BPS Foundation names grant winners

Nearly $24,000 in classroom grants is given by Bellevue Public Schools Foundation. Recipient teachers were awarded on Feb. 1. From left to right, back row are: Jill Comcowich, Stephen Johnston, Arlen Quinn, Kathy Harms, Chas Bush, Tony Fischer, Darin Toelle and Garrett Sims. Third row: Tim Kruger, Amy Tasich, Sheri Brown, LaShanna Bernstein, Gladys Jones, Megan Steil, Laura Lambert, Laura Swanson, Molly Koehler and Foundation Executive Director Ingra Winkler Anderson. Second row: Patty Laughlin, Kelly Benne, Katie Wasser, Danielle Gostanzik, Cynthia Watts, Tanishia Butler, Melissa Sindelar, Dawn Mathis. Front row: Julie Valentine, Mary Walters, Donna Barrett. Grant recipients not pictured: Kyle Blazek, Julie Cadwallader, Alysha Collins, Diane Crouch, Dawn Ediger, Jeanne Eskra, Jeff Jangula, Sarah Juarez, Megan Kinen, Danielle Matras, Chad Mustard, Christina Reicks, Kerri Rothanzl, Amanda Waller and Jeremy Weber.

The Bellevue Public Schools Foundation has awarded nearly $24,000 in classroom grants, involving 43 teachers collaborating in 24 grant proposals of differing amounts. A reception honoring the recipients took place Feb. 1 at the BPS Welcome Center.

“We are delighted to be able to support Bellevue Public Schools educators in this way and look forward to increasing our fundraising efforts and distributing even more funds in the future,” said Ingra Winkler Anderson, the foundation’s first-ever executive director who was hired last month.

The next grant cycle is planned for early fall, Anderson said, and encouraged grade level and other teaching teams to collaborate on their submittals.

“Donors love collaborations and so do we,” Anderson said.

She also praised the efforts of grant committee chair/Foundation board member Susan Hester and her team for their many hours spent reviewing and selecting the final recipients.

Presented grants were Donna Barrett, Kelly Benne, LaShanna Bernstein, Kyle Blazek, Sheri Brown, Chas Bush, Tanishia Butler, Julie Cadwallader, Alysha Collins, Jill Comcowich, Diane Crouch, Dawn Ediger, Jeanne Eskra, Tony Fischer, Danielle Gostanzik, Kathy Harms, Jeff Jangula, Stephen Johnston, Gladys Jones, Sarah Juarez, Megan Kinen, Molly Koehler, Timothy Kruger, Laura Lambert, Patty Laughlin, Dawn Mathis, Danielle Matras, Chad Mustard, Arlen Quinn, Christina Reicks, Kerri Rothanzi, Garrett Sims, Melissa Sindelar, Megan Steil, Laura Swanson, Amy Tasich, Darin Toelle, Julie Valentine, Amanda Waller, Mary Walters, Katie Wasser, Cynthia Watts and Jeremy Weber.

The BPS Foundation partners with the community to provide financial support otherwise not available to help enhance educational opportunities for the students and staff of the district.

The Foundation is not a governmental body and does not receive tax funds. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, the foundation relies on tax exempt contributions to expand what is possible for Bellevue Public Schools students, staff, district and the community.

Learn more at bellevuepublicschoolsfoundation.org.

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