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Venture Contracting Inc. to Lasure, Brent R. and Kellee L., 16916 Bondesson St., $446,500.

Hildy Homes to Matson, John V. and Whitney A., 8913 N. 171st St., $400,000.

Upland Homes LLC to Skelly, Brian and Natalie, 9106 N. 169th St., $365,000.

Freudenburg, Chad and Dania L. to Gallo, Tyler L. and Bailey F., 8520 N. 173rd St., $345,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Cooper, Chad R. and Carmel-Cooper, Bianca, 8025 N. 172nd St., $324,478.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Salisbury, Ryan R. and Allison M., 8613 N. 171st St., $315,452.

Jones, Andrew P. and Ezinne N. to Kaska, Jason and Kylee, 11927 Ashwood Drive, $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jansen, Richard D. and Leslie A., 8811 N. 161st St., $289,521.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Peterson, Brandon I. and Karlee S., 8920 N. 161st St., $288,262.

Fuller, Brian J. and Deborah S. to Dame, Mark A. and Stephanie M., 16369 Mormon St., $272,500.

Home Co. LLC to Marron, Brian D. and Cassandra E., 10201 N. 152nd Ave., $264,000.

Darmody, Dustin and Karin to Beyer, Patrick R. and Sheila F., 7904 N. 154th Ave., $260,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tidjani, Napelis M. and Houngbe, Wilfred A., 8903 N. 161st Ave., $257,143.

Swain, Christine to Yager, Robert and Amanda, 14867 Eagle St., $256,000.

Casart, Jennifer E. and Martin R. to Cox, Jamie N. and Marcell, 7863 N. 155th St., $247,000.

Marron, Brian and Cassandra to Home Co. LLC, 7925 N. 152nd St., $215,000.

JAH LLC to Hanna Gayed, Moody S. and Cenic, Dijana, 7718 N. 147th St., $189,900.

Franey, Kayla J. to Kalian, Karson F. and Kristina A., 15363 Grebe St., $174,900.

Smith, Cassandra D. to Rogge, Todd B. and Janet M., 15311 Willit St., $163,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 9016 N. 171st St., $46,500.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 7230 N. 162nd St., $43,950.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to MJ Design/Build Inc., 16025 Whitmore St., $43,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to King, Daniel S. and Amy M., 9026 N. 170th St., $43,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 10505 Rosewater Parkway, $39,950.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Langendorfer Properties Management LLC, 7916 N. 152nd Ave., $201,790.

Catron, Pamela K. Estate to Rude, Matthew and Katherine, 16023 N. Second St., $295,002.


Turner, John W. and Julie B. to Ferrante, Shelly, 3124 N. 193rd St., $590,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Marathe, Swapna and Gutta, Anantha, 1405 N. 196th St., $535,413.

Zuerlein, Brian and Tartaglia, Julie to Jarecke, Richard and Donna, 18916 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $530,000.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Meyer, Joshua and Jennifer, 2328 N. 188th St., $515,903.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Zahid, Asim and Bakhtiar, Sara, 18411 Sherwood Ave., $477,932.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Lusk, Paul E. and Melanie L., 2516 N. 187th Circle, $476,500.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Burch, Grant A. and Rylie A., 2218 N. 188th St., $464,900.

Jump, Richard G. Jr. and Sandra L. to Smer, Aiman M. and Abuhamidah, Nawras M., 18074 Mayberry St., $435,000.

Hildy Homes to Weber, Jason L. and Jill M., 18910 Boyd St., $420,000.

King, Travis M. and Olesya M. to Bruggeman, Brandon and Melissa, 1316 N. 181st Ave., $412,000.

Ziegenbein, Zebadiah and Amanda to Beavers, Dale A. and Connie J., 802 S. 184th St., $395,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Glass, Jared O. and Kristin, 18937 Boyd St., $393,735.

Kirkpatrick, Amy D. to Sawhney, Harish C. and Shobha, 18714 Leavenworth St., $376,000.

McKernan, Colin J. and Brittany J. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 1606 S. 207th St., $366,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Carley, Jarrod, 1606 S. 207th St., $366,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Wunderlich, Brittany L. and Gregory, 3812 N. 190th St., $355,602.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Zahra, Nour K. and Amir, 2508 N. 186th St., $352,500.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Fink, Michael E. and Janice E., 3919 S. 207th St., $350,751.

McKenzie, Susan to Kim, Jaymin and Thao, 18705 Mayberry St., $345,500.

Gerdes, Michael F. and Wohlers-Gerdes, Wendy S, to Schlumberger, David M. and Maria K., 21401 Cedarwood Road, $335,000.

Covington Homes Inc. to Wright, Benjamin R., 2724 N. 191st Ave., $309,950.

Rutter, Brett E. and Kelly J. to Bye, Brian and Emma, 825 S. 190th Ave., $299,900.

Charleston Homes LLC to Coughlin, Kevin A. and Susan M., 4903 N. 208th Ave., $290,275.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Robidoux, James E. and Judith L., 2614 N. 191st Ave., $285,000.

Flipping Flanagans LLC to Stratton, Phillip M. and Kristin H., 21416 Shamrock Circle, $285,000.

Dirkschneider, Daniel R. and Linda S. to Nielsen, Athena L., 3420 N. 205th St., $268,000.

Perpetual Financial Solutions LLC to Anderson, Kimberly, 906 S. 184th St., $242,800.

Lemonds, Justin D. and Nicole A. to Apfelbeck, Lucas and Chelsea, 1215 N. 207th Circle, $241,250.

OELCO LLC to Myers, Victoria J., 20170 Miami Circle, $232,850.

Powers, Sean to Schurman, Tyler L., 1801 N. 207th St., $183,000.

Choice Homes LLC to Allison, Daniel and Allison, 1510 S. 218th St., $175,000.

Cypress Group Inc. to Truvision Custom Homes LLC, 22014 Kent Circle, $88,450.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Berry, Michael R. and Poepping-Faulkner, Michele A., 18354 Lake Circle, $85,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Frontier Builders LLC, 20753 Shirley St., $82,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Vencil Construction Inc., 2284 N. 188th St., $70,000.

204 F Street LLC to Thomas David Builders LLC, 20738 Nina St., $62,500.

Caniglia, John and Cindy to Assmann, Allan Trust, 3009 N. 192nd Ave., $50,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 2462 N. 185th St., $48,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 2514 N. 187th Ave., $45,000.

FRK Development LLC to Charles Thomas Homes, 18765 Sahler St., $45,000.

Olson, Tonya C. Trust to Grady, Patrick S. and Andrea M., 21014 X St., $665,000.

