter” is considered bigoted hate-speech, something’s wrong.

Wake up, America! Someone’s trying to stifle your opinions and take away your freedom of speech. The time is now for God-fearing, law-abiding, freedom-loving citizens to unite and stand up for what we know is right.

Susan Koca, Papillion

Carbon pricing can help greatly

Thanks to Aaron Sanderford for summarizing some key positions held by Congressman Don Bacon and his challenger Kara Eastman. At the top of his list was climate change. Neither candidate is running away from the issue, and that’s a good thing. But they both need to seriously consider carbon pricing.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act would put a price on fossil fuels while protecting consumers and stimulating the economy. A small but steadily increasing price on coal, oil and gas would harness market forces to speed up the urgently needed transition to a clean energy economy.

The bill returns revenue collected to consumers, protecting poor people from rising costs of dirty energy while the transition happens. Consumer spending would increase and jobs would be created.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend, HR 763, has bipartisan support and 82 cosponsors.

Bacon and Eastman should both support it.

Frances Mendenhall, Omaha

It’s a new party

I see that the recent Pulse letter in support of Don Kleine and racial dialogue is signed by six old Democratic guys, five white and one black. To them I say it is not the 1990s anymore. Welcome to the new Democratic Party.

Scott Darden, Omaha

Raikes deserves support

As a longtime friend and colleague of Helen Raikes at UNL, I had the opportunity to observe Helen’s interaction with people, her leadership and abilities, and her keen insight into issues and problems.

Raikes has contributed much to the advancement of education and policy related to Nebraska children and families. Helen’s work in early childhood education and family has garnered state and national recognition.

Helen was recognized for her leadership and service on the Fatherhood Initiative Team, and the early Head Start Internal Working Group at the national level.

Having grown up on a farm and been involved in the farm business with her late husband, former Sen. Ron Raikes, she understands Nebraska agriculture issues. The cycling markets, and the impacts of drought, flooding, and disease are familiar to her personally.

Helen Raikes’ experiences have prepared her for a role in the Nebraska Legislature. She is a very effective listener who will seek to understand the problems in Nebraska and our district and work toward effective solutions across the political divide. I trust Helen’s ability to serve and to involve many people in working toward consensus and problem-solving. Helen has a broad base of support that will allow her to make decisions independently of any one or two large donors.

Raikes will work very hard for the people of the district and for Nebraska.

Shirley Niemeyer, Ashland, Neb.

Vote for Bostelman

Republican State Sen. Bruce Bostelman is a solid conservative. He is pro-life, pro-gun and pro-family. He supports our president, Donald J. Trump. He successfully helped deliver $650 million in annual property tax relief in his first term and he’s working on more.

Sen. Bostelman’s opponent, Helen Raikes, does not support these conservative views. Her policies and areas of interest may reflect those of larger cities, but not those of the residents of Colfax, Butler and Saunders Counties.

When voting this fall, we need to support Sen. Bostelman. He reflects our conservative values — something that we need now more than ever in the Nebraska Legislature.

James Groene, Schuyler, Neb.

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