The election schedule is filling up quickly, and by Tuesday, it will be complete. That is the deadline for challengers to file. The incumbent filing deadline passed Feb. 16.

We note that all incumbent officeholders in Papillion, La Vista and Springfield have filed for re-election either to the County Board or the various city councils.

There are 13 of them, and only five so far have challengers. The deficit is particularly large in La Vista where, as of Monday, only Mayor Doug Kindig has a challenger. All four La Vista councilmembers up for election face no challenger. Two in Papillion and two in Springfield also are unchallenged.

There is still time for the people to be given a choice, but however the final field shakes out, rest assured that we will prove, as always, by far the best source for local election news.

We will interview all the candidates for all the significant offices likely to affect your life most directly. And make no mistake about it, these are the people who most directly affect your life.

If there is a certain abstraction as to whether some presidential candidate did or did not lie about this or that matter, there is nothing abstract about the state of the parks, the convenience of our roads or the availability of retail, residential and commercial services.

These are the matters that make people either grind their teeth in frustration during the morning commute or whistle with contentment as they breeze through well-designed intersections and freeways on the way home.

We will ask the questions, address the issues and let you know what the candidates believe are the priorities facing us. Some of these will be controversial. Others will be easy. Whether challenging or not, we will make sure the issues are addressed.

We’re not going to bog down or much trouble ourselves with personal invective, should it arise. Through March and April we will allow the candidates to speak to you freely of the difficulties we face and the opportunities that stand before us.

To be frank, it’s a lot of work.

It’s a lot of interviewing, a lot of fact checking.

But it’s what we do. It’s what we have done for decades and will do again this year.

We say confidently that nowhere else will you find such comprehensive local coverage, both in the primary elections and, as the number of candidates narrows, leading up to the Nov. 8 general election.

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