DeGoei, Arthur and Mary Trust to Morgan, Matthew A. and Allison M., 1818 N. 207th St., $175,000.


Schatz, Gregory M. and Kelly to McDermott, John M. and Mary E., 3832 N. 269th Ave., $300,000.


Feldhaus Ventures LLC to Mazza, Mario and Brenda, 23703 Elm Circle, $149,300.


Goos, T. Adam and Mead, Scott M. to Stone, Jeremy R., 1101 Jackson St., $382,500.

Bosiljevac, Peggy H. and Dan L. to Innovation Diversified Services LLC, 1308 Jackson St., $189,000.

Allington, Michael M. and Michelle M. to Moe, Amanda C., 312 S. 16th St., $164,000.


CK Swanson Inc. to Moore, Bruce D. and Stacie J., 2024 N. 52nd St., $225,000.

Negrete, Daniel P. and Kylie K. to Smith, Christopher E. and Julie, 6046 Franklin St., $159,500.

Welsh Properties LLC to Radial Court LLC, 4910 Northwest Radial Highway, $150,000.

Crilly, William T. and Wilma K. to Khi, Way and Aye, Mu, 5023 N. 57th St., $145,000.

Cauley, Patricia A. to Ber, Win and Paw, Ku S., 6324 Jaynes St., $144,000.

YK Holdings LLC to Hoffmeister, Marc and Margaret Trust, 2527 N. 68th St., $142,000.

Tri State Ventures Inc. to Johnson, David and Lachea, 5104 N. 49th Ave., $137,000.

Rankin, Mark to Hoffert, Brandy L., 2505 N. 63rd St., $132,000.

Vanree Property Management LLC to Highshaw, Jimmie and Debra, 6057 Camden Ave., $131,000.

Akohin, Ahogninou E. and Afua Y. to Reh, Mi and Meh, Ko, 6617 Crown Point Ave., $130,000.

Mu, Kaw and Htoo, Kay to Gay, Eh and La, Moo, 5422 N. 69th St., $130,000.

Daehling, Nicholas P. and Solarana, Hayley A. to Wallace, Elizabeth M., 2515 N. 61st St., $125,000.

Bullock, Edwin B. IV to Reyes, Yonnys A., 6117 Pratt St., $123,701.

Mazyona Inc. to 4 Aces LLC, 6311 Military Ave., $120,000.

Cabill Properties LLC to Wojcinski, Emily A., 4815 Spencer St., $115,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Almonte, Jeffrey, 5820 Corby St., $90,300.

Atchley, Zachary R. and Natalia to MacMillan, James D. and Kelly L., 1909 N. 60th St., $71,000.

Quandahl, Scott and Rachel to Kron, Johanna L. and Paul, 6608 Pinkney St., $64,000.

U.S. Bank to Yusem, Salina, 6011 N. 48th St., $36,501.


Byron Reed Group LLC to BMT Investments I LLC, 1136 Park Ave., $580,000.

Raymond, Erik and Christie to Lovett, Alexander and Kate, 3564 Poppleton Ave., $320,000.

Hooper, Kanan and Megan to Noble, John N., 4408 Barker Ave., $204,200.

Stodolka, Karen I. to Hynes, Philip R. and Diane S., 528 S. 36th Court, $198,900.

Kanne, Robert W. and Jennifer E. to Cerwick, Donald M. III, 4252 Mason St., $180,000.

Alarcon, Erin and Eskra, Nathaniel D. to Wallace, Sarah, 2817 S. 34th St., $180,000.

Foutch, Michael S. and Shelley K. to APK Ventures LLC, 4402 Barker Ave., $145,000.

Beatty, Amy R. to Vaughn, Keith, 1501 S. 25th Ave., $145,000.

JBS Residential LLC to Eldorado Enterprises LLC, 3419 Mason St., $72,500.


Sewell, Ryan and Katheryn to Burke, Michael K. and Jaime M., 513 S Happy Hollow Blvd., $685,000.

Grace, Kelly J. to Moore, Adam and Bezy, Kathryn, 617 S. 55th St., $327,000.

Clear Creek TDS LLC to Maliszewski, Genevieve A., 5903 Pierce St., $215,000.

Osterhout, Charles M. and Bramhall, Erin to Ferguson, Rebecca R., 4909 Pine St., $215,000.

Ulmer, Susan R. and Timothy to Russo, Bryan M. and Meghan L., 4808 Hickory St., $208,500.

Ostrand, Nathaniel A. to Owens, Lauren, 1206 S. 52nd St., $185,000.

Urzendowski, Velma L. to Pserros, George C., 3063 S. 48th Ave., $165,500.

Cerizo, Jennifer L. to Guinan, James E., 5830 Cedar St., $127,500.

Price, Mia A. to Carbajal, Arturo G., 2417 S. 47th St., $123,500.

Mollak, Susanne M. to Shillingstad, Saundra L., 5822 Oak St., $120,000.

Balkus, Dorothy L. to Vandertuig, Steven T. and Brenda F., 2528 S. 50th St., $105,000.

Goss, Lois M. Trust to Krivanek, Sherri K., 4958 Bancroft St., $130,000.


Nissen, Dorothy C Trust to Schmoll, Timothy A., 4102 N St., $152,000.

Skradski, Robert and Veronica to Wajda, Michael and Cara, 5806 S. 41t St., $151,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Cortes, Juan P. and Daniela, 1331 Drexel St., $127,400.

Jimenez, Ismael and Taenzler, Teresa L. to Pierce, Jasmine L., 3908 S. 35th St., $125,000.

Flores, Eloy and Del Flores, Maria T. to Pelay, Jose V. and Sandoval Lorenzo, Irene, 4819 S. 19th St., $119,900.

Anderson, Ethan and Penner, Ethan to Leyva, Trinidad, 3939 X St., $107,000.

Hattam, Michelle and John to Gomez, Araceli G., 5025 S. 42nd St., $90,000.

Lowis, Roger and Shelly to Cortes, Ezequiel R. and Lopez, Maximina, 6202 S. 37th St., $89,700.

Way, Randall G. and Peggy S. to Miller, Jan M., 1513 M St., $86,250.

Petak, Joseph M. and Jennifer to Pham, Quyen, 4413 S. 13th St., $74,000.

Bowen, Sandra R. to Hrabik, Charles, 4723 S. 16th St., $59,000.

Nielson, Michelle D. to Paladin LLC, 4317 S. 27th St., $50,000.

Budin, Alice M. Trust to Kearney, Travis and Waylon M., 3916 Y St., $165,000.

