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Douglas County


Vangorder, Taryn S. to Diaz, Ramiro Parga, 7177 N. 164th St., $324,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tete-Donkor, Zelda, 7215 N. 167th Ave., $296,100.

Basile, John J. and Melissa K. to Isakson, Brad, 12056 Elmwood Drive, $393,000.

Freed, Michael and Paulina to Boatwright, Travis S. and Nicole L., 12721 N. 182nd Circle, $490,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Farrell, Thomas Conway IV and Elizabeth Margaret, 17001 Potter St., $460,311.

Shults, Raymond W. and Deborah J. to Stephens, Zachary and Tobie, 12312 N. 161st Ave., $385,000.

Kms-168 LLC to Henderson, Benjamin Allen and Brooke Renee, 7660 N. 167th St., $55,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Porter, Kristy J., 7108 N. 167th Ave., $274,147.

Walters, Lee P. and Linda V. to Kilmer, William C., 16102 Mormon St., $270,000.

Johnson, Darren R. and Mary R. to Baldwin, Amy and Alexander, Brad, 18230 Northern Hills Drive, $740,000.

Sakkas, Eugenia J. to Flanagan, Jamie and Bradley, 15311 Whitmore St., $235,000.

Peters, Jennifer M. and Re, John C. to Nighswonger, Drew G., 7505 N. 167th Ave., $255,000.

Walker, Nehru M. and April A. to Stebbins, Jonathan Ross and Goldapp, Allison Kay, 14732 Weber St., $389,000.

Abekak Properties LLC to Vacha Properties LLC, 15324 N. Second St., $122,000.

Kms-168 LLC to David Thoms Construction LLC, 8002 N. 166th St., $99,950.

Moorefield, Gavin and Emily to NEI Global Relocation Co., 14550 Gilder Ave., $247,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Gautam, Yogendra and Chaulagai, Niroja, 14550 Gilder Ave., $247,000.

Selde, Joseph H. and Jessica F. to Bessmer, Luke Riley and Faustine, 14586 Potter Circle, $260,000.

Gaines, Cameron T. and Serena R. to Asobo, Hannah, 7404 N. 145th Ave., $268,000.


Wish In One Hand Enterprises LLC to Falcone Enterprises Inc., 20911 Barbara Plaza Circle, $220,000.

Kloster Enterprises LLC to Kavan Homes Inc., 3802 George B Lake Parkway, $75,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Curtright, Cody R. and Emily M., 4704 N. 186th St., $384,856.

Kelehan, Mark A. and Lori A. to Kinyoun, Michael and Mary Wulff, 20910 Poppleton Circle, $547,000.

Thompson, Scott M. and Julie Y. to Poole, Robert Ian and Lisa, 21536 Chancellor Road, $795,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Vincent, Shanthi and Henry, Jarald Irudiaraj, 4238 S. 213th Terrace, $362,563.

Nosbish, James II and Megan to Park, Song Young and Kim, Soyeon, 19511 Harney St., $540,000.

Ahrens, Angela M. to Mercury Contractors Inc., 6327 S. 208th Ave., $259,262.

Peters, Jennifer M. to Neaves, Michael and Sara E., 20461 Grand Ave., $410,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Marler, Vicki, 2704 N. 191st Ave., $396,459.

Lanoha Springs Inc. and Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Calamus LLC, 3304 S. 229th St., $225,000.

Gardiner, Donald L. and Ramona to Schwalbach, Darrell L. and Diana L., 20230 Roberts St., $552,900.

Pare, Nadia and Brennan, Patrick Joseph to Stanard, Andrew L. and Wanda J., 18914 Ruggles St., $483,000.

Stanley, Richard R. and Stacy J. to Smith, Benjamin and Claire, 636 S. 214th St., $336,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Lopez, Joaquin Eduardo and Paola Lissette, 4308 S. 218th Ave., $549,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schutte, Bryce F. and Brianna L., 5902 N. 181st St., $355,575.

Park, Songyoung and Kim, Soyeon to Severson, Andrew D. and Megan C., 18610 Marcy St., $420,000.

Langer, Sabine and Yindrick, Michele to Langer, Sabine, 21437 Fieldcrest Drive, $92,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Barada, Karly B., 6506 S. 213th St., $269,388.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hansen, Christoper A. and Vyhnalek-Hansen, Ann M., 5704 N. 182nd St., $332,375.

Rose Creek Homes LLC to Truitt, Matthew and Jill, 18339 Taylor St., $594,650.

Bardsley, Craig and Berkvam, Dawn to Carroll, Thomas and Geri, 18609 Mayberry St., $435,000.

Barry, Matthew to Barry Special Needs Trust and Jeannette McReynolds Irrev Tru, 2450 N. 191st Ave., $287,400.

Platinum Builders LLC to Siemek, Alan G. and Amy Y., 5006 N. 192nd Ave., $79,000.

Picarella, Ryan and Jina to Clements, Thomas and Haley, 18320 Honeysuckle Drive, $475,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Borwal, Sandeep Kumar and Pooja, 20417 Saratoga Circle, $409,975.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Vanhorn, Aaron D. and Kimberly J., 22707 Orchard Plaza Circle, $195,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Jensen, Thomas M. and Scherer, Mary H., 4520 S. 217th St., $497,879.

JKC Construction Inc. to Hansen, Dillon S. and Moehn, Chelsea L., 2542 N. 188th St., $252,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Koenig, Lawrence T. Jr. and Nancy I., 4618 N. 192nd Ave., $595,000.

Eric J. & Conda L. Allen Revocable Trust and Allen, Eric J., trustee, to Cowardin, Courtney J. Allen, 2009 S. 214th Ave., $600,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Smi Holdings LLC, 29119 Laurel Circle, $270,000.

Jempay Enterprises LLC to Vie, Tim, 222 S. Mayne St., $250,000.

Anthem Developers LLC to Johnson, Adrienne Sue, 307 E. Gardiner St., $120,000.

