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Richland Homes LLC to Hamilton, Karla and Eric, 17506 Clay St., $337,418.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Fredericksen, Trenton J. and Kendra, 7212 N. 172nd St., $549,000.

Berglund, Travis G. and Courtney M. to Leversee, John W. and Bailey M., 12109 N. 158th St., $259,000.

Sass, Alex M. to Menakuru, Radhika Reddy and Sudhakar Reddy, 14523 Craig St., $245,000.

Kafle, Sanjeev and Pudasaini, Deepa to Berglund, Travis G. and Courtney M., 12150 Elmwood Drive, $379,900.

Overton, Brian P. and Melissa K. to Sederburg, Tori L. Renz, 8136 N. 172nd St., $315,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Dobin, Bella, 16072 C.W. Hadan Drive, $278,387.

Boe, Dustin and Stephanie to Mark P. Sherry M. Lundberg Rlt and Lundberg, Mark P., trustee, 8210 N. 161st St., $400,000.

Evolved Structures and Lim Construction LLC to Stoner, James and Joanie, 440 N. Allen St., $378,162.

Seeing Double LLC to Hawthorne, Danielle R., 404 N. Allen St., $244,000.

Hill Custom Homes Inc. to Manhart, Michael W. and Alanah L., 7720 N. 167th Ave., $485,000.

Robley, Travis Roy and Kayla Marie to Guinto, Kevin Matias and Florentina Cordero, 14538 Mormon St., $238,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pfeffer, Kurt F. and Maria J., 16634 Whitmore St., $358,842.

Pfeffer, Kurt F. and Maria J. to McClure, Nick and McCollum, Margo, 16104 Sunflower St., $289,900.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Gaeta, Michael and Suzanne, 7721 N. 167th St., $655,000.

Hugh P. and Donna Morton Revocable Trust and Morton, Hugh P., trustee, to Linkhart, Angela and Andrew, 11844 N. 173rd Circle, $900,000.

Wolff, Christian C. III and Sandra S. to Hamilton, Rachel Michelle, 12023 N. 156th Avenue Circle, $220,000.

Huntington Homes LLC to Maresch, Andrew and Ashley, 8107 N. 167th St., $578,000.

Bush, Stephen T. and Jessica M. to Welsher, Tyler, 8116 N. 148th Ave., $245,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stiles, Paul K., 7317 N. 166th Ave., $348,186.


Garrison, Ryan R. and Amanda J. to Clute, David A. and Priscilla R., 20526 D St., $370,000.

Kissel, Ashley to Kirchner, Ashley, 912 S. 188th Court, $345,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Koenemann, Pamela, 6226 S. 210th Terrace, $359,909.

Kloster Enterprises LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 3306 Big Elk Parkway, $76,700.

Miller, Travis J. and Angie J. to Riley, Clifford Paul, 2701 N. 191st Ave., $420,000.

Highland Builders LLC to Miller, Travis and Angie, 21328 A St., $601,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Meradith, Stanley M., 19261 Larimore Circle, $598,119.

Richland Homes LLC to Lionel L. & Jane M. Reilly Trust and Reilly, Lionel L., trustee, 4222 S. 213th Terrace, $352,215.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Redd, Shana and Sleep, Bradley, 18214 Locust St., $539,950.

Scoville, Joe to Hofts, Julie, 21005 Walnut St., $224,800.

Calvillo, Cristian to Keefe, Phillip, 20224 Amelia Ave., $255,000.

Benson, Molly J. and Brett G. to Parker, Steven J. and Kimberly S., 1821 N. 207th St., $240,000.

Schultz, Mark L. and Sarkesian, Michelle to Reiman, Robert C. and Kay, 1715 S. 213th St., $740,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Golla, Swapan and Radha, 3340 S. 212th Ave., $90,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Gogineni, Nikhil and Dandala, Sindhura, 4620 N. 183rd St., $407,741.

Vinton22 LLC to Christiansen, Caid and Meyers, Niki, 18305 Patrick Ave., $412,000.

Charles A. and Corrine K. Sachs Trust and Sachs, Charles A. II, trustee, to Kavich, Nina B., 18401 Cuming Circle, $430,000.

Stiles, Adin and Ethan to Anson, Justin L., 21301 Palomino Road, $215,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Makwana, Gauravkumar and Joshi, Amee, 20455 A St., $460,859.

Kelly, Patrick T. and Robin L. to Riley, Eric and Cindy, 3419 S. 217th St., $700,000.

Spruce 180 LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 3006 N. 185th St., $62,500.

Spruce 180 LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 18220 Gretchen Ave., $70,500.

Spruce 180 LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 18128 Gretchen Ave., $70,500.

Netsch, Jeffrey and Susan to NEI Global Relocation Co., 21979 Brookside Ave., $589,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Johnson, Steven L. and Shari L., 21979 Brookside Ave., $589,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Keval Construction LLC, 3921 S. 208th St., $81,000.

Curt Hofer Construction LLC to Sorrentino, Anthony J. and Catherine J., 5040 S. 225th Place, $205,000.

Ofri, Adam to Jeff Wearden Homes LLC, 1203 N. 187th St., $65,000.

Charleston Home LLC to Anney, Siddarth and Chouhan, Bharti, 4716 N. 188th St., $354,562.

Mahloch, Gregory to Shiloh, Joseph, 19807 Harney St., $500,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Winterstein, Tyler H. and Jankuski, Marissa J., 5121 N. 180th Ave., $324,975.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Black, Alexandra T. and Steven K., 3965 George B Lake Parkway, $579,922.