Szeliga, George E. Trust to Towne, Derek J. and Weber, Malerie J., 3943 Polk St., $127,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Semin, Dee Trust, 6214 Wilson Circle, $75,000.


Eichbrecht, Miles to Kornitsky, Arthur, 1205 Pierce St., $246,000.

Habitat For Humanity Of Omaha Inc. to Arrambide, Nora, 2503 S. 20th Ave., $134,900.

F & F Properties LLC to Bollinger, Erica M. and Gray, Lorenzo A., 3502 S. 20th St., $111,450.

Wells Fargo Bank to Fa Properties LLC, 3140 S. 17th St., $103,000.

Just Right Homes LLC to Delacruz, Eduardo H., 1522 B St., $37,000.


Central Plains Mennonite Conference to Royal Assembly of God, 4110 Florence Blvd., $200,000.

Crosstown LLC to LM&F Investments LLC, 3615 N. 16th St., $158,000.

Wright, Joseph J. and Crystal E. to Scott, Alexis D., 1528 N. 20th St., $145,000.


Blue Star Ventures LLC to LC Management LLC, 2719 N. 40th St., $63,000.

Noosu LLC to Oladejo, Onaolapp I. and Sarat M., 2701 Camden Ave., $62,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Martin, Kathryn R., 3731 N. 42nd St., $61,000.

Scott, Anita to Barrera Rentals 1 LLC, 2859 Corby St., $61,000.

Sherman, Willis B. to Villalba, Juventino A., 2430 Spaulding St., $60,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Star, Carmela, 4219 Miami St., $28,000.


Allen, Albert A. to Wehrer, Michelle L., 7202 Minne Lusa Blvd., $105,000.

DLD Investments LLC to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 2557 Bauman Ave., $72,000.


Krueger, Kenneth A. and Anne L. to Richardson, Christopher J. and Sarah E., 7406 Page St., $260,000.

Hardy, Seth M. and Michelle L. to Tolliver, Benjamin, 10516 Parker St., $182,000.

Rankin, J. Alan and Boot, Sherry K. to Partem, Igor Jr., 9251 Pacific St., $175,000.

Lynch, Anna to Saint Fire Investment LLC, 1617 N. 75th St., $131,000.

Hamke, Kimberly K. to McFarlin, Peggy, 1106 Cole Creek Drive, $120,000.

Toyne, Michael L. to Altemeier, Naomi B. and Dally, Barbara S., 1849 N. 81st St., $109,500.

KN Properties LLC to Simon, Wyatt, 7606 Cass St., $100,000.

Carlin, Steven V. to Jenkins, Vickie, 1636 N. 105th St., $90,000.

Pannkuk, Merrill D. Estate to Vesta Properties LLC, 1509 Cole Creek Drive, $98,000.


Hogan, Joel C. to Slaughter, Harry and Mikkelson, Sherri, 16417 Jaynes St., $410,000.

Jodlowski, Jason and Jennifer to Johnson, Craig and Erin L., 17610 Miami Circle, $395,000.

Schuster, Nicholas R. to Brummel, James L. and Nancy J., 17213 Locust St., $379,900.

Gutta, Anantha and Marathe, Swapna to Page, Gregg A. and Rachel M., 2322 N. 172nd Ave., $358,000.

Protextor, Jeffrey A. and Sheli J. to Collins, David W. and Brenda E., 5704 N. 154th St., $350,000.

Eikmeier, Jeff C. and Jamie J. to Schram, Aaron R. and Bobbi, 5614 N. 163rd St., $344,500.

Jessen, Joseph and Carissa to Maurstad, Derek B. and Angla J., 2504 N. 176th Ave., $342,500.

Biggerstaff, Marc J. and Ann E. to Banister, Adam C. and Bethany L., 5519 N. 163rd St., $315,000.

Minassian, Melissa A. and Hrach K. to Wohlgemuth, Michael J. and Jennifer A., 6233 N. 158th Avenue Circle, $310,000.

Pullum, Philip R. and Kathleen M. to Mittan, Allen L. and Jennie S., 15220 Vernon Ave., $308,750.

Candamil, Gerardo and Ligia to Marquardt, Nicholas and Shreve, Tiffeny, 4716 N. 162nd Ave., $289,000.

Kraus, Karen J. to Fetveit, Richard M. and Stultz, David P., 16010 Taylor St., $287,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Henderson, Lachie, 16007 Vernon Ave., $282,750.

Gray, Terry F. and Linda L. to Gude, Michael and Shirley Trust, 4304 N. 162nd Ave., $280,000.

Muruganathaswamy, Jothi E. and Natarajan, Jeyabarathi to Lloyd, Tyrone A. and Samantha J., 16302 Manderson St., $266,500.

Mattson, Bruce M. and Susan E. to Truitt, Gary E. and Vickie L., 2610 N. 165th Ave., $265,000.

Burch, Grant and Rylie to McClain, Bradley A. Sr. and Virginia C., 16321 Ohio St., $254,500.

Hickey, Matthew J. to Rojas, Linda, 2427 Nelsons Creek Drive, $248,000.

BOR Inc. to Christensen, Cortney and Jennifer P., 16629 Ames Ave., $242,500.

Lippold, David F. and Pamela S. to Hazard, Kimberly M. and Walter J., 2916 N. 153rd Circle, $235,000.

Karpe, Raj C. and Chaudhari, Hemlata S. to Moore, Jeffery D., 16313 Grand Ave., $230,000.

Harvey, Kenneth D. and Alexandra L. to Schroeder, Brenda, 3504 N. 152nd Ave., $225,000.

Gall, Jeremy and Holly to Pham, Son T. and Vang, Thuy T., 16268 Saratoga St., $221,000.

Carroll, John W. to Olson, Julie K. and James A., 5705 N. 167th Circle, $220,000.

Madden, Joshua P. and Katherine to Enzor, Olin O. and Heather R., 16402 Corby St., $220,000.

Davis, Bruce R. and Nancy E. to Osborne, Susan and John, 15219 Saratoga St., $220,000.

Stack, Phyllis A. and Kurtenbach, Steven B. to Cheloha, Carl L., 16020 Browne St., $210,000.

Stark, Kimberly A. to Heft, James P. and Christine A., 15259 Armstrong St., $210,000.

Hinkle, Seth C. and Mestagh, Caitlin to Diaz Rangel, Leonardo F., 4609 N. 165th St., $200,000.

O’Neil, Rachel to Brewer, Travis J. and Stacy L., 4255 N. 164th St., $200,000.

Schraufnagel, Kyle D. and Jefferis, Julie to Gollapudi, Yogendra N. and Tatikondra, Sravanthi, 17282 Sprague St., $196,500.

