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Nebraska Nitrogen, a subsidiary of Rocky Mountain Resources, is the new owner of the Fortigen Geneva plant in Geneva, which makes nitrogen-based fertilizer.

TikTok creator @juniperpointdesignco used wood boards, rope, wooden rings, and wood stain to create these hanging plant shelves for under $5. If you’re already making the boho tray, this project is perfect for using up any extra rope or shower rings.

TikTok creator @oli_bea has a huge collection of plants that line bright windows, but the bathroom doesn’t get the same kind of light. But plants in the bathroom aren’t off the table. If you have a bathroom without a lot of natural light, try a pothos. They thrive in the humidity.

Next time you think about throwing out your carrot tops, try this tip from @sciencebyashley and place them in some water instead. The carrots will eventually grow edible tops that look pretty and taste like a cross between carrots and parsley.

The first thing you need to know are the plants to avoid. TikTok user @purripaw put together a quick list of plants that are toxic to cats—and some common flowers like daffodils and lilies are off the table.

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