Kelly Construction Inc. to Ford, Lucas D. and Cynthe L., 3202 Big Elk Parkway, $640,000.

Jbt Holdings LLC to Ramm Construction Inc., 21714 K St., $46,700.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Fread, John W. and Margaret L., 21714 K St., $539,107.

Sick, Mitchell and Gabriela to Maldonado, Raquel and Ivan, 18404 Emile Circle, $385,000.

Spruce 180 LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 18502 Locust St., $61,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sivesind, Anthony and Morgan, 6017 N. 183rd St., $344,600.

Brock and Cami Bean Rev Living Trust and Bean, Brock Matthew, trustee, to Kinney, Todd and Jensen, Elizabeth D., 1510 S. 219th Ave., $1,375,000.

Birkla, Robert to Meyer, Mitchell and Darla, 4407 N. 189th St., $522,500.


Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Revers, Ronald Jr., 24949 Tucker St. 3, $88,725.


Titan Investments LLC to Cesh LLC, 2532 N. 62nd St., $110,250.

Garrison, Mark and Olivia L. N. to Strasil, Ryan, 4952 Maple St., $191,601.

Housing Authority of the City of Omaha to J&B Real Estate Investment Group LLC, 4242 N. 65th Ave., $90,000.

Bertsch, Devin M. and Whitney M. to Daryl E. Richard Living Trust and Richard, Daryl Elizabeth, trustee, 5905 Blondo St., $250,000.

Michael Town Estates IIi LLC to Elmore, Brian and Connie Lee, 4804 N. 47th St., $99,300.

Lehman, Yvette M. to Dominic Cosgrove Trust and Cosgrove, Dominic, trustee, 6511 Pinkney St., $125,000.

Deprez, Gregory L. and Kimberly J. to Kehud Royal Estates LLC, 2519 N. 62nd St., $100,000.

Hoich, John L. to Butler, Ciara, 3306 N. 54th St., $185,000.

Grafton, Daniel L. and Kathleen M. to Yut, Sa and Ku, Paw, 5507 N. 69th St., $190,000.

J&R Rentals to Castillo, Araceli, 3522 N. 45th St., $170,000.

Wessling, Andrew J. to Jaramillo, Christopher and Cooper, Cassidy, 3027 N. 50th St., $168,500.

Sosinski, Karen to Calabretto, Hannah Nicole and Leah Ann, 3208 N. 48th St., $100,000.

Kehud Royal Estates LLC to Lav LLC, 2519 N. 62nd St., $107,000.

Eilers, Beth M. to Cook, Heather L., 4839 Franklin St., $271,000.

Martel, Juana D. and Daisy Ruth to Medbery, Maggie M. and Marcus O., 3733 N. 53rd St., $158,000.

Roberts, Zachary and Alyson to Hanson, Kathryn and Kenneth, 2506 N. 70th St., $156,000.

Elliott, Debra A. and Randy E. to Rasmussen, David J. and Baker, Shayna, 5424 N. 69th Ave., $165,000.

Judy A. Gibbs Living Trust and Gibbs, Judy A., trustee, to Gibbs, Adam, 2731 N. 65th Ave., $112,000.

Donald W. and Barbara J. Humphrey Trust and Humphrey, Barbara J., trustee, to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 3516 N. 69th St., $116,000.

A Place To Live LLC to Perez, Dorca C. Rodriguez, 6230 Park Lane Drive, $172,000.

Kyi, A. and Lai, Aye to Moo, Ku Doh and Paw, Kmu, 4728 Meredith Ave., $90,000.

Meyer, Todd A. and Tonya to Meyer, Emily Renee and Nicholas Jon, 2311 N. 65th Ave., $92,900.

Goudlock, Saundra L. to Flores, Jorge Vazquez, 4827 Sprague St., $147,000.

Stuart, Michael R. and Kim M. to Ansell Investments LLC, 3502 N. 63rd St., $154,000.

Gilcrist, Brian and Smith, Tiffany to Morford, Vincent and Denise, 2736 N. 64th St., $215,000.

Weeks, Janet J. to Wingate, Christopher James and Littler, Marnie Dawn, 6025 Manderson St., $150,000.

Herzog, Steven K. and Sterud, Debra K. to Grindstaff, Daniel, 2510 N. 64th St., $150,000.

Martin, Karen I. and Kelley, Karen I. to Doh, Sah Mu, 4906 N. 60th Ave., $176,500.


Dawes, Adam L. and Dawne R. to Omahome Realty LLC, 3910 Gordon St., $127,000.

Spawn, Russell R. Sr. and Spawn, Russell R. Jr., per rep, to Yol, Enrique Donis and Escobar, Maria Rosibel, 3122 S. 39th St., $105,000.

Swanson, Lee to Guzman, Guadalupe C., 2118 S. 43rd St., $200,000.

Toledo, Pedro to Toledo, Pedro and Lorenzo, Maria Diego, 2964 Harris St., $57,000.

Oremart Properties LLC to Soethout, Troy, 2521 Hickory St., $155,000.

Watson Rei LLC to Hart Investments LLC, 1122 S. 32nd St., $210,000.

Rice, Jacob to Paulsen, David M. and Amber, 4203 Pierce St., $195,500.

Baxter, Kelly Lea and Edward Michael to Kyes, Jordan, 4449 Woolworth Ave., $255,000.

Greise, Catherine L. to Cosgrove, Maxie Darlene, 2151 S. 33rd St., $235,000.

Hromas, Steven Lynn to Hale, Keith D., 4307 Barker Ave., $195,000.

Roya LLC to Steffes, Tim and Yannina, 3167 Jackson St. 25, $45,200.


