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The Public Pulse: Schools need mask mandates; Should Frost stay or should he go?

The Public Pulse: Schools need mask mandates; Should Frost stay or should he go?

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Nebraska's coronavirus cases and hospitalizations were up again last week, indicating that the delta surge that began over the summer has not yet lost its sting.

Masks, schools

Can someone remind me how many COVID-19 cases Millard Public Schools’ Black Elk Elementary had in the 2020-21 school year? Pretty sure that when all the kiddos were masking up the numbers were at or near zero. Now fast forward to the 2021-22 school year when parents are given the option of masks for those unvaccinated little petri dishes. Over 50 cases.

And this is why we need mandates. Because many parents are not able to make the right decision for the benefit of the community and choose to selfishly think about their own imaginary self interests in the middle of a global pandemic. To quote Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, “he chose poorly.”

Rex Moats, Elkhorn

Be fair to Frost

Please, Nebraska football fans, take a step back from calling for Coach Frost’s dismissal! I don’t like the way the season is going, but I don’t feel it is totally Coach Frost’s fault or his leadership of the team and his assistants.

Do we really want to get into another coaching search so soon? “WANTED, coach for power five football program with a great tradition of past wins, a great fan base and five national championships. Must be able to produce a winning program in four years or less or you’re fired.” Who else would want that job?

Coach Frost inherited a program that had totally lost its focus over the last 20 years. Do the majority of NU football fans really believe that he would be able to create a winning mindset in just four years? Winning programs need skilled players to make that happen, but before the program creates more wins than losses, the skilled players need to be recruited. That takes time. The football team has some really good players that are doing their best to make the team successful.

Give Coach Frost a break in calling for his dismissal. Let him and his assistants have the time he needs to create that winning program we all so desperately desire. I admire him for maintaining his positive attitude throughout this year.

Dennis Young, Omaha

Enough is enough

In reference to George Mills’ Nov. 3 Pulse letter: George, you have wasted too much time on starting your political party “Martians” over the years. Case in point.

Ohio State coaches Meyer and Day took one year to bring them back to winning programs. Gary Barnett at Northwestern, one year. Bill Snyder at K-State, twice in one year. Bob Stoops at Oklahoma, one year. Nick Saban at Alabama, one year. Coach Ferentz at Iowa, three years and a New Year’s bowl and in 20 years since, only one losing season. I could go on and on. NU deserves better coaches; they even tried to sneak more coaches and practices in and got caught. The NCAA is investigating.

Don’t forget that UNO A.D. Trev Alberts eliminated two longtime athletic programs football and wrestling with storied histories with no notice to coaches, student athletics, parents, student bodies and alumni on a cold Sunday afternoon years ago. He has a heart of stone when it comes to making changes.

Coach Frost is laughing all the way to the bank. We deserve better. Enough is enough.

Doug Harvey, Omaha

Kudos to Chatelain

Kudos to Dirk Chatelain on his column in the Nov. 4 edition of The OWH. Instead of mere sports editorializing, he provided eye-opening content and analysis. Dirk is always a good read, but this column raised the bar in sports journalism. This Husker fan thanks him!

Joleen David, Omaha

Yes to Trump

I concur with the views of Ed Volpi (Nov. 3 Pulse) concerning the current Biden administration. I understand that around 20% of those who voted for President Biden are now experiencing buyer’s remorse and would vote for former President Trump if the election were held today. My question to these voters is, why did they vote for Biden and against Trump in the first place?

What possible reason could they have for voting against the first president in this nation’s history who actually took the necessary steps to secure our nation’s border with Mexico? Who vowed to save this arguably capitalist economy from Democrat forces advocating socialism? Who took the necessary steps to produce and distribute a COVID vaccine? Who wished to secure this nation and maintain a strong military?

Why couldn’t such voters see through the Democrat’s/media’s cover-up of Biden’s obvious frailties? Were such voters overly sensitive to Trump’s often contentious tweets? Oh, yeah! I want to know what was in their heads which led them to remove a functional president for one suffering from obvious mental issues.

Greg Casady, Council Bluffs

Lessons from ‘Hamilton’

I could not agree more with Elizabeth Freeman’s review of “Hamilton.” I have seen it live once and am looking forward to seeing it again this coming March. But in the meantime, I watch it frequently on TV and listen to the soundtrack. Each time, I see or hear something I had missed before.

Having also read the book from which much was taken, I am constantly struck by how nothing changes. Our leaders today sound exactly like those of yore. From this musical, we should notice that our founding fathers, despite their differences, learned to compromise for the good of all. If they could do it, why is that such a foreign concept today?

Hamilton is not just an elaborate stage production but should also be a history and learning lesson for us all. It should bring home all the sacrifices our founding fathers made to birth this nation and how we must all work hard together to make sure that it survives as they hoped.

Charlotte Dorwart, Sidney, Neb.

Welcome change

Thanks to all the voters in Virginia and New Jersey for pushing back on all of this liberal madness, for the first time this year it feels like there is a ray of hope for this country, hopefully next year’s mid term elections should put a stop to it.

Bill Krings, Columbus, Neb.

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