Flatwater Lake LLC to Red, Kenneth A. and Leslie K., 38626 Laurel Circle, $199,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Vinyl Groove LLC, 6411 N. 293rd Circle, $245,000.

Perlebach, George and Jenny to Zann, Anja and Geof, 29109 Laurel Circle, $255,000.

Flatwater Lake LLC to Art of A. Craftsman LLC, 28406 Laurel Circle, $199,000.


Bolter, Robert and Carla to Heng, Dustin Michael and Kremla, Stephanie N., 1024 Dodge St. 511, $335,000.

Shattuck, John S. and Connie R. to Kilker, Lisa, 312 S. 16th St. 102, $180,000.


Ahrens, Christopher James and Kristen Dawn to Beaugard, Priscilla, 1803 N. 48th Ave., $146,500.

Collera, Brian Anthony to Mummey, Mary A., 2024 N. 61st St., $195,000.

Dab Properties to Bds Properties LLC, 1724 N. 56th St., $138,000.

Manchester, Lucien C. to Project Houseworks, 6312 Park Lane Drive, $140,000.

Jewell Resources LLC to Wilson, Alonzo III, 6644 Decatur St., $107,000.

Curry, Jacqueline to Herrera, Claudia P., 4534 Nebraska Ave., $30,000.

Otto, Trevor J. and Kathryn C. to Dasa, Neftaly and Mitsy Alondra, 6203 Curtis Ave., $155,000.

Macelroy, Sydnie K. to Sakaris, Peter T., 6612 Seward St., $135,000.

Cornell, Daniel to Randall, Kayla Lynn and Cornell, Daniel J., 6901 Binney St., $54,450.

McLucas, Lorie and Willie to Calmo, Victor E. and Lorenzo, Santa Ramirez, 5327 N. 49th Ave., $160,000.

Price, Aaron J. and Sarah N. to Davis, Jennifer Lynn, 5625 Ohio St., $168,500.

Marchio, Peter L. and Heather to James, Cynthia Jackson, 4710 Parker St., $159,000.

Vaga Land Holdings 39 LLC to 11T Ne LLC, 4709 Burdette St., $75,000.

Bates, Earl E. III and Langdon, Elizabeth A. to Bakke, Brandon, 2919 N. 48th Ave., $89,000.

Parker, Morgan and Elijah to Naser, Jeremy and Heather, 5425 Ellison Ave., $215,000.

Hunsberger, Deborah A. to Douglas, Allan, 4923 Erskine St., $92,500.

Re Investments LLC to Stickler, Isaac and Ziegler, Ian, 2031 N. 65th St., $85,000.

Minnifield, Myron L. to Valentine, Veronica, 4826 Manderson St., $187,000.

Htoo, Blute Ghay to Paw, Lar June, 5381 N. 47th Ave., $185,000.

CRB Holdings LLC to Recast Development LLC, 4903 Bedford Ave., $75,000.

Potter, Tracy W. and Patricia J. to Villanueva, Laurencio and Roman-Salgado, Tomasa, 5017 N. 59th St., $180,000.

Chaney, William B. IV to Sukstorf, Dax M., 3925 N. 67th St., $155,000.


Kaiser Investment Properties LLC to Regal Property LLC, 2916 Poppleton Ave., $116,000.

Laux, Deborah Y. to Ellis, Freddie Jr., 2123 S. 38th Ave., $154,500.

Bader Construction LLC to Ramirez, Andrew Leo, 2921 Martha St., $137,000.

Small Job Handy Corp. to Butler, Octavia, 2621 S. 32nd Ave., $157,500.

Achutan, Chandran to Benak, Robert Jacob and Wiser, Devon Michael, 4212 Walnut St., $260,000.

Jaime, Rodolfo M. to Jaime, Miguel A., 2541 Rees St., $74,200.

2445 Deer Park LLC to CSF Holding Co. LLC, 2445 Deer Park Blvd., $725,000.

O&H Investments B. LLC to Salazar, Maria and Gamino, Israel, 3803 Valley St., $92,300.

Salazar, Maria and Gamino, Israel to Martinez, Santiago M. and Ana, 3803 Valley St., $105,000.


Cardona, Natasha J. and Rose, Judd P. to Pettid, Michael J. and Catherine M., 1002 S. 52nd St., $168,000.

Greene, Daniel R. and Riedmann, David M. to Flynn, Michael J., 5306 B St., $175,000.

Gillespie, Jeffrey S. and Danica R. to Reyes, Andrew, 2043 S. 55th Ave., $145,000.

Buildtor LLC to Perez, Nicholas C. and Judi M., 5805 Walnut St., $254,900.

Donohoe, Brian M. to Frantzich, Zebulon Wilder and Rouse, Penelope C., 5523 Marcy St., $255,000.

Colgan, Kevin J. and Mary K. to Colgan, Christina M. and Dicostanzo, Anthony, 5635 Briggs St., $93,000.

Perry, Mason B. and Mabry, Emma E. to Oppermann, Matthew C., 4848 Hickory St., $315,000.

Halverson, Kenneth T. and Halverson, Cheyanne, per rep, to True Properties LLC, 6116 Pierce St., $150,000.

Busboom, Alissa to Hee, Joshua and Vo, Christine, 5708 Marcy St., $290,000.

Henry, Gerald L. and Nguyen, Cuc to Balwanz, Melissa, 5607 Spring St., $210,000.


Gruttemeyer, Mary A. to Hallett, Luciano, 4147 W St., $150,000.

Rodstrom, Ann K. and Gary to Jacinto, Juvenal and Maria, 5113 S. 38th St., $175,000.

Galvan, David J. and Vazquez, Brenda E. Duran to Reyes, Ariel and Kimberly, 4936 S. 18th St., $126,500.

Patricia Ann Sutej Residence Trust and Atkins, Cynthia, trustee, to Alvarado, Adrian, 2742 Madison St., $158,000.

Katusin, George Jr. to Guerrero, Lorenzo Arana, 6050 S. 38th St., $155,000.

Tabor, Frank to Francisco, Juan and Maria, 5520 S. 36th St., $64,995.