Philson, Drew C. and Claire M. to Lacosse, Kevin and Beth, 4508 Pierce St., $300,000.

Kafka, Josephine Ann to Bailey, Bradley and Tamara, 2524 S. 46th St., $160,000.

Ema Properties LLC to Wolff Contracting LLC, 1941 S. 50th Ave., $178,000.

Ashby, Carl B. and Catrina to Woody, Jennifer, 5009 Pacific St., $157,000.

Pentzien, Robert Taylor and Alexa to Davis, Abigail C., 833 S. 60th St., $271,000.

Fitzgerald, Dennis M. to Dawson, Robin M., 5151 Pacific St., $301,000.

Richter, Ruth and Campbell, Joan R., per rep, to Swan Realty Group LLC, 5644 Leavenworth St., $172,000.

Estee, Jordan Paul to Sodusta, Domerlin and Rowena, 6153 Walnut St., $270,000.

Persson, Dorothy Ann to Turbo Homebuyers LLC and Badassflips Inc., 4719 Valley St., $100,076.


McAuliffe, Dustin to Joe Real Estate Ventures LLC, 1201 Blaine St., $60,000.

Cliffords, Anthony and Allison to Garcia, Lourdes Romo and Elizondo, Juan P., 6205 S. 36th Ave., $160,000.

Ceballos, Manuel Rosas and Rosas, Josephine to Islas, Yolanda Tellez and Mora, Hugo Enrique Lepe, 3106 T St., $98,000.

Karnish, Michael and Shawna M. to Diego, Flora Mateo, 4231 Monroe St., $170,000.

Targy Family LLC to Webj LLC, 4821 S. 25th St., $595,000.

Kantas, Diane to FA Properties LLC, 4407 S. 25th St., $78,000.


Rodriguez, Jesamari and Hernandez, Jesamari to Martinez, Diego Guadalupe and Anthony, 2308 Bancroft St., $100,000.

Barnhill, Zachary J. and Alair E. V. to Rocha, Nicole, 1907 S. 17th St., $185,000.

Hernandez, Alan and Jimenez, Jennifer to Martinez, Jorge Delgado and Regla, Gloria Estela Cardenas, 1921 S. 11th St., $160,000.

Shannon, Liliana E. Trust to Dolores M. Semin Living Trust and Semin, Dolores M., trustee, 1524 S. 24th St., $77,000.

Serrano, Raul and Maria Raquel to Gonzalez, Heriberto Vazquez and Serrano, Maria Del Rosario, 1433 S. 18th St., $51,400.

Raymond Evans Real Estate to Gelvin, Richard, 2015 S. 2nd St., $178,000.


R&A Stephens II LLC to Wave Investment Team Inc., 4517 N. 14th St., $91,000.

R&A Stephens I. LLC to Wave Investment Team Inc., 4715 N. 14th St., $104,000.

R&A Stephens LLC to Wave Investment Team Inc., 5523 N. 16th St., $100,000.

R&A Stephens III LLC to Wave Investment Team Inc., 4821 N. 16th St., $90,000.


Medbery, Maggie M. and Marcus O. to Kehud Royal Estates LLC, 2579 Kansas Ave., $95,000.

Welch, Leon and Edna E. to Maly, James R., 3956 N. 38th St., $33,000.

Drake, Lisa and McDaniel, Lisa to Thomas, L. T. Jr., 3463 Ruggles St., $20,000.

Bolden, Coretha E. to Crawford, Bernadine D., 2508 Bristol St., $49,000.

Kehud Royal Estates LLC to Barrera, Reyes, 2579 Kansas Ave., $115,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Anne, Eliza, 3916 Miami St., $128,000.

Sinclair Group LLC to Official Developments LLC, 5335 N. 26th St., $30,000.

Rodriguez, Glady and Barrios, Felix D. Vielman to Haase, Ruth Kessler Stennett, 3315 Fowler Ave., $148,000.

Debt Free Homes LLC to Salazar, Arlete Cruz and Henriquez, Elvis Alfredo Torres, 4344 N. 37th St., $132,000.

Jones, Calvin D. and Alicia D. to Cooper, James Earl, 3328 Pratt St., $130,000.

Loya, Geronimo Raul and Teresa to Perez, Miriam Noemi and Luis, 3163 Fowler Ave., $185,000.

F.C. Barnhard LLC to Mcqueen, Damarcus, 3302 Grand Ave., $35,000.

McQueen, Damarcus to Gonzalez, Ismara, 3302 Grand Ave., $37,000.

Brown, Albert and Mason, Robert to Zarza, Salvador and Magana, Marco Antonio, 3406 Burdette St., $50,000.


Mouth of the South Southern Grub LLC to R&A Builders Inc., 8505 N. 30th St., $25,000.

Kinney, Clarissa to Gonzalez, Ariel, 7603 N. 29th St., $72,500.

Philbin, Patricia and Fraser, Cheryl M. to Philbin, Patricia and Fraser, Cheryl M., 3040 Redick Ave., $44,250.


Kupfer, Michael and Hannah to Goodman, Scott and Jennifer, 826 N. 75th St., $250,000.

Hannah Ventures LLC to Erickson, Jilleen R., 8317 Seward St., $187,500.

R&B Properties LLC to Doe Properties LLC, 833 N. 75th St., $200,000.

Schatz Revocable Family Trust and Kennedy, James A. C. III, trustee, to Kennedy, James A. C. III and Maureen Ann, 8405 Indian Hills Drive 1A7, $400,000.

