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The Public Pulse: Support for Georgia election law; Yes to voter ID; Cannabis helped me

The Public Pulse: Support for Georgia election law; Yes to voter ID; Cannabis helped me

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Georgia election law

There has been a great amount of discussion relative to the new Georgia voting law, including the Pulse letter from Doug Schrawger, dated March 31, claiming “it is the most severe suppression of voting rights in this country.” It appears to me he is following Democratic talking points, as voiced by President Joe Biden, that “voters in line to vote cannot even get a drink of water.” False! Campaign workers are the only ones who cannot cross the line to provide water. Poll workers are allowed to provide that function.

The president also claimed “Polls would close @ 5:00 pm., which would not allow many workers time to vote.” False!

It appears that neither Doug nor President Biden have read the bill.

It reminds me of a quote by Winston Churchill, saying “not only think before you speak, but read before you think.”

Don Sievers, Omaha

Yes to voter ID

MLB requires identification at their will call windows and yet I had never seen a story about ticket fraud at a Major League Baseball will call window. Also, Delta Airlines require identification to receive a boarding pass and once again, I had never seen a story about airline pass fraud. So why do they require picture identification? Maybe this identification thing is working.

Every time the issue of voter identification comes up, you hear the same arguments over and over. Even The World-Herald, in their Tuesday editorial, used the same clichés about how poor people and people of color are victims. I am tired of poor people and people of color being insulted. These same people are able to collect a stimulus check and cash it, so they will find a way to vote if they qualify and really want to vote.

Many of us still believe that Trump, as well as other Republicans, may have won, but we will never be able to prove it. Nobody has proved that there was no voter fraud, contrary to what the MSM wants you to believe. I have seen a lot of evidence including, videos and testimony from individuals claiming voter fraud.

Wouldn’t making the election more secure give all voters more confidence in the outcome instead of having this divided country? Identification seems to work for the corporate world. It should work when we are voting for the position of the most powerful person in the world and the people that control our lives.

B. L. Cork, Omaha

Textbook program

Comments have been made about my letter concerning LB 364. It was meant to show that this pending bill would benefit very few people and be unfair to all other charities. Nebraska Department of Education provided information about the state book loan requirements and reported that $521,200.77 was appropriated for that program in 2020/2021. This is for the state, not OPS, and I mentioned it to show that private and parochial schools are already receiving tax dollars in the form of textbooks. It is wrong to single out a single one of the hundreds of charities for preferential treatment.

Wendy Leitch, Omaha

Cannabis helped

In 1993 and 1994, I went through Stage IV cancer twice. Failing chemo therapy, I had an autologous stem cell bone marrow transplant in 1993 and lost 75 pounds but got into remission. I relapsed 10 months later with a different and deadlier form of the same cancer. Having failed numerous chemo therapies and total body radiation, I had a second transplant, an allogenic transplant using donated marrow. I lost another 63 pounds, but again reached remission.

Mine is a miraculous and successful story as I am well and approaching 75 years old today, 28 years later. My second transplant was far more rigorous than the first, and it resulted in some very difficult side effects. Of those side effects, one of the worst was the uncontrollable vomiting from nausea. The repetitive gagging of fluids irritated my throat to the point of a dry retching and coughing dilemma that was virtually unstoppable.

The nursing staff tried every antiemetic drug available but could not stop this gagging process that had me in tears. A physician’s assistant told me they had tried every drug possible except cannabinoids used in AIDS recoveries. I said I would happily try anything that was available. Subsequently I was given Marinol, a medical marijuana drug. Within a half-hour, my vomiting stopped; no gagging or retching reflex. It seemed completely unbelievable. I had no more vomiting, and truth be told, I have not vomited since.

I submit this to document the legitimacy of medical marijuana and a belief that it will eventually be available to everyone, including Nebraskans.

William M. Penry, Omaha

Omaha, get ready

I followed the arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court pitting the NCAA against the athletes who argue for additional compensation other than just the costs of attending the school. Here is a quote from Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who said it seems like “schools are conspiring with competitors ... to pay no salaries for the workers who are making the schools billions of dollars.”

I’ve thought for a long time that the NCAA’s business model is built on a house of cards that sooner or later will topple.

It’s best that the city of Omaha be proactive and be prepared for the fall of the NCAA. Our downtown baseball park and arena will actually be financially better off if Omaha ended its ties with the NCAA.

Instead of Creighton basketball games played at the downtown arena, take those lucrative dates taken up by basketball and save them for the more lucrative live concert business. (The Bluejays can play their games on campus.)

And instead of our downtown baseball park used for just a few weeks of the year for college baseball (which is boring anyway), the park can be opened up for professional baseball and used for six months of the year.

When the NCAA falls apart, Omaha must be ready to pick up the pieces, ASAP.

Ricky Fulton, Omaha

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