Ramirez, Julie to Hurtado, Gregorio Cruz, 6214 S. 30th St., $90,500.

Towns Edge Car Wash Inc. to Greater Omaha Packing Co Inc., 3103 L St., $685,000.

Hermsen, James to Oyler, Samantha, 5018 S. 18th St., $95,000.


Hamilton, Bettina C. to Vb One LLC, 1702 B St., $142,000.

11T Ne LLC to Three T. Investments LLC, 1261 S. 16th St., $80,257.

Spotted Duck LLC to Gomez, Topiltzin Quauhtli Mariano Alarcon and Alarcon, Theresa Rae, 3005 S. 24th St., $131,000.

Sergio & Joyce R. Valadez Trust and Valadez, Sergio, trustee, to Cortes, Antonio, 2427 S. 20th St., $170,000.

Vitale, Silvio to Vitale, Jane, 1730 Ontario St., $43,900.

Northwest 3 LLC to Ms Investigations LLC, 2923 S. 15th St., $50,000.

Northwest2 LLC to Ms Investigations LLC, 1411 Bancroft St., $25,000.


Grisby, Terry and Joyce to Pelay, Marcos Valdivia and Cruz, Laura Hernandez De Lane, 3824 N. 22nd St., $37,300.

Bishop Enterprises Ltd to Pumbaa LLC, 2034 Maple St., $50,000.

Lincoln, Mark to Kerkar, Logan and Coviello, Lori, 5210 N. 9th St E., $75,000.

Grazziano Enterprises LLC and Dangelo, Michael to Hunt, Aliona T., 2609 N. 22nd St., $30,000.


Dorsey, Marla to Munoz, Felipe A., 4448 Franklin St., $175,000.

Shannon, Liliana E. Trust to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey Keith, 1506 Military Ave., $26,894.

Heartland Holdings A. LLC to Moran, Mauro and Mercedes, 4415 Spaulding St., $54,000.

White, Patricia A. to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 4325 Spaulding St., $42,000.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. to Robin Hood Investment Group LLC, 4312 Grant St., $32,760.

Deshazer, Clyde and Vernetta to Tucker, William, 4347 N. 38th St., $54,700.

Deshazer, Clyde and Vernetta to Marshall, Elizabeth, 4339 N. 38th St., $66,600.

Venzen, Maureen G. and Leroy A. to Goodwin, Ronette and Kasper, Michael, 3938 Crown Point Ave., $72,500.

Malone, John J. Sr. and Malone, Jeff W., per rep, to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 2558 Camden Ave., $40,000.

Mak Development LLC to Lacy, Harry and Lorie M., 1802 N. 28th St., $130,000.

Miller, Andrew and Alejandra Maria to Potter, David C., 2706 Crown Point Ave., $64,000.

Douglas County Treasurer to Erasmus Land Holdings LLC, 5711 N. 35th St., $84,000.

Homeward Rentals LLC to Csp National Properties LLC, 3340 Ames Ave., $75,000.

Sanchez, Nancy E. and Mazariegos, Nancy Elizabeth De to Sanchez, Federico Martin and Maria R., 4726 N. 40th Ave., $140,000.


Ivy Properties Inc. to McCrimon, Carlos, 4014 Bauman Ave., $185,000.

Cesh LLC to Lemus, Vilma, 2882 Bauman Ave., $156,000.

Best Price Homebuyers LLC to Bianco Homes LLC, 6540 N. 34th St., $130,000.

Shannon, Liliana Trust to Next Level Properties LLC, 7204 N. 36th Avenue Circle, $80,300.

Cordova, Lucas to Rausch, Colton, 3406 Forest Lawn Ave., $155,000.


Marylin M. Stewart Trust and Stewart, Edward S., trustee, to Sartin, Jeffrey S., 1823 N. 93rd Court, $213,500.

Rager Holdings Inc. to Reese, Alaric, 1012 N. 105th St., $200,000.

Putz, Ryan J. to Gonzalez, Peggy J., 10617 Parker St., $190,000.

Kutilek, Thomas and Annette to Zehnacker, Richard, 452 S. 85th St., $353,000.


Heisterkamp, Michelle D. to Jaimes, Karen Colin, 2920 N. 155th Ave., $240,000.

Fideler, Russell L. and Annette K. to Leise, Colleen, 4316 N. 162nd Ave., $330,000.

Baldwin, Amy and Alexander, Brad to Baniya, Sunil and Rayamajhi, Resu, 4413 N. 147th St., $239,900.

Horizon Land Corp. to Sibbernsen, Scott and Ann, 5825 N. 168th Ave., $40,000.

Bond, Molly S. to Grinstead, Kurt, 3310 N. 147th Court 2103, $174,000.

Carl, Pamela L. to Clark, Matthew and Susan, 17554 Grand Ave., $282,000.

Miller, Matthew L. and Chandra Dawn to Hennings, Kristine A. and Theo E. Jr., 2405 N. 154th St., $370,000.

Neal, Steven and Shenisa to Beckman, Eric, 5032 N. 161st St., $245,000.

Anderson, Kyle M. and Kathryn M. to Bonk, Cody and Michelle L., 2207 N. 170th St., $465,000.

Stanard, Andrew L. and Wanda J. to Stoysich, Nicholas, 16005 Ames Ave., $380,000.

Kevin D. & Linda R. Schmidt Liv Tru and Schmidt, Kevin D., trustee, to Rens, Louis Pascal and Rodrigo, Claudia Ximena Maria Munoz Najar, 15748 Burdette St., $540,000.

Whited, Walter and Rhonda to Legacy Capital Management Group LLC, 15314 Camden Ave., $220,000.

Putnam, Bo J. and Julie K. to Grisinger, Mark S. and Tracy L., 2303 N. 155th St., $326,500.

Stemm, Ronda S. and Jeffrey D. to Seibel, Allison and Solyntjes, Dane, 14937 Fowler Ave., $285,000.