Kirby, Robert J. to Kresl, Jean M. and Terence P., 1705 Bowie Drive, $166,661.


Prine, Arthur G. and Michelle R. to McMichael, Mary, 4804 N. 162nd Ave., $355,000.

Wiese, Kathleen M. to Hurlocker, Joseph and Margaret, 5813 N. 163rd St., $525,000.

Hayden, Michael F. and Marilyn K. to Marsh, Cheryl C., 5417 N. 166th Ave., $490,000.

Belmont, Timothy C. and Cheryl R. to Martin, Karen and Steve, 4664 N. 163rd St., $260,000.

Higgins, Kathryn A. to Hughes, Sherie, 4521 N. 176th St., $280,000.

Molen, Lori L. Vander to Hawes, Hollie, 16067 Browne St., $240,000.

Conner, Camilla A. to Ruth, Lisa J., 15020 Camden Ave., $215,000.

Peal, Ryan and Jaclyn Adams to Warming, Thomas G. and Schwarting, Kylie L., 2210 N. 151st Avenue Circle, $400,000.

Nguyen, Tinh Hoang to Graves, Joshua Raymundo and Natalie Kay, 3116 N. 150th St., $226,000.

Laughlin, Elizabeth J. to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 16613 Erskine St., $180,003.


Dixon, Jessie M. and Campagna, Jessie M. to Rogel, Erika, 5830 S. 48th St., $79,200.

Cesh LLC to Kobolt, Dustin M., 4518 S. 61st St., $161,000.

Fitzgibbons, Logan M. and Jennifer G. to Kastrick, Colin and Weidner, William, 5805 T St., $220,000.

Crnkovich, Adam P. and Ashley to Heitzman, Angela M., 4833 Polk St., $201,000.

Mri Inc. to Silk Properties LLC, 5024 S. 48th St., $219,000.


Miller, Peter W. and Patricia A. to Martin, Katherine and Joel, 746 N. 163rd Ave., $680,000.

Mohr, Michael K. and Brianna L. to Sass, Alex M., 1617 N. 160th St., $332,000.

Lang, James E. Trust to Sage Casa Inc., 16218 Wakeley St., $310,000.

John & Margaret Fread Trust and Fread, John W., trustee, to Sogin, Samuel and Taylor, 15744 Farnam St., $430,500.

Oelco LLC to Wadams, Heather D. and Hijazi, Raed A., 17079 Irving St., $305,775.


Sheriff to Riddington, Doug, 8045 Bauman Ave., $164,000.

Maldonado, Emanuel and Hannah to Ezirim, Juliet, 7372 N. 77th Ave., $219,500.

Clauss, Kristofer R. and Mandi R. to Luong, Thao and Tran, Diem Ngo T., 6723 N. 102nd Ave., $340,000.

Hay, Ryan and Tifani to Reh, Me and Meh, Da, 7974 Redick Ave., $237,100.

Irlmeier, Brenna and Andrew to Reh, Pray and Moe, Phrew, 8844 N. 82nd Ave., $215,000.

Csc Properties LLC to Bitinc Investments LLC, 10606 State St., $1,040,000.

Myers, John Edward and Jamie Jo to Tiller, Alfonso, 8010 Bauman Ave., $219,000.


Sherman, Zachary W. and Locke, Abby L. to Thompson, Timothy and Preister, Adam, 9830 Ontario St., $329,000.

Murphey, Marshall and Vance, Jill R. Murphey to Demaranville, Elise, 8965 Laurie Circle, $225,000.

Hampton, Christine J. to 0327 Properties LLC, 3214 S. 91st St., $165,000.

Wollen, Richard L. and Julie J. to 0327 Properties LLC, 3221 S. 91st St., $170,000.

Santora, Matthew J. and Schafer, Autumn to Marquez-Dena, Christopher and Varela, Elizabeth M. Sosa, 8941 Laurie Circle, $175,000.

Starr, Matthew J. to Piatek, Julian, 3435 Cornhusker Drive, $76,000.


Light Bulb Realty & Investments LLC to Cook, Michael, 10206 R St., $227,500.

Giglio, Jason T. and Elizabeth N. to Farber, Jessica and Sullivan, Duell M. Jr., 5511 S. 105th St., $229,900.

Schwartzer, Teresa and Eubanks, Teresa C. to Leiva, Wuilfredo A., 7920 Main St., $180,000.

Muell, Amy J. to Schwartzer, Kevin and Teresa, 9015 Berry St., $245,000.


Stigge, Russell and Michelle to Randone, Michael and Corena, 2110 S. 192nd Ave., $440,000.

Leise, Colleen to Tuter, Jason and Shelley, 1716 S. 167th Circle, $310,000.

Diana M. Foster Revocable Trust and Foster, Diana M., trustee, to Dakotah & Mary Revocable Trust and Smith, Dakotah J., trustee, 18412 Pierce Circle, $1,000,000.

Charleston, Sheri to Blair, Martin and Ashton, 18356 Nina St., $465,000.

Taylor, Stephanie to Jalali, Rahul and Shefali, 17165 Valley Drive, $2,200,000.

Peterson, David E. and Betty G. to Jeffrey, Lynn, 3403 S. 165th Ave., $400,800.

Love, Joshua L. and Katherine M. to Weber, Adam and Andrea, 1320 S. 165th Ave., $321,000.

Spring, Carly D. and Loken, Kevin to Forestgroup Assets LLC, 2941 S. 159th Circle, $250,000.


Swanson, Mark D. and Cindy S. to Smith, Byron O., 200 S. 31st Ave., 4301, $410,000.

