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TikTok creator @ourcomfycozycorner often shows off her impeccable taste in home décor, but it’s nice to know she’s just like the rest of us—and needs to do a quick spruce when unexpected guests show up. Her advice? Focus on the areas that are most noticeable by cleaning the toilet, spot sweeping, and loading the dishwasher.

Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies were a huge 90s childhood favorite, but the store-bought brownies just don’t taste as great as an adult. TikTok creator @soflofoodie set out to recreate a better fudgy version of the brownie.

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This is a funny entry from Trader Joe's, a.k.a. the place we go to for frozen food and tiny cups of free coffee. This marinara wins a couple of points because of value — a jar, while small (18 oz., instead of the typical 24 or 25), costs only $1.39. And the taste is not bad, if a little herb-heavy. What's interesting is that while many jarred marinaras commit the sin of being too sweet, this one is nearly too salty.

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Victoria ticks off the biggest and most important checkbox when judging marinara: Does it taste more or less how a simple homemade sauce tastes? This does, and then some. Victoria tastes of tomatoes and olive oil; it's not too sweet and has a fantastic texture — superior to that of Rao's, which I'd say is ever so slightly too thick.

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Pre-made chocolate covered strawberries can be expensive, and they rarely taste as fresh as homemade. These chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries from TikTok creator @tanya_sagar are the perfect Mother’s Day treat.

Dear Heloise: An article I read recently stated we should daily eat eight portions of a combination of fruits and vegetables. However, it did …

Making your own baby food is easy and worthwhile. It saves money, tastes better and you know exactly what you are feeding your little one.

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