Ramm, Richard W. and Colleen M. to Collazo, Taina and Rosario, Jose Rafael, 14720 Hartman Place, $354,000.

Edgermier, Michael A. and Stephanie A. to Anderson, Aj and Blair, 2408 N. 176th Ave., $450,000.

Vanepps, Roger and Danette to Legacy Capital Management Group LLC, 15130 Camden Ave., $220,000.

Ahl, Jeff and Abby to Rahmanzai, Alia, 15219 Butler Ave., $350,000.

Bieniasz, Patience and John to George, Tracy A., 6127 N. 148th St., $275,000.


Heartland Holdings LLC to Rodriguez, Salvador M. Maciel and Cortez, Belem Moreno, 4872 S. 53rd St., $145,000.

UDOT and Miller, Larry L., trustee, to Stevens, Jordan P. and Karen E., 5905 S. 50th St., $185,000.

Bouska, Daniel E. and Linda L. to Sinnot, Nicholas Charles and Jennifer Leigh, 4992 Drexel St., $250,000.

Rosman, Joan M. and Monahan, Laura J., per rep, to Kirlin, Ryan and Vanderbosch, Emily, 4503 S. 62nd St., $127,500.

Andino, Juan and Joana to Olague, Cindy and Gonzalez, Ampelio, 4817 Orchard Ave., $210,000.

Al-Yusfi, Ahmed H. and Alasadi, Mohammed, per rep, to Laura Lea LLC, 6066 H St., $130,000.


William & Julia Schenk Trust and Schenk, William W., trustee, to Cordova, Lucas and Gonzales, Christina, 15818 Douglas Circle, $295,000.

Natarajan, Nagendra and Eilenstine, Shalia A. to Cooley, Megan and Joel, 16315 Page St., $696,000.

Jacobsen, Sandra K. to 3Iron LLC, 17507 Parker Place, $227,500.

Marler, Victoria L. to Castillo, Justilynn, 17330 Decatur St., $357,000.

Harold W. Timm Jr. Living Trust and Timm, Harold W. Jr., trustee, to Fosdick, Jena A., 405 S. 162nd St., $405,000.

Hy-Vee Inc. to Pacific180 Holding LLC, 17925 Barker Court, $661,000.

Benes, Vernon E. and Michelle L. to Dudzinski, Colin and Kelsey, 17542 Jones St., $540,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ballew, Leandre, 8009 N. 85th St., $277,100.

Matheson, Michael and Emerald to Collins, Grant, 7821 Potter Place, $185,000.

Shreve, Scott A. L. and Lindsette to Tamang, Bir, 7510 N. 89th St., $270,000.

Mullen, Kyle C. to Piercy, Bruce Landon and Thuy Hoai, 7807 N. 85th St., $261,900.

Jay Stahlecker Real Estate LLC to Alferes, Fransisco Javier Jr. and Alferes-Estrada, Karina, 8814 N. 79th St., $228,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Morris, Chauez L. and Taylor L., 8408 Young St., $295,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Subba, Bishnu Maya and Leela, 8314 King St., $228,500.

Union Pacific Railroad Co. to Invest Omaha SC LLC, 8949 Sorensen Parkway, $604,352.

Ekenstam, Daniel S. and Chika to Watkins, Galya, 8461 Craig Ave., $245,000.

Special T. Masonry Inc. to Bernacchi, Derek, 8057 Newport Ave., $201,000.

Hasanbegovic, Esad and Edina to Reh, Hean and Meh, Sae, 6611 N. 78th Terrace, $215,000.


5109 Real Estate LLC to Holland, Kayci and Nathaniel, 1113 S. 97th St., $675,000.

Miloni, Ryan P. and Hailey L. to Johnson, Jason C. and Riggs, Amber L., 7915 Pasadena Ave., $185,000.

Zmcr LLC to Greenline Inc., 7903 Grover St., $217,000.

Sarah Holstein Revocable Trust and Holstein, Donald, trustee, to Vasko Brothers Properties LLC, 3069 S. 74th St., $188,000.

2945Co LLC to Saint Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction, 2945 S. 86th Circle, $195,000.


Doris L. O’Brien Trust and O’Brien, Doris L., trustee, to Rasgorshek, Benjamin and Katelynn, 6107 S. 94th Circle, $295,000.

Timothy Joseph and Linda Lee O’Connor Living Trust and O’Connor, Timothy Joseph, trustee, to Fraterelli, Colin and Kerrie, 5905 S. 102nd St., $251,000.


Boscardin, Archie J. to Jordan, Andrew, 17043 Walnut Circle, $250,000.

Garage At 204 LLC to Vogel, Blair D. and Suzanne E., 20121 Oak St. A06, $125,786.

Garage At 204 LLC to Hansen, Richard B. and Kristina D., 20121 Oak St. A02, $130,797.

Vollmuth, Jill C. to Elliott, Randy E. and Debra A., 3909 S. 189th St., $295,000.

Heidenreich, James and Ann to Gillick, Anthony G. Jr. and Ashley Brooke, 2206 S. 190th Circle, $1,475,000.

Lopez, Kellie McNulty and James to Olson, Justine Marie and Diederich, Cynthia M., 2518 S. 166th St., $290,000.

Hawkins, Ronald L. and Mary Lynn to Nygaard, Matthew S. and Stephanie M., 19608 Briggs St., $380,750.

Lumm, Jeffrey M. to Meyer, Kelsey and Ryan, 16215 Wright Circle, $320,000.

Harbison, John M. and Ashley M. to Ward, Adam and Kristi, 19269 Williams St., $585,000.

Bird, Elaine H. to Clinch, Abraham J. and Macey Jo, 17119 Pierce St., $330,000.

Waggoner, Erin and Blake to Zimmerman, Zachary J. and Alexandra M., 2018 S. 163rd Circle, $230,000.

Smith, Aaron L. to Spencer, Alvin, 1854 S. 165th St., $295,000.

Teut, Joshua John to Fontes, Martha Celina, 1235 S. 167th St., $256,000.