Ladd, Petra R. to Fast Ave Properties LLC, 3860 Dodge St., $175,000.

J. S. R.—5 LLC to Dalila LLC, 3643 Charles St., $60,000.

Peak, Jeffrey P. to Vaughan, Bailey, 3502 Lafayette Ave., $160,000.


Dickes, Erik and Fallon to Schroeder, Jaymie Joleen, 4522 Hamilton St., $123,000.

Walsh, James A. III and Susan K. to Fogarty, Bennett, 124 S. 70th St., $395,000.

D3 Real Estate LLC to Wesselmann, Hannah, 1105 N. 50th Ave., $185,000.

6764 Charles LLC to Vb One LLC, 6764 Charles St., $133,000.

Sablico Inc. to Dundee Creek Apartments LLC and Niemann-Schaaf, Carol J., 1312 N. 49th Ave., $725,000.


Ajp Enterprises LLC to Gravery LLC, 3144 N. 84th Circle, $515,000.

Moench, Justin P. and Molly E. to Belk, David L., 9437 Laurel Circle, $238,000.

Stepanek, Julie A. to Wall, Steven and Samantha, 6232 N. 104th St., $320,000.

Fox, Christopher B. and Rebecca A. to Lopez-Labor, Miguel Angel, 4923 Terrace Drive, $175,000.

Wessling, David R. and Kristi A. to Ritonya, Ethan L., 9729 Cady Ave., $206,600.

Peklo, Walter J. and Glasgow, David R. to Peklo, Kathryn A., 3712 N. 101st St., $129,800.

Chipy, Nicole and Barrera, Nicole to Wolfgram, Kristi, 9711 Erskine St., $225,000.

Galvin, Michael J. and Catherine M. to Vazquez, Juan Carlos Lopez, 8562 Fowler Ave., $196,500.

Cole, Kyle G. and Ashley M. to Ngajule, Yusuf and Yungu, Wabiwa, 5105 N. 103rd St., $270,000.

Freedom Enterprises LLC to Sdarens LLC, 7631 Lawndale Drive, $840,000.

Leahy, Patrick J. and Emily to Orhan, Erkan, 2661 N. 96th St., $200,000.

Hooton, Lynn B. to Schroeder, Matthew James, 8006 Spaulding Circle, $275,000.

Rodriguez, Ramon A. and Jennifer C. to Benabides, Steven and Rachel, 4935 N. 93rd Ave., $185,000.

Anne H. Ludwig Revocable Trust and Ludwig, Anne H., trustee, to Ortmeier, Stacie R., 3915 Aurora Drive, $235,000.


Privitera, Timothy S. and Lexi to Malakondaiah, Ramakrishna, 18719 Washington St., $270,000.

Moltumyr, Steven L. and Rebecca K. to Glenn, Brian and Elizabeth, 4809 S. 165th St., $432,000.

Bsr-Fw LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6222 S. 200th St., $61,900.

Sbs Kapital LLC to Qu, Hong and Yang, Linhua, 18165 Polk Court, $225,000.

Sbs Kapital LLC to Loux, Noah and Qu, Qiru, 18169 Polk Court, $225,000.

Sbs Kapital LLC to Ullery, Dan and Wuethrich, Sonja, 18175 Polk Court, $235,000.

Beasley, Shaun and Alexandra N. to White, Alec C., 18663 U St., $241,000.

Le, Bao to Rahmanzai, Abdul Jamal and Rahmanzai, Mohamad, 19354 X St., $215,000.

William J. Wieseler Revocable Trust and Wieseler, William J., trustee, to Tran, Danny and Huynh, Linh, 4110 S. 184th St., $1,430,000.

Storlie, Chadwick W. and Deborah S. to Pentzien, Robert Taylor and Alexa, 4213 S. 198th Ave., $465,000.

Houser, Zachary L. and Amie J. to Taylor, John F. and Elizabeth K., 5716 S. 170th St., $410,000.

M&A Real Property Holdings LLC to Brooks, John, 19468 Gail Ave., $274,500.

Pham, Tina H. and Tran, Tina to Doddapaneni, Rajeev, 19362 Laci St., $225,000.

Passarelli, Angelo D. and Susan C. to Krise, Chelsea and Matthew, 5715 S. 167th Ave., $395,000.

Jackie A. Wallis Revocable Trust and Wallis, Jackie A., trustee, to Dier, Sally, 18230 Hayes Place, $150,000.

Henry, Thomas Yardley III and Marcie to Hsiao, Danny and Sun, Feifei, 5923 S. 175th Circle, $335,000.

Volz, Lucas and Madalynn to Recker, Kimberly Ann and Nathan Jeffrey Clarence, 19719 X St., $250,000.

Sbs Kapital LLC to Kehres, Rickey and Yang, Yanhua, 18161 Polk Court, $225,000.

Case, Angela L. to Ksv Co. LLC, 19627 Gail Ave., $220,000.


Benson, Ben and Riley to Cooper, Cory, 11416 Nancy Circle, $250,000.

Yeh, Adam and Kristin to Holman, Nathan A., 13636 W St., $195,000.

Johnson, Barbra J. and Cramer, Adam L., per rep, to Berry, William F., 6724 S. 139th St., $241,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to McGill, Justin, 6711 S. 135th Ave., $182,500.

Crcc-So LLC to Pak Group LLC, 13336 Industrial Road 3, $1,092,805.

Guzman, Norma to Young, Emma, 12741 Woodcrest Pa 217B, $135,000.

Bakk, Mariann J. and Tyler J. to Friesen, Laura, 5703 S. 122nd St., $207,500.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Richardson, Michelle Leann and Pollak, Christopher L., 14021 Ohern St., $200,000.

