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The Public Pulse: These generals disappoint; Senators' low credit scores

The Public Pulse: These generals disappoint; Senators' low credit scores

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Milley defends calls to Chinese at end of Trump presidency

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley speaks during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Generals disappoint

Watching the hearing with the top brass looked as though the only things missing were clowns and popcorn. The fact that they threw President Joe Biden under the bus isn’t as scary as the hypocrisy of how President Donald Trump was treated by some of these same talking heads with stars. Even more frightening is that while Biden was being contradicted, the notion that he is lying is not nearly as dangerous as being delusional and forgetful.

Gen. Mark Milley all but admitted undermining chain of command authority of the former president and treating him like a pariah while Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller sits in the brig for merely pointing out the wrong actions of the generals (aka “The emperor has no clothes”). These generals only spoke up to save their own keisters when they were on the line.

This reminded me of how some military officers, once they achieve the exalted rank of full colonel and above, mysteriously transform from respected “warfighter” into worthless politician. Fortunately, one of my last company commanders (not a colonel, but a captain at the time) became our U.S. senator in my state and remained honest and consistent!

Between Nebraska and Iowa, we have three senators willing to hold those accountable who are in need of such. These generals, just like President Biden, deflect blame and seem more concerned about future book deals than the good of the country.

Mel B. Shelnutt, Clarinda, Iowa

Low credit scores

Well, both Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer ignored the red ink resulting from their vote for the 2017 tax bill giveaway and have refrained from voting to raise the debt limit of the United States. They are fine with our country defaulting on debts previously incurred. Their credit scores as concerned with the common good just went to zero.

Robert Sigler, Omaha

Conservative view

In response to James Regan’s Pulse letter on Sept. 26, we are conservatives. We live within our budget, not overspending. He mentioned Social Security; that is something each person has paid into and our government has spent that already.

Our forefathers set up unemployment to be for so many months and then get a job. I Timothy 5: 1-16 says: But if anyone does not provide for their relatives and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Years ago, family took care of their elders and family members. Today, many people want the government to take care of them. We need to take care of our family and neighbors.

The government doesn’t need to be giving a handout like it’s doing now. This is why our government is in such debt. We’re for cutting Medicaid, Medicare, farm subsidies if the government is willing to quit giving all the money to everyone instead of getting a job.

Please pray for our country and its leaders for the Godly wisdom our Almighty intended.

Glenn Eileen Chvatal, Prague, Neb.

Save lives now

Alert! “Diploma mills” are still in business! How else could so many governors be transformed over night into expert immunologists, microbiologists and epidemiologists, self acknowledged as better informed on precise health policies than career-long scientists and public health officials?

Alas, their orientation is political and only occasionally corresponds to science-based health policies! How else would we have a governor threatening to withhold operating funds from schools that mandated masks, dismissing evidence for reduced risks of infection by mask wearers?

Governors, for life’s sake, respect your public heath officials’ recommendations unless you want more years of this crisis. You’ll save lives, and that’s positive politics!

Lavon Sumption, Lincoln

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