Winterhof, Stephen and Janis to Harbison, John and Ashley, 18802 Vinton St., $889,000.

Ebel, Michael and Fran to Hitz, Robin A., 16117 Shirley St., $190,000.


Pace, John Walker to Wolf, Veronica, 130 N. 35th St., $200,000.

Bridge, F. Barry and Sylvia D. to Siedlik, Robert and Doelling, James, 105 N. 31st Ave., 707, $114,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Glasser, Michael Wayne, 120 S. 31st Ave., 5208, $327,900.

Hesiquio, Nestor and Gonzalez, Nestor Hesiquio to Rangel, Francisco, 620 N. 40th St., $45,050.

Alferes, Fransisco J. Jr. and Karina to Gahan, Glen C. and Melanie, 4155 Cass St., $175,500.

Bohn, Eric C. and Rie to Dawn R. Griffith Living Trust and Griffith, Dawn R., trustee, 4418 California St., $152,900.

Ingram, Deneise to Ingram, Elton and Charisa, 3124 Lafayette Ave., $75,000.

Mott Properties LLC to Egad LLC, 4321 Charles St., $124,000.


Katzer, Eugene to Jackson, April L., 1411 N. Saddle Creek Road, $150,000.

Estabrooks, Paul A. and Hill, Jennie L. to Michaud, Jason E. and Ducie, Jennifer A., 5122 Burt St., $1,000,000.

Wilson, Marques and Jennifer to Pearson, Stacy, 7067 Western Ave., $215,000.


Adair 0580 to Adair Holdings LLC, 8505 Wirt St., $275,900.

Seward, Anthony and Mirfield, Teanna to Martz, Corbin J., 3638 N. 104th Ave., $165,000.

Nelson, Bailey M. and Steven M. to Fitzgerald, Katherine K., 10012 Bedford Ave., $175,900.

Brooks, Jacob and Michaela to Muhle, Lindsay and Johannes, Michael, 9156 Ogden St., $252,000.

Asher, Maryne K. to Sabarro Co. LLC, 5715 N. 82nd St., $175,000.

Kubik, Marvin Lee Jr. to Weidner, Theresa, 4617 N. 94th St., $180,000.

Fitzgerald, L. Lorraine to Price, Aaron J. and Sarah N., 5410 N. 97th St., $232,500.

Marolyn K. Swanson Trust of 2018 and Swanson, Marolyn K., trustee, to Chandler, John and Sarah, 9718 Jaynes St., $250,000.

Givens, Jennifer L. to Lewis, Morgan Danyale and Robert Andrew, 9618 Taylor St., $219,500.

Weeks, William to Jensen, Martin Jr. and Parys, Amber, 7533 Erskine St., $135,000.

Erdei, Richard A. to Erdei, Elizabeth, 4635 N. 78th Ave., $220,000.

Schrad, Janina Rowe and Rowe, Janina to Therrien, David E. and Heidi J., 2620 Benson Gardens Blvd., $73,500.

Schrad, Wilfred to Therrien, David E. and Heidi J., 2620 Benson Gardens Blvd., $73,500.

Centering Corp. to Purple Palm LLC, 7230 Maple St., $450,000.


Conlin, Anthony J. and Alicia C. to Gorantla, Balakrishna, 19358 X St., $220,000.

Bodnar, Davyd and Lebedeva, Olga to Butler, Tanner and Elizabeth, 18178 Southdale Place, $170,000.

Parker, Cory L. and Nicole R. to Cochlin, John and Jennifer, 17063 Drexel St., $370,000.

Snedaker, Kyle R. and Donna L. to Martin, Diane, 6518 S. 172nd Ave., $460,000.

Cortese, Nicholas and Crystal to Kawano, Emily, 19617 W St., $220,000.

Delaporte, Dijon P. and Neary-Delaporte, Rebekah L. to Nguyen, Quang and Luong, Han Ngoc, 19408 Oakwood St., $240,000.

Sherman, Mark Ian and Batt, Ellen to Hahne, Connor Mitchell and Klausner, Kathryn Leigh, 16010 Rolling Ridge Road, $310,650.

O’Neill, Mary Beth and Shelley, Palmer to Fonda, Chaz Daniel and Jeffrey John, 19968 Monroe St., $450,000.

Bsr-Fw LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 20001 Madison St., $61,400.


Tibbs, Kurt E. and Christine A. to Vachal, Steven, 14628 R St., $335,500.

Kuhl, Brenda to Beebout, Erin N., 6640 S. 152nd St., $159,500.

Bennett, Samuel to Barna, Jack M. and Whittemore, Deanna, 5063 S. 129th St., $228,000.

Farrell, Thomas C. IV and Elizabeth to Bywater, Brandon and Throne, Taylor, 14903 G St., $340,500.

Martens, Beth to Dobbs, Michelle, 6013 Oak Hills Drive, $279,000.

Hueber, Stephen Michael and Lauren Ruth to Nicklous, Brian and Jorgensen, Cheryl, 15267 W St., $245,000.

Porter, Joseph and Janette to Devon Bank, 14803 H St., $302,500.

Devon Bank to Samad, Mohammed Abdul and Bano, Taranum, 14803 H St., $302,500.

Kloster, Thaddeus to Macasovic, Tamara, 5617 S. 139th St., $206,000.

Kems, J. Lloyd and Carol Ann to Kems, Jeremy C. and Nicole L., 12724 Weir St., $230,000.


Franco, Joseph V. Jr. and Rosemary A. to Mullen, Kyle C., 11421 Iowa Circle, $387,000.

Herzog, Jeffrey T. and Kimberly I. to Franco, Joseph V. Jr. and Rosemary A., 8220 N. 123rd St., $545,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Ouren, William H. and Georgia L., 12281 King St., $571,235.


Richard, Kenneth W. and Julie to Richard, Kylie, 3422 S. 122nd St., $124,000.

Patricia L. Rodenburg Trust and Rodenburg, Patricia L., trustee, to Kader, Llamil, 1615 S. 136th St., $305,000.