Jones Family Trust and Jones, Steven A., trustee, to Desoe, Cheryl, 5305 Blackwell Drive, $245,000.


Moo, Pawweede and Taw Nay to Lin, Nigel and Yu, Lingqing, 11213 Potter St., $232,000.

Mertz, Marilyn Doughty and John to Breitkreutz, Matthew, 14257 Wood Valley Drive, $230,000.

Andrew & Patsy Jo Nelson Trust and Nelson, Patsy Jo, trustee, to Coffey, Peter Evan and Abby May, 9951 N. 108th St., $325,000.

Mailander, Thomas L. and Paula C. to Gark Homes Shv 3 S. LLC, 11004 Potter St., $200,000.


Sturgeon, Richard A. and Jeanie A. to Sturgeon, Michael J., 2936 S. 116th Ave., $160,000.

Hsp Investment Properties LLC to Schultz, Lucy, 2119 S. 135th Ave., $290,000.

Martin, Joel Christopher and Katherine Patricia to Behrens, Jeffrey and Ratzlaff, Caitlin, 2129 S. 153rd St., $371,500.

Quakenbush, Matthew and Samantha to Bohac, Ashley, 11812 Elm St., $260,000.

Quinlan, John P. to Quinlan, Kathleen K., 3443 Augusta Ave., $38,000.

Milton D. Almquist Trust and Almquist, Milton D., trustee, to Almquist, Gregory D. and Barrett-Almquist, Juli, 13623 Montclair Drive, $160,000.

Bichel, Deborah E. and Godden, Pat, per rep, to Alsaadi, Ali and Aljaberi, Nabaa, 3015 S. 133rd St., $160,000.

Brooks, John W. to Mailloux, Matthew R. and Anna K., 2941 S. 122nd Ave., $133,000.

Serwe, Matthew A. and Pacula, Matthew A. to Palacio, Nicholas Peter and Shannon Nicole, 11339 Arbor St., $296,500.

Petrick, Matthew and Kristin to Wilson, Sarah, 12768 Grover St., $220,000.


Cleaver, Alta and Cress, Melanie R. Cleaver, per rep, to McGuire, Tim and Charlotte, 6725 Kimberly Lane, $380,000.

Alexis, Ramesy and Sarah to Gurung, Phul and Lal M., 6515 Girard St., $53,000.

Hill, Bryan A. and Kimberly A. to Hill, Jacob M., 6918 N. 64th St., $100,000.

Mawley LLC to Umphlett, Rebel and Myrna, 7841 N. 54th Ave., $349,500.


Gousden, Susan Coyne to Susan A. Ochsner Revocable Trust and Ochsner, Susan A., trustee, 1426 N. 133rd St., $755,000.

Hunter, Gary V. and Sandra K. to Benson, Molly J. and Brett G., 15256 Burt St., $279,900.

Rios, Albert and Martha A. to Erdei, Richard, 11937 Miracle Hills Drive 7, $160,000.

KR Properties LLC to Kluthe, James J. and Brittany T., 938 Eldorado Drive, $312,000.

Baltimore, Kimberly Ann to Turtle Creek Construction LLC, 848 Meadow Road, $297,000.


Puntney, Dustin to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 4818 N. 126th Ave., $168,000.

Valentino, Michael V. and Cynthia M. to Skarp, Nicole, 12134 Wirt St., $225,500.

Doehner, Tamara A. to Fallick, Jay B. and Kylie A., 3410 N. 140th St., $985,000.

Dieckman, Lynne to Morrissey, Spencer W., 2723 N. 120th Ave., $270,000.

Badeer, Preston D. and Hannah to Johnson, Annette C., 2618 N. 113rd St., $240,000.

Gwartney, Caitlin to Schiller, Jade A. and Jade Alan, 11288 Lake Forest Drive, $200,000.

Hilton, James D. and Sarah L. to Lugo, Pablo E. Lopez, 13013 Boyd Circle, $202,500.

Lundin, Kirk to Geelan, Matthew A., 13035 Crown Point Ave., $208,000.

Stanley B. Kangior Rev Living Trust and Kangior, Stanley B., trustee, to Quandary Properties LLC, 11724 Camden Ave., $270,000.

Kochsmeier, Austin M. and Kelsey M. to Coleman, Freeman Jr. and Johnson, Breana, 2239 N. 120th Ave., $250,000.

Homann, James J. and Jane L. to Tran, Hung M. and Pham, Ut Thi, 11406 Taylor St., $236,500.

Christensen, Makayla and Daniel to Petrovich, Michael Jr. and Cassidy, 11263 Lake Forest Drive, $250,000.

Simpson, Barbara Ann Gannon and Marlan M. to Witt, Alexander, 2634 N. 131st Circle, $228,000.

Scholtes, Brandon and Sarah J. to Tling, Thang and Cuai, Sung Hlei, 5140 N. 116th St., $242,000.



Mosi Properties LLC to Loftus, Lonnie R., 2005 Jackson St., $148,000.

Ortega, Alonso and Maria E. to Kehud Royal Estates LLC, 1302 Wilshire Drive, $145,000.

Dornbusch, David D. and Louise to Diorio, Andrew John and Amanda Nyla, 608 Bellevue Blvd. N, $135,000.

Charleston, Germaine U. to Petry, Michael E. and Laura L., 806 N. 6th St., $150,000.

Valenta, Nancy Marie, trustee, and Nancy Marie Valenta Revocable Trust to Henry, Kyle and Semien Henry, Kia, 811 Bayberry Ct, $420,000.