RO-DAN LLC to Duckert, Dale D. and Connie S., 4707 N. 160th St., $195,000.

Romsa, Courtney B. and Erik G. to Faue, Michael and Speed, Anna, 17204 Taylor St., $175,000.

Ruswick, Gregory T. and Allison to Overfield, Douglas R. and Rebecca R., 15317 Wirt St., $170,000.

Beck, John R. and Sandy K. to Beck, Justin L. and Breahn M., 2929 N. 153rd Ave., $162,500.

Roller, Elizabeth K. to Benzel, Leverne and Julie, 14460 Saratoga St., $158,000.

JHBF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3006 N. 179th St., $95,000.

Larandeau, John and Saba Trust to CRCF Properties LLC, 14943 Butler Ave., $172,500.


Cisar, Anthony R. and Mischelle D. to Kastrick, Colin and Weidner, Elizabeth, 5710 T St., $245,000.

Dickey, Thomas D. to Rodriguez, Mauro, 5720 Orchard Ave., $175,000.

Bourque, Christopher A. and Ann E. to Back, Lott B., 5009 S. 49th St., $145,000.

Shelbourn, Todd to Martinez, Dolores and Teresa, 4512 S. 62nd St., $99,000.

Garcia, Rudy M. and Gloria Trust to Gonzalez, Elizabeth, 6261 H St., $75,000.


Ostronic, Richard P. to Phelps, Samuel M. and Tana J., 15918 Lamp Circle, $305,000.

HBI LLC to Lopez, David and Sarah, 562 S. 159th Ave., $280,000.

Harpenau, Steven P. and Lynda M. to Hughes, Tyler D. and Emily A., 16330 Hamilton Circle, $263,000.

Smith, Michelle R. to Kehn, David R., 17154 Parker St., $260,000.

Socha, Michael J. to Goergen, Tim and Stacie, 15711 Nottingham Drive, $246,000.

Greenwood, David J. and Mary E. Trust to Jain, Ashwani K. and Shaffaly, 16128 Burt St., $705,000.

Shaffer, Shawn R. Trust to Joyce, Kevin and Christine, 16512 Mason St., $395,000.

Vest, Jon P. and Rhonda J. Trust to Morgan, Kristin and Michael C., 16124 Lafayette Ave., $150,000.

Wolfe, James R. Sr. Estate to Crafton, Sarah M., 1832 N. 176th Plaza, $155,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Santiago, Jesus A. and Leslie N., 7906 N. 86th Ave., $242,900.

Salerno, Richard A. to Adelman, Michael and Jami, 8729 Wyoming St., $231,000.

Hamilton, Richard and Lacy to Kern, Andrew M. and Amanda M., 8814 Wyoming St., $210,000.

West, Douglas M. and Suzumi to Sallis-Wilder, Stella L. and Wilder, Freddie L., 7410 N. 107th St., $210,000.

Busing, Andrew E. and Lisa S. to Coolidge, Charles E. and Karen L., 7506 Wyoming St., $189,900.

Donohue, Dustin and Leslie to Miller, Mckenzie L. and Clark, Blaine W., 8903 N. 83rd St., $180,000.

Kerkman, Kodey to Cavanaugh, Jeffrey C., 7014 N. 88th Ave., $175,000.

Dunlap, James R. Jr. and Margaret M. to Nordhues, Jacob and Katherine, 10363 Redick Ave., $168,000.

Lloyd, Tyrone A. and Samantha J. to Reza, Abdul H. and Angela, 8809 N. 82nd St., $163,000.

Zahid, Asim and Bakhtiar, sara to Keown, Joan H. and Thomas C., 7344 N. 90th St., $160,000.


Goldberg, David A. and Wendy to Jackson, Matthew and Pantano, Elizabeth, 2005 S. 91st St., $420,000.

Novotny-Morin, Gayle M. and Morin, Douglas J. to Valdes, Rafael and Gabriela, 3030 S. 94th St., $405,000.

Glenn, Doug E. to Wittrig, Christopher J. and Katie M., 3607 S. 101st St., $339,900.

Joyful Restorations LLC to Mapes, Martin, 1122 S. 93rd St., $322,000.

Stouffer, Theodore J. and Linda K. to Linden, Bret J., 1641 S. 97th St., $220,000.

Harr, Linda K., trustee for Krcmarik Family Trust, to McGuire, E. Michael and Linda Trust, 2912 S. 76th Ave., $100,000.

McCann, Pauline, Estate, to Townsend, Peter and Ann, 7717 Pasadena Ave., $160,550.

Rinschen, Richard P. Estate to Lewis, Jason K. and Julia S., 3319 S. 82nd Ave., $117,000.


Sims, Jason R. and Jennifer to Chadek, Jamie L., 6223 S. 107th St., $271,000.

Davis, Laurie A. to Best, Joshua R. and Pearlie M., 5628 Bay Meadows Road, $208,000.

Mauk, Alan G. Estate to Mauk, Donald L., 6713 S. 82nd St., $131,600.


Ash, Michael A. and Danielle M. to Runge, Rebecca, 19276 Briggs St., $570,000.

Kovar, Jeffrey D. and Jennifer M. to Knudtson, Kyle and N. Bailey, 3916 S. 183rd Ave., $330,000.

Watson, Marilyn W.and Steven M. to Long, Ryan P. and Ida A., 3616 S. 161st Circle, $325,000.

Reisbig, Katharine A. to Gilson, Aaron C. and Jessica M., 18711 Lamont St., $322,500.

Loerts, James D. and Sue R. to Czaplewski, Matthew B. and Julia A., 17941 Pine St., $304,000.

Sawhney, Harish C. and Shobha to Orton, Melody and Rex D. Jr., 16618 Oak St., $255,000.

Kemp, Michele L. to Waltke, Linda L., 17206 Walnut Plaza, $240,000.

Skelly, Brian and Natalie to Charging Crow, Tracy, 3921 S. 191st Ave., $236,900.

Hale, Carolyn to Soderberg, Sean M., 3811 S. 190th St., $230,000.

Neuhaus, Kevin R. and Kathryn K. to Bruce, David C. Jr., and Amber D., 20214 B St., $172,000.

Adams, Jay B. and Roxane E. to Brown, Janet K., trustee, 3201 S. 169th Plaza, $86,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 1708 S. 162nd St., $144,200.


Clark, Benjamin L. and Minichiello, Susan to Kuhl, Jordan and Kocsis, Sarah, 3212 Myrtle Ave., $136,000.

Mensah Investments LLC to Bazan, Myriam U., 3119 Hamilton St., $116,000.