Todalen, Christina and Dan to Nohr, Noah E. and Jesi A., 3145 S. 128th Circle, $220,000.

Kelly, Kristine A. to Krasne, Seth, 1863 S. 124th St., $215,000.

Willms, Jeffery W. to Chrisman, Douglas and Leah, 1864 S. 110th St., $515,000.

Peggy A. McFarlin Revocable Trust and McFarlin, Peggy A., trustee, to Neely, Jacob, 3716 S. 114th St., $230,000.

Guinan, Thomas A. and Carol F. to Prewitt, Paul J., 11448 Castelar Circle, $260,000.

Scalise, Amber R. and Paul A. to Stickler, David R. and Diane M., 14245 William Circle, $295,000.


Amador, Miguel Edson and Marissa N. to Young, Michelle L., 5470 King St., $250,000.

Kings Heritage Estates I. LLC to Morris, Brianna, 5325 Bauman Ave., $75,000.


Oliver, Patricia L. Trust to Lorenz, Robert, 1014 Palamino Road, $265,000.

Sassen, Mike and Yeager, Kim to Eveland, Alysa, 816 N. 122nd Court, $136,000.

Afele, John E. and Lindsey to Dabestani, Saiid and Kathy, 1737 N. 123rd St., $210,000.

Carmody, Brian J. and Cynthia A. to Steinmetz, William K. and Kristie L., 641 S. 150th St., $295,000.

Henderson, Benjamin A. and Brooke R. to Sharp, Spencer E. and McKenzie N., 15327 Parker Circle, $355,000.

Cole, Chad S. and Shonda to Hardy, Brendan and Sims, Rachael, 15005 Westchester Circle, $240,000.

Brittan, Jeffrey C. and Constance P. to Stockdale, Michael and Lindsey, 10918 Marcy Place, $280,000.

Rajappan, Manoj and Pillai, Lakshmi R. to Kasperbauer, Jaclyn and Klayton, 15444 Douglas Circle, $260,000.

McNeil Co. to Donald C. Scott Revocable Trust and Scott, Donald C., trustee, 14301 Cuming St., $289,000.

McNeil Co. Inc. to Lance & Elizabeth Destwolinski Family Trust and Destwolinski, Lance, trustee, 829 N. 143rd Place, $259,000.


Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M. to Sreeb Properties LLC, 13112 Burdette Circle, $180,000.

Cich, Steven A. to Vaughan, Bonnie L., 12056 Ohio Circle, $104,750.

Lecher, Brandon Michael to Halonen, Chad P. and Thompson, Diamond K., 2619 N. 123rd Circle, $230,000.

Rasgorshek, Benjamin and Katelynn to Richardson, James and Christina, 5267 N. 110th Avenue Circle, $246,000.

Gatewood, Kelsey and Koch, Kelsey to Avila, Zenia, 4630 N. 126th St., $227,500.

Galaska, Jason to Brown, Bret and Saltzman, Mikayla, 2611 N. 123rd Circle, $222,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Meier, Steve and Katie, 12963 Eagle Run Drive, $485,000.

Dunning, Patricia M. to Dendinger, Hope, 11511 Rambleridge Road, $222,750.

Sethe, Tobias and Emma to Komak, Naqibullah and Atifa, 5125 N. 128th St., $228,500.

Anthony Jane Holdings LLC to Martinez-Hernandez, Oscar Filiberto, 2519 N. 131st Circle, $225,000.

McDermott, Melissa Ann and Conroy, Melissa Ann to Thomas, Lester and Nancy, 11261 Martin Ave., $245,000.

Yaffe, Rita Y. and Robert J. to Gaebler, Stewart A. and Lippincott, Carol D., 13473 Meredith Ave., $350,000.

Sarpy County


Huntley, Chad M. and Natalie K. to Cork, Danielle and Nyla, 1907th Avery Road, $162,000.

Alves, Michael A. and Birgit to Centamore, Amber N. and Raymond J., 1910 Wayne St., $184,000.

Gralewski, Stephen E. to Rodriguez, Benjamin and Irma, 3206 Calhoun St., $174,000.

Belt, Tanner J. and Makenzie R. to Janucik, Glen, 2609 Van Buren St., $155,000.

Pecka, Brandon to Torres, Manuel De Jesus, 124 Cedar Circle, $217,000.

Shoffner, Garnett Walter, trustee, and Garnett W. Shoffner Family Revocable Trust to Campbell, Gerardo Orlando, 606 Laurel Drive, $330,000.

Wickersham, Cameron M. and Julie N. to Raab, Joe and Courtney, 119 Bellevue Blvd. S, $270,000.

Linton, Robert B. and Dawn C. to Rachwitz, Erich, 2108 Randall Drive, $200,000.

Trost, Daniel D. and Tasha S. and Trost, David L. and Wray Lynn to McCusker, Dillon and Kymberlee, 2105 Randall Drive, $209,000.

Baldwin, William and Susan to Beard Bros. Building Co. LLC, 1110 Bluff St., $130,000.

Veley, Bradley Ronald Clayton to Hernandez, Raquel, 2103 Dagmar Ave., $185,000.

Amsden, Bryan and Kerie to Hartman, Ruby Lynn, 1309 Hancock St., $161,000.

Eickholt, Steven and Allison to Correa, Francia Elena and Lopez, Juan Camilo Vargas, 706 Lila Ave., $180,000.


Big Dogs Properties LLC to Ortlieb Properties LLC, 11922 Standing Stone Drive, $2,050,000.

Summey, Terri L., successor trustee, and Dunkle, Vicki L., successor trustee, and Bowes, Tammy S., successor trustee, Martin A. Pedersen Revocable Trust to BNB Development LLC, 13632 S. 220th St., $1,650,000.

192&370 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., multiple addresses, $395,000.

Lawless, John B. and Kaitlyn M. to Gammel, Joseph and Katie, 20116 Maple St., $442,000.

Fort, Ronald G. to Ellenwood, Gavin Michael, 11321 S. 212th St., $247,000.