Renner, Stephen Thomas and Alice Kay to Feng, Dan and Norton, Dennis, and Zhou, Wenxian, 834 Hidden Hills Drive, $324,000.

Turpie, Susanne M. to Scott, Amy L., 2510 Wayne St., $104,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Allen, Anthony J. and Cari L., 7815 S. 198th St., $429,000.

Jonesy Boy LLC to Mallory, Carey, 21410 McClellan Circle, $260,000.

Erickson, Suzanne M. to Belmont, Jaclyn C. and David A., 7513 S. 198th St., $365,000.

Nickels, Scott R. and Jalaine A. to Hoyt, Mark D. and Anderson, Jaimie L., 19816 Josephine St., $440,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Weaver, Tyler and Kalyn, 11357 S. 168th Ave., $415,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Lockwood, Jennifer and Eric, 12118 S. 209th Ave., $356,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Renee Nichole and Miles Isaiah, 12107 S. 209th St., $416,000.

192&370 LLC to Five & Five Development LLC, 11519 S. 191st St., $342,000.

Baker, David P. and Paula S. to Bennett, Loren and Mary, 11949 S. 217th St., $315,000.


Smock, Matthew J. and Kimberly to Smock, Ashley, 1218 MacArthur Drive, $250,000.

Peachtree Properties LLC to Cradick Holdings LLC, 917 Arlene Circle, $42,000.

Cradick Holdings LLC to Eastern Nebraska Human Svcs Agency, 917 Arlene Circle, $42,000.

Ferrante. Shelly to Smith, Brian W. and Kerri R., 1215 Royal Drive, $360,000.

Boyer Young Equities XVIII Sumtur Cross to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 12110 S. 111th Ave., $40,000.

Cradick Holdings LLC to Bailey Homes LLC, 918 Arlene Circle, $43,000.

Moore, Daniel E., trustee, and Young, Debra E., successor trustee, Paul A. Haug Revocable Trust to Richland Homes LLC, 11115 Cornhusker Road, $1,734,000.

Worcester, Nicholas D. and Jennifer D. to Beach, Susan and Gerald, 11720 S. 110th Ave., $335,000.

Ashby, David E. II and Karen A. to Jackson, Christopher and Kimberly Jo, 807 Pineview Drive, $260,000.

McGargill, Nicholas and Jennifer J. to Scheers, Mark and Saunders, Brittany, 2206 Diane St., $344,000.

Rosencrans, William Jack, co-successor trustee, and Rosencrans, Diane L.. co-successor trustee, Herbert J. & Elizabeth J. Rudolph Trust to Carnahan, Paul, trustee, and Carnahan, Kathleen, trustee, Paul & Kathleen Carnahan Revocable Trust, 1113 Woodview Circle, $285,000.

Grove. Donna S. and Lambert, Stephen C. to Grove, Donna S., 11008 Edward St., $215,000.

Williams, Gary L. and Karol J. to Pauly, Donald L. and Vera, 912 Crest Road, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Morrison, Leon G. and Carrie M., 11709 S. 113th St., $324,000.

Cloyd, Sheryl, per rep, and Shirley N. Siewert Estate to Efliq Design & Restoration LLC, 820 N. Adams St., $228,000.

Fiedler, Angelique and Lechner, Karen S. to Clark, Brenda A., trustee, and Brenda A. Clark Trust 2021, 11519 Glenn St., $390,000.

Ashbury Hills Development LLC to Ravichandar, Rachel and Trott, Gibeon A., 11564 S. 124th St., $109,000.

Cantu, Manuel and Marquez, Marina to Parajuli, Ram and Ojha, Sujata, 909 Edgewater Drive, $254,000.

Long, Troy and Charla to Escobar, Oscar and Michelle, 10620 S. 113th St., $385,000.

Meadows, Heather M. and Jeffrey S. to Harris, Patrick and Konni, 814 Juniper Drive, $245,000.


Kaufman, Keith and Carol to Kaufman, Philip, 14442 S. 35th St., $260,000.

Winters, Nicholas Anthony and Whitney Ann to Divert, Robinson, 3106 Lynnwood Drive, $258,000.

Krueger, Christopher L. and Heather A. to Felten, Ty B. and Jennifer A., 10810 Lewis and Clark Road, $291,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Titus Stapp, Katasha L. and Stapp, Bryan T., 4413 Edgerton Drive, $323,000.

Coats, Scott and Keli E. to Gengel Properties LLC, 3724 Fort Crook Road S, $290,000.

Rodriguez, Mario C. and Hilary R. to White, Cassandra, 1913 Nottingham Drive, $203,000.

Abraham, James M. and Barbara J. to Van Meter, Michael and McMahon, Jill, 17117 Lakewood Drive, $300,000.

Thompson, Owen R. and Danille G. to Cain, Mark P. and Stock, Tracy A., 2712 Morrie Drive, $340,000.

McKelvey, Beverly K. and Randy to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 13055 Brookside Drive, $170,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Birkenmeier, Andreea O. and Gerard C. Jr., 12046 Quail Drive, $386,000.

Wangai, Peter to Wangai, Peter and Kigondu, Naomi, 2710 Morrie Drive, $119,000.

Brown, Alexander M. and Rachel E. to Cabeen, Nathan and Emily, 13506 S. 33rd St., $235,000.

Tate, Joe W. and Loretta to Salvatore, Patrick, 1911 Nottingham Drive, $190,000.

Rhylander, Carli Jo to Lane, Kent, 2009 Nottingham Drive, $225,000.

