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The Public Pulse: A reckless president; Dangerous Democrats; Creighton performance

The Public Pulse: A reckless president; Dangerous Democrats; Creighton performance

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A reckless president

Sometimes I need to put on waders when reading the Pulse. Thomas Missel (March 1) said Trump was “brought in to change the culture of corruption in Washington,” and “lawlessness of the Democratic Party has been checked.” While it’s possible some had those thoughts while voting, at this stage it’s laughable. With a half a dozen of Trump’s team being convicted of felonies and more sure to come, subpoenas ignored, witnesses and documents obstructed, most experts consider this administration compared to others as lawless.

On top of that, Trump recently paid $25 million and $2 million in fines for two separate cases for cheating people. The president was impeached for basically extorting a foreign country, and his own GAO announced that he broke the law.

Just because Trump says something over and over and some in his base repeat it again and again, it doesn’t make it so. Obama didn’t hire a single defense lawyer in eight years while Trump has required a team of them. The lies, obstruction and name-calling coming out of the White House on a daily basis should tell these people all they need to know.

I do know that if we have to suffer through four more years, I’m gonna need deeper waders.

Scott Thomsen, Omaha

Dangerous Democrats

With the number of Trump supporters and businesses who support President Trump being trashed on social media, mainstream media and in person by the “resistance,” can you imagine what it would be like if a Democrat, let alone a socialist Democrat, got into the presidency?

We had a little taste of that when Obama was in office, with conservative people and businesses being targeted by the IRS. It is unconscionable to believe that in a constitutional republic we are seeing such hatred and vitriol between the parties. Not only that, but it is the Democrats, liberals and the mainstream media who preach that we must all be tolerant of each other, yet it is the Democrats, liberals and the mainstream media who provoke and attack the opposing side and then blame the other side for these same actions.

The Democrats say they need to change what is happening in this country. To what? They don’t like an economy that is working? They don’t like a low unemployment rate for women, African Americans, Hispanics? They don’t like the laws being enforced? They don’t like the USA being a powerhouse?

Apparently they want a nanny state where there is no choice in anything and a government who decides what businesses will be allowed to be in business and a government who decides what medical services we are allowed.

Linda Miller, Omaha

Guns and radicalism

I hear self-identified gun rights advocates claim the Second Amendment was intended to guarantee U.S. citizens the ability to take up arms against our own government and those in it who threaten their liberty. If this is how they really think, then James Hodgkinson, who took up arms for that exact reason and shot GOP Congressman Steve Scalise, should be their hero. Hodgkinson was literally an “army of one.” But for some reason that isn’t how I understand they view him.

Maybe one of these folks can tell us just how many armed people need to feel the need to exercise this right before they can start shooting?

James Regan, Omaha

Iwo Jima flag raisers

My wife and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Matthew Hansen, Eric Krelle and the Durham Museum for the outstanding presentation about “The Unknown Flag Raiser of Iwo Jima.” It was a most interesting and informative presentation. To be able to hear the story from Mr. Krelle, who actually solved the questions regarding the flag raisers, was amazing. Again, thank you to all of those involved in the presentation.

Larry Brookstein, Omaha

Columbus Day solution

Renaming Columbus Day is so easy to solve. Just make Indigenous Day any other day of the year. There are at least about 350 days that are available, maybe tomorrow or the next day or pick a day. Solved.

Charlie Bruno, Omaha

Creighton musical brilliance

My wife and I grew up in this area, but only recently moved back after many years away. On Saturday night we attended the Creighton University Chamber Choir concert under the direction of Dr. Barron Breland. This ensemble and their talented conductor are an incredible Omaha treasure!

The concert was extraordinary on many levels including the very interesting and accessible repertoire, all by living composers. The members of the choir, as listed in the program, represent 10(!) states and many majors. These talented undergraduates delivered very mature and polished tone quality and astonishingly vivid interpretations. Their facial expressions radiated the joy of their shared “mountaintop experience.”

We look forward to attending future performances by this outstanding ensemble.

Vance D. Wolverton, Omaha

Chair emeritus, Department of Music

California State University, Fullerton

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