Jensen, Megan to Kyler, Shelbi and May, Thomas, 20914 Oak St., $311,000.

Marie Schroeder Real Estate P.C. to Weinrich, Stacey A. and Richard S., 19769 Bellbrook Blvd., $352,000.

Standish, Gregory L. and Theresa J. to Gerardo, Adam and Shirey, 12002 S. 212th St., $375,000.

Long, Jana M. and Greg to Hicks, Jeren and Ashley, 8010 S. 192nd Ave., $405,000.

Hinze, Jason and Courtney to Thomlison, Levi and Kaysee, 19837 Hazelnut Drive, $362,000.

Shapland, Caycee and Taylor to Snowdon, Ashley and Ryan and Rohrig, Bradley E. and Suzan, 7823 S. 194th Ave., $440,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Lucas C. and Rachel M., 12111 S. 209th St., $376,000.


Jensen, Axel C. II to Brown, Coleen C., 511 W. Centennial Road, $320,000.

Bartels, Gregory B. and Kathleen S. to Valder, Rohan and Pais, Preema, 1012 Woodview Drive, $210,000.

Griffin Enterprises PC to Griffin Homes Inc., 12711 S. 73rd St., $39,000.

Plack, Adam R. and Christie A. to Fischbach, James J. and Linda, 1002 Sterling Drive, $285,000.

Bor, Timea to Strode, Roger and Andrea, 1116 Laport Drive, $245,000.

Albert, Allan Ray, trustee, and Albert, Deborah Marie, trustee, Allan Ray & Deborah Marie Albert Family Trust to Clemenger, Timothy and Corina, 1006 Sherwood Lane, $335,000.

Johnston, Carol A. to Derickson, Levi and Britney, 302 S. Polk St., $240,000.

Monson, Sherri L. and Brett A. to Garland, Stefan D. and Pamela Jean, 1011 Michael Drive, $340,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Chikwaya, Charlotte and Steve, 9808 Pintail Drive, $392,000.

Sutherland, Todd M. and Hunter, Susan M. to Sherman, Gregory D. and Meredith L., 12435 S. 79th Ave., $409,000.

Barnby, Eric L. and Marya M. to Stucklen, Christopher, 1710 Diane St., $325,000.

Interior Expressions LLC to Kleffman, William Robert Jr. and Stacey Lynn, 605 Shannon Road, $245,000.

Rucker, Jacob N. and Rucker, Randall and Michelle to Kind, Aaron Mathew and Jessica Brianne, 603 Windsor Drive, $390,000.

Jensen, Steven R. to Thompson, Kyle N. and Guerrero, Aprielle Q. Deleon, 7908 Molokai Drive, $140,000.

Lenz, Michael J. and Kelly J. to Bowers, Adam and Brittany, 1902 Lakewood Drive, $405,000.

Horan, Leland Joseph and Jaimie L. to Eaton, Gregory and Kiley, 1101 Parc Drive, $240,000.

BHI Development Inc. to Wilsey, Chris M. and Mindi L., 11408 S. 124th St., $89,000.

Cyza, Rebecca to Coleman, Michael G. and Grace E., 1216 Limerick Road, $366,000.

Excel Investments LLC to Greenhagen Holdings LLC, 1226 N. Washington St., $1,200,000.

Taggart, James J. and Joanne B. to Contreras, Francisco and Allyson, 2308 S. Mineral Drive, $309,000.

Orchard Valley Inc. to Willhoite, Donald Roy and Adriana Cardenas, 912 Gayle St., $280,000.

North, Lee and Amanda to Tiger, Elton and Jaclyn, 11307 Cimarron St., $354,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Glassman, Sean, 11238 Cove Hollow Drive, $330,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kelly, Sean R. and Haden M., 11171 Horizon Circle, $378,000.


Springfield Pines LLC to Urban Spark Construction LLC, multiple addresses, $183,000.


Diaz, Marcos and Marmolejo, Lilian to Reed, Joshua, 10712 Lewis and Clark Road, $300,000.

Ossenkop Investments LLC to Diaz, Vazquez Gerardo and Maria, 13606 S. 44th St., $439,000.

Boyer, David K. to Smith, Kyndra Sue and Brett Michael, 13514 S. 32nd St., $240,000.

Rascon, Austin and Amber to Wright, Jamie Mishael and Lamb, Jennifer Dawn Bruno, 1919 Morrie Drive, $220,000.

Scott, Cody and Gi to Gagnon, Brian and Kali, 3503 Lookingglass Drive, $220,000.

Roberts, Glenn C. W. and Sara A. to Bartlett, Christopher Ryan and Principi, Diana Marie, 13612 Leona Lane, $328,000.

Jazwierski, Konrad M. and Aubrey Lynn to Hurley, William Eugene and Sarah Rochelle, 3401 Blackhawk Drive, $255,000.

Gottschalk, Donald W. to Crawford Seamless Gutter Inc., 3714 Fort Crook Road S, $100,000.

Ungerman, Benjamin R. and Katina to Schwery, Joe and Laura, 14421 S. 25th Ave., $225,000.

Hilgren, Katherine P. to Parrish, Ronald and Stephanie, 10403 S. 26th St., $208,000.

O’Connell, Joseph E. and Jane to Barrett, Tim and Jody, 17109 Lakewood Drive, $200,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Speer, Christopher and Naomi, 2021 Raven Ridge Drive, $367,000.

McCormick, Joshua D. and Amber E. to Santos, Amara Mayo and Carlos Mayo, 3401 Tasha Circle, $270,000.

Parkin, David E. and Patricia A. to Singh, M. Gordon Sana and Singh, M. Nancy Joan and Moirangthem Sanatomba, 3429 Bline Ave., $245,000.


Walsh, Christopher J. to Nocita, Steven and Sharon, 7711 Greenleaf Drive, $230,000.

Fatte, Kelly C. to Lange Brothers LLC, 8637 S. 98th St., $225,000.

Speece, Preston R. and Kendra K. to Plack, Christie A. and Adam R., 8541 S. 99th Circle, $390,000.