Wendt, Andrew A. and Ashley M. to Lara, Jorge and Haake, Sarah E., 13712 S. 42nd Ave., $265,000.


Arcishewsky, Lara Rose to Cavalieri, Michael Jr., 7111 Monterrey Drive, $225,000.

Telikicherla, Sriram K. and Mrunalinee L. to Lier, Lauren and Aaron, 7909 W. Brentwood Drive, $355,000.

Pepper, Marissa A. and Jeffrey B. to McGahan, Michael J. and Tracy C., 9420 Gertrude St., $410,000.

Carcich, M. Joseph, successor truste, Marvin J. Carcich Revocable Trust to Karstens, Timothy J., 7106 Pine Drive, $140,000.

Ryck, Amy to Sharipov, Nozimjon, 7509 Terry Drive, $164,000.

Rockwell, Edward and Susan and Rockwell, Theodore and Theresa and Rockwell, Jeffrey and Lori to Strode, Timothy Lee and Ahrens, Karen K., 8014 Gertrude St., $216,000.

Hayes, Douglas R. and Michele L. to Hashimi, Sayed, 7409 Braun St., $255,000.

Jensen, Michael D. and Meygan to Cidlik, Ryley and Sytsma, Madison, 7206 S. 69th St., $380,000.

Casey, Barry A. and Laura L. to Schab, Michael F. and Marjorie, 7432 Frederick St., $235,000.

Philipp, David M. and Victoria L. to Rasmussen, Mark and Michelle Lea, 10009 Durkop St., $370,000.

McNamara, Mark J., successor trustee, and James E. & Mary Jo McNamara Revocable Trust to Bogue, Carole J., trustee, and Carole J. Bogue Living Trust, 8803 S. 100th St., $315,000.


Maverick Empires LLC to Sams, Conrad Robert and Amory, Rachelle Lea, 2501 Aberdeen Drive, $265,000.

Tabor, Adam Franklin and Cara Joann to Pickerill, Ryan and Amber, 2007 Aberdeen Drive, $330,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Martin, Brad J. and Defreese, Leslie A., 4521 Lawnwood Drive, $427,000.

Padilla, Michael S., trustee, and Padilla, Frances A., trustee, Michael & Frances Padilla Liv Revocable Trust to Bradshaw, Marcus, 4911 Coffey St., $380,000.

Reyes, Ashley to Neubecker, Jacob and Chelsea, 214 Harbor Circle, $280,000.

Christensen, Jason J. to Ordonez, Jefferson and Martin, Jessica Lynn, 8612 S. 68th St., $281,000.

D.R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Stevens, Brian, 4569 Lawnwood Drive, $374,000.


Palermo, Lori L. to Holloway, William M., 17116 Joanne Drive, $125,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Neff, Robert K., trustee, and Neff, Nancy M., trustee, Robert K. & Nancy M. Neff Revocable Trust, 9826 S. 185th St., $341,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Singh, Ajay and Chand, Priyanka, 7712 S. 185th St., $348,000.

Dreessen, Adrian and Paula M. to Erickson, Kyler and Theobald, Megan, 7902 S. 184th Ave., $340,000.

McDonald, Susan to Stang, Daniel Thomas, 16432 Audrey St., $260,000.

Chester, Leonard H. and Susan R. to Burns, Jason R., 10004 S. 179th St., $228,000.

Belmont, David and Jaclyn to Noble, Joshua M. and O’Neill, Katelyn L., 18032 Olive St., $245,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Melroy, Stephen L. and Esther Ellen, 7329 S. 184th Ave., $326,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McCoy, Dustin and Pamela, 18456 Redwood St., $405,000.


Wright, Stephen T. and Sara G. to Nzobakira, Bilome and Nyabenda, Solange, 12911 Josephine St., $215,000.

Lusienski, Zachary Dean and Megan to Hurtado, Ana V. Urquidez and De Urquidez, Maria H. Hurtado, 13604 Slayton St., $225,000.

Haner, Heath and Molly A. to Guhl, Kenneth and Brenda, 7026 S. 154th St., $250,000.

Frazer, Kate M. to Mjenzi LLC, 14106 Jennifer Road, $160,000.

Kirch, Michael and Devon to Baker, Anthony, 7907 S. 151st Ave. Circle, $250,000.

Anck LLC to Ninja LLC, 13122 Emiline St., $148,000.

Hill, Stuart E. to Yegnon, Gninnayere C. and Liassidi, Sarah Carelle Francine, 7948 S. 154th St., $220,000.


Clatt, Kathy and Lavato, Charles to Arrington, Zachary and Laken O. and Arrington, Susan, 9603 S. 22nd Ave., $266,000.

Williams, Jarred A. and Alisa to Roark, Payton, 6965 S. 28th St., $150,000.

Garcia, Jesus Zendejas to Tornez, Marisol De La Paz and Lorenzo, Martin Cisneros, 2826 Lillian St., $159,000.

Lopez, Adelson A. and Blanca M. to Kaiser Investment Properties LLC, 6918-6920 S. 39th St., $290,000.

Pauly, Donald L. and Vera R. to Noecker, Beau J., 2813 Sandra St., $220,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Welte, Amy Kathryn, 2011 Geri Circle, $345,000.

Helmer, Paul B. and Kathy L. to Guardado, Lucia, 9604 S. 28th St., $350,000.

Vian, Micheal J. and Mikaila N. to Mejia, Samuel and Sorto Maria Del Carmen, 7314 S. 41st Ter, $126,000.

Schafer, Crystal Barron to Silvestri, Alexandra, 2305 Emiline St., $175,000.


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