Thomas Properties I LLC to Salazar, Arlete C., 3508 Lafayette Ave., $92,000.

Suarez, Iliana to Collins, John and Eliabeth, 207 S. 26th Ave., $90,000.

Kerrigan, Joseph J. and Lisa M. to R3L LLC, 118 Park Ave., $65,000.

Command Properties LLC to Uppada, Srijaya P., 120 S. 38th Ave., $29,000.


Truemper, Edward J. and Mary J. to Wyatt, Jeffrey, 5306 Izard St., $899,000.

Lopez, David A. and Sarah C. to Mackrell, Katherine A. and Andrew J., 5123 Nicholas St., $350,000.

Johnson, Sean M. and Megan E. to Struble, Jordan N. and Ryan J., 5612 Western Ave., $286,500.

Grace, Catherine and Kevin to Jaffee, Rebecca, 5021 Western Ave., $282,000.

Slama, Jonathan R. and Jeni F. to Stevens, Mary C., 5112 Hamilton St., $281,000.

Barker, Amy R. to Brookhouser-Sisney, Cody E. and Amanda P., 5015 Western Ave., $274,000.

James Caird LLC to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 4924 Davenport St., $196,850.

Stapleton, James and Angela to Illian, Kip D. and Celeste M., 5620 Charles St., $185,000.

Denning, Kelly M. and Laura to Poppens, Amanda M., 5823 Hamilton St., $162,500.

Baye, Thomas and Helen Trust to Grace, Kevin T. and Catherine I., 113 S. 51st Ave., $310,000.

Rucker Enterprise Trust to Deanery Partners LLC, 4911 Davenport St., $285,000.

DOUGLAS, continued


Penner, Phyllis S. and Alan J. to Johnson, Seth R. and Kari A., 4929 N. 104th St., $259,000.

CESH LLC to Heer, David, 4918 N. 107th St., $250,000.

Denman, Stanley R. and Janet L. to Pulliam, Donald III and Anne M., 4013 Aurora Drive, $220,000.

Gonzales, Keith J. and Mary to Gonzales, Jeffrey, 2634 Kimberly Drive, $220,000.

White, Breanna C. to Fitzgerald, Katherine K., 10016 Bedford Ave., $200,500.

Ferestad, Michelle L. and Irwin, Robert D. to Wagner, Adam P., 8468 Browne St., $167,500.

Koons, William A. to Lonergan, Timothy and Marilou, 9805 Camden Ave., $166,000.

Johnson, Seth and Kari to Dahlberg, Monty K. and Marie C., 9623 Boyd Circle, $162,000.

Mead, Austin C. and Bradley J. to Joseph Allan Properties LLC, 9917 Pratt St., $155,000.

Taylor, Georgia K. to Jurisch, Sean C. and Denise A., 9603 Spencer St., $150,000.

Jebediah Management LLC to Beh, Beh and Mree, Sa, 7641 Nebraska Ave., $149,000.

Nelson, Jarl A. to PSC KEG Keg Properties LLC, 4304 Parkview Drive, $120,000.

Stewart, Jamie L. and David L. to Coschka, Sam, 2321 N. 79th St., $90,500.

Wallace, Samuel E., trustee for Wallace Family Trust, to Ge, Ai and Robb, Ian, 4621 N. 85th St., $140,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Maverick Property Group LLC, 9732 Browne St., $120,000.

Beacom, Joan C. Estate to Whitmer, Mary J. and Robert H., 7509 Keystone Drive, $185,000.

Bronson, John R. Estate to Dynamic Properties LLC, 8240 Grant St., $65,000.


Polick, Michael R. and Jamie L. to Cavey, Arin, 6523 S. 173rd Ave., $454,000.

Carnazzo, Joseph W. and Angela P. to Eastman, Ronnie D. Jr. and Billi J., 5904 S. 176th St., $315,000.

Christopherson, Matthew J. and Jennifer K. to Smith, Andrew and Cassandra, 4866 S. 167th Avenue Circle, $310,000.

Corral, Saul and Jesenia to Witt, Spencer L. and Renate N., 16123 Woodcrest Circle, $293,000.

Fox, Joseph A. and Gwen E. to York, Scott A., 6101 S. 159th Ave., $290,000.

Kruntorad, Daniel J. and Lisa L. to Eskra, Nathaniel and Alarcon, Erin, 16103 Washington Circle, $288,000.

Daniels, Bryan and Lisa to Rohe, Brandon J. and O’Neill-Rohe, Mura, 17215 Orchard Ave., $272,500.

Kelch, Kevin K. and Patricia K. to Engstrom, William H. and Nicole L., 6718 S. 163rd Ave., $243,000.

Killion, Jason and Tracy to Akohin, Afua Y. and Ahognunou E., 5808 S. 159th St., $241,000.

Dumpert, Jason J. and Renee E. to Ramirez, Rodrigo, 15805 Berry St., $236,000.

Avila, Sharon M. and Nicolas to Gill, Christine A. and Mindy J., 5005 S. 163rd Ave., $205,000.

Myers, Katherine A. to Johanek, Matthew and Schautman, Jenna, 16508 Weir St., $205,000.

Drews, Tyler M. and Katherine A. to Meyer, Nathan, 5601 S. 186th Ave., $188,000.

Stotz, Adam and Reagan to Munoz, Trenton J., 19310 Holmes St., $185,000.

Eastman, Ronnie D. Jr. and Billi J. to Shappell, Austin D. and Ariana L., 16311 Z St., $185,000.

Chadek, Jamie L. to Schneider, Michael R. and Norum, Jaclyn M., 19404 Laci St., $172,000.

Thran, Dustin C. and Kelly to Cannon, Maddie, 6728 S. 191st St., $171,500.

Tretyak, Dmytro I. and Kateryna O. to Aneja, Ishroop S. and Ramanprett K., 6761 S. 191st Ave., $169,900.

Pierson, Erin D. to Marshall, Ryanne A., 18160 Hayes Court, $118,000.

Melnick, Glenn D. and Mariah J. to Johns, Stephanie M., 18173 Southdale Plaza, $115,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6003 S. 195th St., $36,750.


Daley, Daniel T. and Theresa M. to Peklo, Michael R. and Emily A., 11814 Washington Plaza, $350,000.

Moore, Brian and Emily to Kanne, Robert W. and Jennifer E., 12455 Woodcrest Drive, $309,000.

Carter, Matthew and Teeter, Logan to Reilly, James C. and Jami D., 14922 Karen St., $265,000.

Peklo, Michael R. and Emily A. to Thorson, Jeremy J. and Sarah K., 15018 Patterson Circle, $245,250.