Theresa Corp. to Stichler Properties IV LLC, 8202 S. 97th Plz, $4,000,000.

Gonzalez, Sergio and Hilda to Stickney, Sunni, 7604 Teal St., $197,000.


Manning, Gerald M. and Laura J. to Kuszak, Kory M. and Michaela L., 7004 Capehart Road, $325,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Moyer, Derek Andrew and Jaclyn Elizabeth, 13805 S. 51st St., $405,000.

Diaz, Maria M. and Vazquez, Gerardo Diaz to Lutz, Matthew B., 13809 Springview Drive, $260,000.

Lundquist, Kyle and Wendy to Oates, Nicholas and Brittany, 11920 S. 51st St., $365,000.

Busbice, Joseph E. to Howard, Ronald L. III and Karly J., 310 Allison Ave., $390,000.

D.R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Vu, Lyndsey, 12909 S. 45th Ave., $365,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Estes, Lisa, 13011 S. 50th St., $301,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Eischeid, Carol, 18460 Chutney Drive, $311,000.

Cheng, Haining and Fan, Jun to Hartley, Alan, trustee, and Hartley, Candace A., trustee, Alan L. & Candace A. Hartley Rev Liv Trus, 7107 S. 167th Circle, $443,000.

Charvat, Nicholas S. and Nicole B. to Longe, Trevor W. and Williamson, Michelle S., 8111 S. 167th St., $363,000.

Tiedeman, William R. and Michelle L. to Auto Owners Insurance Co., 9614 S. 175th Circle, $360,000.

Miller, George and Kristi to Luo, Yawen, 17852 Josephine St., $230,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Baustian, Christopher and Susan, 10106 S. 186th Ave., $444,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lin, Xin Yu and Zhang, Qinzhao, 9409 S. 179th St., $284,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Selde, Joseph Henry and Jessica Frances, 17617 Palisades Drive, $371,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bodzek, Mark and Stephanie, 17506 Palisades Drive, $390,000.

Songster, Timothy D. to Valentino, Michael V. and Cynthia M., 8116 S. 190th St., $315,000.

Young, Matthew M. to Ogans, Terri Leigh, 9102 S. 173rd St., $340,000.

Snowdon, Ryan and Ashley to Mayo, Kendrick and Tia, 7804 S. 168th Ave., $325,000.


Richling, Jessica to Coppertree LLC, 15135 Greene Ave., $215,000.

MacKey Elevator Inc. to Gonzalez, Oscar Joel Colmenares and Colmenares, Araseli, 14610 Chandler Road, $350,000.

O&H Properties Inc. to Kintax Consulting Svcs LLC, 13906 Frederick Ave., $195,000.

Beckman, Brent Dale and Lori Louise to Shada, Angela, 9020 David Circle, $140,000.

Blair, Martin E. and Ashton L. to BJK Realty LLC, 8612 S. 143rd St., $200,000.

Black, Joshua D. and Michelle M. to Ruth, Brandon and Claire, 13520 Glenn St., $250,000.

Griffith, Joan M. to Laflash, Kristie L., 15509 Borman St., $284,000.

Coyne, Christopher and Sarah to Maverick Empires LLC, 13008 Margo St., $173,000.

Rossel Properties 3 LLC to Beiting, Daniel E. and Sandra K., 7514 S. 136th St., $251,000.

Stohlmann, Timothy L. and Carla K. to Stohlmann, Gerald T. and Buffinton, Lizbeth M., 11309 Westmont Drive, $220,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Guenther, Leah and Adam, 13502 Grissom St., $210,000.

HBI LLC to Dewald, Dustin and Alyssa, 14009 Lillian Circle, $299,000.

Castellano, Icel to Ocana, Jorge Munoz and Velazquez, Lucy Milagros Morales, 14504 Borman St., $187,000.

Young, Paige A. to Cambrooks Properties LLC, 14621 Josephine St., $150,000.

Jamison, Christopher R. to Johnson, Christian D. and Johnson, Gerald L. Jr. and Nancy, 15319 Rock Creek Drive, $195,000.

Murphy, James F. Jr. and Toni M. to Heard, Makayla D., 15215 Chalco Pointe Drive, $200,000.


Alvarado, George and Chyrlyn K. to Torres, Adam, 2512 Tulip Lane, $360,000.

Oseka, Roger A., per rep, and Russell A. Oseka Estate to Bolter, James J. III and Jennifer L., 901 Virginia St., $368,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy Company Inc. to Smith, Carrie Lynn, 7651 S. 42nd St., $200,000.

Broekemier, Michelle, successor trustee, and Kenneth M. Sirnes Trust to SM Estate LLC, 2613 Gindy Drive, $182,000.

Soucy, Adam and Kelly Ann to Fleshman, Matthew and Cotten, Lataleja, 1504 Georgia Ave., $260,000.

Morrissey, Daniel J. and Valerie to Drees, Cody N. and Tuck, Sarah Lauren, 2522 Rose Lane Road, $245,000.

Carnahan, Travis and Armbruster, Sydney to Davis, Robert and Jewell, 3215 Pleasant Drive, $240,000.

Fox, Chelsea Devin and Wohlers, Ashley Linnea to Munoz, Jesus and Ana Maria, 443 Harrison St., $120,000.

Crockett, Lesa Marketa to Cabrera, Yoshie Itami and Rodriguez, Thomas J. Robles, 2521 Childs Road West, $205,000.

Baldwin, William and Susan to Beard Bros. Building Co. LLC, 2701 Josephine St., $103,000.

Albert, David J., trustee, and David J. & Karen K. Albert Living Trust to Hoich, Catherine Ann, 2618 Tulip Lane, $345,000.

Lawson, David E., trustee, and David E. Lawson Revocable Trust to Potter, Jedidiah J. and Polinski, Jane E., 2819 Josephine St., $100,000.


Lutz, Kyoko to Flores, Jose Luis and Castro, Jennifer Flores, 5201 Red Rock Circle, $187,000.

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