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The Public Pulse: The hurt is genuine; Customer relations; Energy future

The Public Pulse: The hurt is genuine; Customer relations; Energy future

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Creighton players shared a message on racism and the impacts of Greg McDermott's comments.

The hurt is genuine

The grace, courage, and compassion with which the Creighton men’s basketball team, Coach McDermott, and the university administration are working through the painful moment, which began with a terrible analogy Coach used in a locker room talk Feb. 27, give me hope. Such hope is surely needed when I read sneering letters belittling anyone hurt by what Coach Mac said. Greg McDermott is a better human being than some of his defenders.

Kerry Tupper, Omaha

Customer relations

I retired after working my whole life in different jobs with the public. Each employer told us in training, in some form or another, “You will offend somebody in the course of the day.” When those customers get so upset that they report us, the management has to weigh it to see if we need further training, discipline, etc. Most of us will deny it or say their side. Sometimes we get a pass; sometimes no.

Having experienced both sides, as a customer treated badly, and as a cashier treating badly, I feel sorry for the boss most of all.

Roda Elman, Omaha

Treated differently

A support-the-police rally was held July 20, 2020, called “Back the Blue.” The rally showed appreciation for our law enforcement officers that risk their lives every day to protect our communities.

Creighton Associate Professor Zachary B. Smith, days before the rally, posted on Twitter, “Lemme fix this headline for you @OWHnews: ‘White Supremacist rally in Omaha to showcase Midwestern racism.’ With his statement, the associate professor of Creighton insulted the entire law enforcement community, not to mention the people joining the rally to thank their local law enforcement.

Creighton University issued a statement saying that Zachary Smith apologized. That appeared to be the end of it. Was Mr. Smith put on suspension? Did he bother to apologize in person for his insult?

Hatred comes many forms. Associate Professor Zachary Smith’s tweet, in my opinion, displayed hatred. Coach McDermott’s careless use of a word that offended some people didn’t demonstrate any bit of hatred.

Jim Busenbark, Omaha

Voter suppression

Resolution 3CA proposes a constitutional amendment and is before the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee of the Unicameral. This proposed amendment is a solution looking for a problem; it requires a photo i.d. in order to vote.

The stated premise of 3CA is without merit: “In order to combat voter fraud ... .” The most recent statistics available, 2016, report two cases of voter misconduct out of 860,00 votes cast in Nebraska’s general election. That represents .00023% of votes. Not knowing the circumstance of those two votes, very possibly improved voter education might have eliminated those issues and solve future problems.

I suspect the real reason behind this effort is voter suppression rather than those stated which are contrary to the Nebraska experience. To date, 42 other states have introduced/passed bills designed to suppress voting under the guise of voter integrity.

Contact your state senator requesting a “No” vote, should this survive the committee. Save Nebraska from joining other states in suppressing the vote. Voting is safe and secure in Nebraska. Let’s keep it so and preserve our democracy.

Peg O’Dea Lippert, Papillion

Hastings innovation

In 2019, Central Community College-Hastings officially started its Energy Technology (ETEC) program. The program is unique by offering certificates in wind and solar energy technology and classes in battery storage technology.

Over the next five years, clean energy is expected to grow by 56% while general industry will only grow by approximately 5%. One major benefit to the rapid increase in the renewable energy industry is the addition of new projects throughout Nebraska and the United States. These projects bring with them new labor and job opportunities and revenue sources for communities.

The ETEC program at CCC-Hastings is well suited to prepare students for a future career in one of a wide variety of jobs in the energy sector. These include installation technician, repair and maintenance technician, field engineer and many other positions that play a role in the construction and maintenance of these renewable facilities.

Renewable energy has been on the rise for a while now and will continue to grow long into the future. Nebraska is seeing a rapid increase in wind, solar and battery storage projects throughout the state, and CCC-Hastings continues to explore ways to provide the best opportunities for Nebraska students to learn and grow in a promising career industry.

Taylor Schneider, Hastings

Biden’s arrogance

I did not know Americans elected a king, The man in the Oval Office is ruling by decree; all he does is sign royal decrees. I want a president, not a king. We fought Great Britain for freedom.

So will someone tell this king he is not wanted; we want a president. We have a Congress that hopefully will do their job and pass bills to correct the stupidity coming out of the White House, please, please! Congress, do your job.

Kay Rodgers Jr., Omaha

Party politics

I have been very disturbed by Gov. Ricketts’ comment to Republicans recently to get ready to work against the Democrats. I would be equally disturbed by a Democratic governor saying the same thing about Republicans. Each party has good and not so good ideas. Why can’t the goal be to work together and compromise for the American people for whom you work? I guess that would make too much sense.

Teresa Burks, Omaha

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