Knudtson, Kyle and Bailey C. to Goecke, Jacob V. and Joanna L., 4632 S. 154th Circle, $235,000.

Cornell, Ryan R. to Myers, Bill L. and Hilda A., 5723 S. 151st St., $226,000.

Gottschalck, Brian L. to Gottschalck, Andrea L. and Crane, Andrea L., 6206 S. 150th St., $200,000.

Montgomery, Rodney L. and Catherine A. to Dunn, Ruben J., 5924 S. 151st Avenue Circle, $195,900.

Brehmer, Diane K. and Jason to Moore, Zakary K., 12805 Southdale Drive, $190,000.

Reilly, James C. and Jami D. to Demey, Robert E. and Garrison, Kristen C., 14608 Walnut Grove Drive, $182,000.

Washington, Gilbert A. and Rebecca M. to Avila, Edwardo and April, 14220 Birchwood Circle, $180,000.

Whitmore, Kristi to Willmore, Brittany and Kuehl, Daniel, 4924 S. 149th St., $172,500.

Peters, Lonnie D. and Halligan-Peters, Evie M. to Red Ladder LLC, 6618 S. 149th St., $171,000.

Harger, Richard J. and Angela D. to Lanning, Nicholas R. and Alisha S., 11644 Drexel St., $170,000.

Spudich, Debra L. to Spudich, Taylor J., 6245 S. 150th St., $165,000.

Thomas, Matthew M. and Mandy J. to Sommer, Michael III, 5039 S. 149th St., $163,000.

Shipley, Daniel R. and Brenda L. to Douglas, T.J. and Amanda, 12218 Sandra Circle, $153,000.

Karaus, Cheryl L. to Shandera, Travis W. and Kerri F., 6430 S. 153rd St., $150,000.

Vogler-Severin, Linda K. to Freedom DH Investments LLC, 11223 Washington St., $135,000.

Wisehart, Paul to Ortiz, Ariadna, 6361 S. 140th Ave., $130,000.

Cullen, Craig L. Estate to Morrissey, Megan J., 6616 S. 117th St., $150,000.


Henson, Mike and Crystal to Pullum, Philip and Kathleen, 12324 Read St., $460,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Cordes, Gregory M. and Jeannie M., 8303 N. 125th Circle, $451,698.

Buesing, Lorraine A. to Sparks, Cheryl, 7123 N. 139th St., $245,000.

Johnson, Sheryl S. and Pope, Irving R. to Dindu, Srikanth and Dasari, Priyanka J., 7408 N. 143rd St., $196,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Blue Ridge Builders LLC, 12926 Reynolds St., $52,000.


Sweetbriar IV LLC to Gottschalk, Carmen Trust, 1704 S. 129th Plaza Circle, $275,000.

Hornstein, Barry S. and Shelly K. to Parker, Jennifer J. Trust, 1868 S. 135th Ave., $210,000.

Gilson, Aaron C. and Jessica M. to Reddy, Sharath K. and Saritha P., 3706 S. 153rd St., $188,900.

Navickas, Craig M. and Allison M. to Martin, David M. II and Lindsay M., 3229 S. 130th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Schwenk, Edgar W. to Robinson, Justin and Tahlia, 12609 Westwood Lane, $171,000.

Apfelbeck, Lucas K. to Pauley, Rosemary J., 1330 S. 139th St., $167,000.

Krajicek, Jeffrey M. and Quinn to Berney, Gregory D., 3113 S. 122nd Ave., $153,500.

Deharty-Deines Investments LLC to De Luca, Michael C., 2423 S. 123rd Ave., $153,000.

HSP Investment Properties LLC to Watson, Nick E., 3270 S. 128th Circle, $140,500.

Stodolka, Karen I. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 12005 Westwood Lane, $67,500.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Harman, Van III, 12005 Westwood Lane, $87,500.

Bock, Ina B. Trust to Hickey, Matthew, 12858 A St., $140,000.

Nebrigich, John S. Jr. Estate to McFarlin, Peggy, 12312 B St., $155,000.


Wagner, Kay-Uwe and Ulrike to Armendariz, Edmundo and Maureen, 8920 N. 56th Avenue Circle, $305,000.

KFM Properties LLC to Westcott, Jacob and Kayla, 7008 N. 65th St., $134,000.

Dawkins, Paul A. and Becky J. to Hickam, Shawn D., 6507 Read St., $132,000.


Doughman, Scott and Shawna to INE LLC, 910 N. 142nd St., $655,000.

Roush, William H. Jr. and Cheryl L. to Granaman, Donald D. and Mlnarik, Shirley L., 12035 Douglas Circle, $433,000.

Barstow, William J. and Colleen R. to Salberg, Lana F., 13117 Lafayette Ave., $389,000.

Straley, Andrea and Joseph G. to Rose, Benjamin D. and Jocelyn R., 13028 Seward St., $291,000.

Smith, Julia R. to Buck, Shaun and Kristen, 322 S. 152nd St., $225,000.

Jackson, John F. and Ann T. to Veasey, Shane T., 12330 Franklin St., $210,000.

Utterback, David M. to Baker, Catherine M., 308 N. 153rd Avenue Circle, $206,000.

Schoepke, Josiah W. to Mumgaard, James E., 646 S. 126th St., $205,000.

Morgan, Michael C. and Kristin L. to Hansen, Tasha and Emerson, Eric, 333 N. 155th Circle, $201,000.

Pivovar, Abigail M. to Bergevin, Michael A. and Michele M., 12727 West Dodge Road, $108,000.

Haroon, Naila Trust to Ramachandran, Atul A. and Jyoti J., 13612 Burt St., $880,000.

Vanhauer, Cathleen A. Trust to Neuvirth, Holly L., 12315 Nicholas St., $220,000.


Khan, Tariq to McKee, Jake E. and Kristina N., 3322 N. 140th St., $602,100.

Bartolome, Conrado B. Jr. and Donna J. to Fair, Michael A. and Deana J., 4816 N. 138th St., $290,000.

Dean, Clifford D. and Geraldine L. to Emmert, Bruce L. and Melissa A., 13316 Sherwood Circle, $281,500.

Matthews, Naomi J. and Jenik, Justin to Washington, Alex J. and Felicia A., 11517 Ruggles Circle, $215,000.

Stokebrand, Dean A. to Eclov, Brian and Julie, 2218 N. 141st Ave., $195,000.

Caveny, Michael and Brittney to Delich, John and Kopti, Catherine, 10814 Curtis Avenue Circle, $185,000.

Doll, Nicholas D. and Erin L. to Gamber, Michael J. and Craig, Christine, 12628 Fowler Ave., $180,000.

