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The Public Pulse: Trump options; time for responsible government; Yates center decision

The Public Pulse: Trump options; time for responsible government; Yates center decision

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Let Trump exercise all options

Why are the Democrats demanding that Donald Trump concede the election? Are they afraid a close examination will show it to be rigged? After all, if there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to find. Trump put up with the Mueller investigation and in the end there was no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. Trump put up with this scrutiny for 674 days. Is Joe Biden afraid to subject his election to this kind of scrutiny? Biden won’t have to put up with 674 days of digging. President Trump has just a few weeks to make his case. If Democrats really believe it was a fair election, they should prove it by shutting up and letting Donald Trump take his best shot.

Gary Fitch, Omaha

It’s time for responsible government

On Nov. 14, The World Herald ran a thoughtful commentary by Mona Charen, “Grievance mentality is harming the GOP.” In it she states, “The branch of Republicans that brought Trump to power is now attempting to poison the well for sane Republicans in the future. Instead of being able to focus on policy or possible cooperation with the Democratic president ... the narrative will be set by the grievance machine.” Proving her point is Ed Volpi’s Pulse letter (“Republicans are right to stand firm,” Nov. 14) repeating rhetoric from the campaign and setting the stage for four more years of playing the victim card.

Donald Trump came on the scene as the Great Disruptor. He did it well, and now it’s time for him to go. What we need now is not to return to the previous logjam in Congress, certainly not to Mitch McConnell blocking every single bill coming from the House, but to an earlier time when opposing views, ideas and proposals were debated with civility and in person, not harangues to an empty chamber after hours. It’s not all about winning the next election. It’s about leading the nation and solving urgent problems and building the 21st Century. If we cannot do this, our status as a great power will continue to decline.

Robert G. Davis, Omaha

Best decision on Yates center

I admire the decision of the Omaha Public Schools board to take the lower bid for the Yates Community Center (“Low bid OK’d, Yates to stay community space,” Nov. 17 World-Herald). The immediate bottom line should never be the only consideration. A building that will help the community take care of its own needs will help the school district in the long run. Partnerships with the Weitz Family Foundation, Gifford Park Neighborhood Association, Metropolitan Community College and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce make it likely that the proposed use of the building will be successful in the hands of Yates Illuminates. This decision is in the best interests of the both school district and the community’s residents.

Carol Gilbert, Omaha

Governors must protect freedoms

Governors take an oath of office to uphold freedoms the United States Constitution guarantees. Why hasn’t the ACLU challenged governors that choose tyranny over freedom? By continuing down the path of lockdowns and mandates, the cure is worse than the disease. Our forefathers founded America on freedom. How disappointed they would be.

Gary Tuma, Blair, Neb.

Listen to the science on masks

In response to the people who believe masks don’t work and will not wear them: I doubt that you know more about health and safety than the medical community and scientists. Many of us have loved ones who have gotten sick and maybe died because someone didn’t want to wear a mask. If we are aware of anyone who refuses to wear a mask because it is a control issue, let us boycott whatever they do for a livelihood. Wearing a mask is not a measure of control but of responsibility.

Margaret Hernandez, Omaha

Kiewit Luminarium and access

Having visited San Francisco’s Exploratorium several times, it is exciting news to read that Heritage Services has collaborated with them to build the Kiewit Luminarium on the Omaha riverfront. I feel this will become the major attraction to the currently underused area.

My one suggestion to the planners is to improve pedestrian access to the area. Railroad tracks line the west side of the site with only the MLK Bridge and a connector at Heartland Park crossing over the tracks. Maybe some way could be found to build another overpass from Mike Fahey Street to the base of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge next to the National Park Service headquarters building, which would open another avenue to safer foot traffic from the north downtown district.

Roger Brandt, Omaha

Garbage collection goes downhill

Waste Management has to be the worst city contractor Omaha has ever had. Since they can see the sunset on their contract, they have been slacking to the highest levels possible. I don’t want to hear excuses such as COVID or the weather. The other private contractors still seem to make their routes and on time. They have set the bar low for Firstar to follow. I surely hope Firstar makes a huge, positive change.

Jeff Atkinson, Omaha

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