Have you ever overheard a conversation?

Of course you have.

Who hasn’t?

Have you ever overhead just a snippet of said conversation and, out of context, it’s hysterical? You just hear one end of the conversation — maybe even just one sentence— and it hits you just right.

Something sparked an old memory in me today that made me literally laugh out loud to myself in the car.

I was at an amusement park with many of my cousins. I was probably around 12 or 13.

I am not adventurous at amusement parks. I hate roller coasters. So, while all my cousins went onto the huge, steep, terrifying roller coaster, I decided to sit it out. No one was surprised. I said I would wait at the exit.

This was one of those roller coasters that took a photo of you as you’re going down the steep drop. Everyone’s screaming, arms in the air and hair flying wildly.

I said I would wait in the kiosk where people could look at their photos.

Anyway, there I am, sitting like a big loser, waiting for all my family. People are coming through the kiosk to search for their photo, laugh at it, and, if it’s good, pay an inflated price for it in a commemorative frame.

A family made up of a mom, dad and son who was about my age walked through. They searched for their photo and the son starts laughing hysterically. I’m not trying to pay attention but they’re literally right next to me.

“Look at you,” the dad said to the mom, “You look like you’re about to take a —“ we can’t print the word he used. It’s not G rated. But I’m sure you can all use deductive reasoning to figure it out.

Needless to say, I had to stifle laughter until they left (they didn’t purchase the photo). But the second they left, I rushed over to see the picture. Sure enough, the dad was spot on.

That memory tripped other overhead conversations I’ve heard. Many of them, I noticed, were at concerts. Below are some of the highlights that I can remember:

A young high school couple is intertwined while enjoying the Lorde concert a couple summers ago. Boy leans into girl and whispers (yells actually, since we are at a concert) sweet nothings.

“I like…don’t even know how to spell your last name.”

Young love. Nothing like it.

At a different concert, an obnoxious group of drunk girls decides to have a heart-to-heart in the middle of everything.

“I so…had my guard up…I didn’t know…if I could let my guard down…” one girl said.

“…Yeah,” the other friend helpfully replies.

And scene.

Sometimes, you just need the smallest snippets of a conversation. It not only sums up the entire thing without having to hear it all, but usually draws a bigger laugh.

Just remember, next time you’re having weird conversations in public, someone may be listening.

And that someone may be a reporter. And that reporter may need material for a column that she writes.

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