Rose, Benjamin D. and Jocelyn R. to Herink, Alexandra M., 4017 N. 117th St., $175,000.

Sturm, John R. and Kathy L. to Janicek, Amanda G., 12222 Wirt St., $175,000.

Shaff, Alice B. and Alice W. to Swihart, Amy A., 14214 Newport Ave., $171,900.

Buchanan, Cody to Mallette, Erica, 5605 N. 116th Circle, $171,500.

Ensor, Carrie to Brock, Michael D. and Barbara L., 2717 N. 126th Avenue Circle, $169,500.

Hunnel, Zachary and Amanda to Robertson, Adam T. and Rebecca L., 11202 Corby St., $162,000.

Ronco, Matthew T. and Alesia M. to Samson, Devin M., 4617 N. 130th Circle, $150,000.

Norris, Michael R. and Susan to Vaughan, Justin D. and Jennifer A., 11239 Corby St., $137,000.



Lewis, Lona L. to Wiese, David M., 503 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $177,000.

Gares, Keith E. and Kiton L. to Kanoski, Brenda L. and Aaron A., 3209 Wallace Ave., $135,000.

Thompson, Todd and Kerry to Adams, John M. and Rinabarger, Jennie L., 2821 Bryan Ave., $151,000.

Dixon, Juanita C. to Espinoza, Cecil A., 2712 Crawford St., $125,000.

Coleman Properties LLC to Leivas, Benny and Kesselring, Johanna, 2602 Jefferson St., $148,000.

Housman, Michael C. and Debra S. to Morrison, Joshua R. and Carnell, Sophie R., 1911 Collins Drive, $168,000.

Pilachowski, Bernard M. to Wessels, Alexander J. and Taylor M., 1901 Thurstone Ave., $90,000.

Bjerke, Mark O. and Aguirre-Bjerke, Rene to Albertson, Kevin and Courtney, 1203 Potter Road, $220,000.

Woods, Monte J. to Woods, Jacquelyne and Brian M., 1006 Evergreen Ave., $110,000.


Hildy Construction Inc. to Arthur, Jay R. and Megan R., 504 Sherwood Drive, $365,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Marron, Joshua L. and Erika L., 434 Devonshire Drive, $306,000.

FRK Development II LLC to Felthousen, Keith and Luedtke, Maureen, 22519 Ponderosa Road, $175,000.

Tucker, Ty and Anne to Curlis, Travis S. and Jennifer L., 21805 Crestline Circle, $210,000.

Clobes, Todd A. and Monica to Burk, Matthew and Courtney, 21785 Quail Drive, $211,000.

Payne, David E. and Lori A. to Menichetti, Joseph P. and Anne M., 20313 Crystal Drive, $265,000.

Peterson, Timothy W. to Palmer, Daryl and Stacie, 19907 Ash St., $342,000.

LDT Inc. to Vipond, Thomas and Abby, 19476 Willow Circle, $362,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schweigart, Renee A. and Kallhoff, Mark, 12011 S. 212th St., $261,000.

Spracklin, Benjamin J. and Alyssa M. to Lipka, Joshua and Elizabeth, 11301 S. 212th St., $191,000.

Hill, Abelyne B. and Nathan H. to Smith, Ashley N., 10816 S. 215th St., $300,000.


Richardson, Victor L. and Jessica L. to Richardson, Taylor and Lanie, 823 Lake Vista Drive, $177,000.

Espiritu, Michael J. Jr. and Stephanie L. to Kircher, Ryan L., 817 Fenwick St., $183,000.

Taulman, Sean C. and Jenna L. to Cameron, Kimberly R., 805 Waterford Circle, $211,000.

Wessel, Jonathan R. and Alicia R. to George, Shaun, 725 Clearwater Drive, $185,000.

Andrews, Steven D. and Karen I. to Geldes, Peter T. and Sharae D., 648 Bailey Drive, $300,000.

Erhart, Thomas J. Jr. to Svendsen, Ronald S., 607 N. Beadle St., $101,000.

Leyden, Kristina M. and Goodall, Russell W. to Bonner, Gregory A., 402 Fort St., $205,000.

O’Neil, Patrick D. and Marilyn J. to Czaplewski, Michael D. and Cassandra J., 316 Elk Ridge Drive, $312,000.

Mohr, Debra L. to Grelk, Brian and Mary, 309 Remington Road, $315,000.

Breard, Christopher S. and Peggy S. to Suing, Brianne J. and Gourley, Jason R., 2421 Broadwater Drive, $349,000.

Dannenberg, Thomas and Lyndsey to Zheng, Feng and Suping, 2312 S. Mineral Drive, $260,000.

Melsby, Robert E. and Heather K. to Penix, Mark and Ashley, 2310 Big Sky Drive, $328,000.

Glebavicius, John V. to Walters, Jonathan, 219 N. Beadle St., $60,000.

Doughty, Jeremy B. and Halvorsen Doughty, Jessica to Zabrowski, Zach and Ashton, 2130 Broadwater Drive, $315,000.

Schramm, Cody D. and Rachel A. to Okolo, Ugochukwu J. and McKayla N., 2103 King Drive, $200,000.

Zesinger, David C. and Molly A. to Hughbanks Properties XV LLC, 17709 Ponderosa Drive, $370,000.

Toovey, Loren J. Jr. and Betty S. Trust to Hines, Rebecca and Warren, 1406 Placid Lake Circle, $400,000.

Speltz, Tami A. to Maddy, Brian J. and Kelley, Teresa L., 12417 S. 81st Ave., $395,000.

Zimmerman, Daniel J. and Catherine A. to Kitko, Paul D. and Christmas B., 1223 Cork Drive, $287,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Patomson, Sean and Tara, 11415 S. 117th St., $419,000.

Moone, Brian A. and Katy D. to Radke, Scott V. and Melissa G., 11315 Cimarron St., $330,000.

Milliken, James R. and Byrd, June to Barton, Stacey, 1105 Fulkerson Road, $316,000.

Bernal, David and Monica to Rukstalis, Mike and Cook, Kimberly, 10730 Laramie St., $311,000.

Mason, Cornelius L. and Kerna-Leigh to Dean, Christopher P. and Grace P., 10709 S. 111th St., $305,000.

Beil, Jeffrey E. and Gretchen L. to Wisnewski, Nicholas G. and Kelly R., 10622 S. 111th St., $285,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Cavin, Joshua and Allyssa, 10584 S. 112th St., $273,000.

Huey, Jeffery E. and Alisia D. to Oakley, Nikitta and Tony, 1008 Port Royal Drive, $245,000.


Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Kastens, Nathan and Kelly, 11722 S 109th St., $338,000.


Springfield Pines LLC to Sundown Homes LLC, 835 N. 11th Circle, $45,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Cadwell, Justin and Holly, 825 N. 10th Ave., $55,000.

Abels, Bret A. and Candace S. to Ensor, Daniel W. and Janie L., 655 L A Bates, $162,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Sundown Homes LLC, 645 North 11th Circle, $45,000.

Titan Blue Enterprises LLC to Nola LLC, 180 Main St., $64,000.

Titan Blue Enterprises LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 170 N 10th Ave., $50,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to McCaul Contracting LLC, 160 N. 10th Ave., $50,000.

Rose, Patricia A. to Isenberg, Rick, 1125 N. Third St., $110,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Shamrock Builders LLC, 1065 Lilac Circle, $48,000.


Safarik, Duane J. Sr. to Nickell, Christopher G., 3205 Mirror Circle, $172,000.

Pryal, Christopher J. to Osborn, Chad and Young, Jody, 2410 Lewis & Clark Road, $170,000.

Greiner, Nicholas and Robin to Spears, Robert T. and Chelsea M., 3415 Duane Ave., $175,000.

Ziegler, Darryl and Shawn R. to Thompson, George J. III and Elizabeth J., 3304 Daniell St., $225,000.

Smith, Marcia L. Estate to Pearson, Carol L., 3206 Mirror Circle, $75,000.

Schuyler, Sean P. and Delf, Melissa B. to Lundin, Sonia, 2911 Courtney Drive, $230,000.

Hill, Ronald D. to Schendt, Scott A. and Jodi L., 2815 Crystal Drive, $360,000.

Thompson, George J. III and Elizabeth J. to Smith, Michael and Aimee, 2307 Scarborough Drive, $170,000.

Leas, Tedd to Walker, Eric and Donovan, 2013 Morrie Drive, $179,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Herman, James A. and Nancy A., 1928 Mesa St., $277,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tyler, Kyle E. and Kesandra J., 1705 Mayflower Road, $236,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Aspey, Michael D. and Amanda M., 1675 Mayflower Road, $210,000.

Moffat, Clif A. and Tamara R. to Motts, Susan and John, 15005 S. 24th Ave., $405,000.

Brennan, Joseph C. and Patricia D. to Hudson, Calvin B. and Iliana, 14405 S. 35th St., $241,000.

Taylor, Terra D. and Travis to Hilgren, Katherine P., 10403 S. 26th St., $164,000.

Torres, Kevin and Tami to Wilson, Thomas J. and Lopez Wilson, Rachel L., 14332 S. 35th St., $185,000.

Trotty, Elroy and Lewis Trotty, Carol M. to Roberts, Kenneth A. and Norma J., 13705 Tregaron Drive, $295,000.

Rea, Donald E. and Moeschler, Betsy S. to Krishna, Mohan S. and Suanne M., 13704 Tregaron Drive, $355,000.

Bearup, Aaron and Tara to Rosales, Manuel, 10610 S 17th St., $177,000.


Lamplot, Daniel P. and Jill A. to Venteicher, Leo H. Jr. and Terry M., 8409 S. 103rd St., $369,000.

Long, Aaron H. and Keri L. to Sledge, Claude Jr., 8135 S. 69th St., $222,000.

Oberg, Mark K. and Jeanine L. to Strohl, Shane P. and Jodi A., 8022 S. 104th St., $325,000.

Charley, John A. and Connie L. to Lang, Anthony C., 7537 S 76th St., $130,000.

Larry, Ashley A. to Tate, Brandon and Plagge, Sara, 7529 S. 75th Ave., $149,000.

Huber, Thomas J. and Monica to Belmont, Dustin J. and Anderson, Heather M., 7525 S. 88th St., $171,000.

Sales, Hector A. and Angulo Tenorio, Veronica K. to Liu, Mei, 7437 Terry Drive, $129,000.

Harris 4 LLC to McClellan, Connor M., 7416 Frederick Ave., $138,000.

Yarbrough, William R. and Natalie to Bickford, Lori, 7405 Terry Drive, $116,000.

Hartmann, Sandra J. and Colby, Marilyn L. to Johnson, Bradley D. and Jolene M., 7324 Frederick Circle, $206,000.

Mouw, Jodi and Dan to Summerfield, Daniel L. and Korisko, Darlene H., 6817 Hillcrest Lane, $237,000.


Egan, John J. IV and Melinda S. to Turner, Willis E. and Monica J., 9731 Margo St., $237,000.


Hodgins, Daniel E. and Tiffany J. to Thompson, Todd E. and Kerry L., 703 Rosewood Ave., $235,000.

Stewart, Brad and Heidi L. to Jett, Nathaniel J., 5167 Waterford Avenue Circle, $365,000.

Meredith, Thomas J. and Barbara A. to Stalcup, Larenz T. and Tomky, Russell J., 4704 Sheridan Road, $300,000.

Costello, Christopher M. and Amanda J. to Gruner, Eric J. and Katherine M., 4501 Sheridan Road, $289,000.

Platt, Christa and Matthew to Mickelsen, Jeffrey L. and Melissa J., 310 Oakwood Drive, $233,000.

Armstrong, Douglas A. to Roth, Douglas A. and Cheryl M., 309 Castle Pine Drive, $282,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to McKibbon, Scott L. and Amanda J., 2110 Skyhawk Ave., $241,000.

Lechner, Karen S. and Fiedler, Angelique R. to Nafziger, Curtis and Kelly, 2007 Eagle Ridge Drive, $275,000.

French, Douglas D. and Janelle K. to Jadwin, Ashley L. and Griffin J., 2006 Windcrest Ave., $245,000.

Gamon, Luis T. Jr and Heather to White, Douglas W. and Michelle J., 1903 Ridgewood Drive, $337,000.

Boggs, Barton A. and Mary H. to Paden, Charles A. and Valorie L., 1509 Beechwood Ave., $210,000.

Skillman, Robert J. and Nancy J. to Timm, Joseph L., 1403 Greenwood Ave., $216,000.

DeHaai, Jayson and Kristi to Shaw, Charles C. and Sarah G., 12110 S. 51st St., $335,000.

Patomson, Sean E. and Tara A. to Amthor, Justin D. and Michelle A., 12107 S. 48th St., $395,000.

Bruning, Glen A. and Joyce A. to Albers, Craig A., 11409 S. 57th St., $337,000.

Craig, Scott and Kathleen to Murillo, Jose A., 108 Citadel Drive, $192,000.


Byars, