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The Public Pulse; Sen. Groene; mask mandate; Biden's real message

The Public Pulse; Sen. Groene; mask mandate; Biden's real message

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Sen. Groene and the virus

Congratulations to State Sen. “Maskless Mike” Groene on completing a bucket list item of being infected with and surviving COVID-19 (“Groene, who wants herd immunity, has COVID-19,” Nov. 11 World-Herald). With his focus on his own magical thinking, the senator’s statements about his experience with the illness and rationale about exposure land with a real thud.

I have more than a few questions for him. How many struggling Nebraskans can afford 10 to 14 days out of work while infected? How many Nebraskans who choose to try to safeguard their health and that of others and promote community health were exposed to a potentially deadly virus by this elected official? And finally, why does his and others’ experimentation trump my right to visit the grocery store safely?

Isn’t it about time that Nebraska leaders showed a concern for our communities, our health care heroes and human decency rather than defying a common sense and effective health care measure in order to make a political statement?

All I hear in this behavior is a cry from childhood, “You aren’t the boss of me,” being screamed loudly.

We really deserve better.

Patricia Zieg, Omaha

Statewide mask mandate

We need a statewide mask mandate. A simple one that states: Wear a mask in public. Keep the economy open — wear a mask. Has Gov. Ricketts received a medical degree? Nebraskans are dying but he places politics before lives.

Kay McGann, Bellevue

Save small businesses

Gov. Ricketts, you have proven you are a pro-business governor. You have proven you are a pro-liberty governor. Now you must choose between the two. As a small-business owner, I beg you, do not shut us down again. We will not survive. My business has four employees and 10 or so customers a day. We wear masks, clean, disinfect and distance. We are no threat to anybody. More people go through a big-box store in a day than my store in a year. Mandate the mask. See what happens. Shut down the big guys, but please save the small business.

Sam Giustra, Columbus, Neb.

No longer the good life

As a retired educator, I am alarmed by the lack of support for our teachers, occupational, physical and speech therapists, para professionals and other support staff in the school systems. Too many schools do not require students to wear masks, leaving staff members as sitting ducks to contracting COVID-19. There seems to be a lack of empathy on the part of many administrators. They expect educators to teach in the classroom and deal with sanitation and behavior problems caused by COVID. Plus teach online classes for those who cannot be in the classroom. Some administrators still expect educators who are ill with the virus to continue to work from home and continue to meet deadlines. Not only the educator herself or himself may be ill, but their family members are also exposed and could become ill.

It is inconceivable to me that all adults know that masks can help both themselves and others and choose not to take the simple steps for protection and lower cases and deaths. As a lifelong Nebraskan, I am no longer able to be proud of our state as Nebraska is no longer “the Good Life.”

Linda L. Zuehlsdorf, Kearney, Neb.

We’re all on the same team

Are we all not a Nebraska team? We work harder, we are proactive and we come together in adversity despite any political lines. We are Nebraskans! We do what is best for all us — that’s our style.

We will wear masks and do what we have to do until we get on top of this and have a vaccine.

We are Nebraskans. It is just not that hard.

Jackie Gerard, Omaha

Praise for Trump, vaccines

Thank God for President Donald Trump, Moderna and Pfizer for all the work on the new vaccines. We may be looking at the end of this pandemic if Joe Biden and company don’t mess it up trying to take credit.

Ron Cronkhite, Omaha

Biden’s real message

Joe Biden, after stating that he was the president-elect of the United States, says it is now time to “heal.” I believe what he really meant is that it is time for President Trump’s supporters to “heel.”

Don Brunken, Logan, Iowa

Repect the will of the people

With each passing day that President Trump refuses to acknowledge his election loss, the country suffers more. Not only does the incoming team need the cooperation and support of our governmental machinery, there is no apparent progress on fighting the deadly pandemic or delivering aid to millions of Americans suffering from economic loss. Senior security officials at the Department of Homeland Security have stated that the election was secure. Come on, President Trump and the Republican Party, accept the obvious and quit thwarting the will of the American people. Enough is enough.

Peter S. Gadzinski, Omaha

Upper age limit for presidents?

The founders of our Constitution created a minimum age requirement for president of 35 years. Presumably this was to ensure that a president should have some life experience to bring to this very important office. However, when does age begin to compromise the energy and performance required of the leader of the free world? Should there be an upper age limit to run for president and what should it be?

Stephen Bloodworth, Omaha

Left with lots of leaves

Most of the leaves have hit the ground on yards east of 72nd Street. I hope the mayor and City Council are ready for feedback from every one of these frustrated homeowners.

I had eight bags of leaves for pickup and they only picked up four.

Their reasoning is, we can’t handle the volume. Neighbors up and down the street are faced with the same issue. This mess is with the current provider. I can only imagine how we all will handle one container.

William Meier, Omaha

Instead of veterans’ breakfast

It is probably a nice gesture, but this old Navy veteran is no fan of the Hy-Vee “Free breakfast on Veterans Day” promotion. I just don’t like the idea of taking a $5 annual handout for the honor of serving my country.

A better way would be for Hy-Vee to figure the cost of this event and either donate the money to a homeless shelter or have a “Breakfast for the Homeless” day. Do it in honor of all veterans, living or dead. Wouldn’t that be better?

William S. Nelson, Omaha

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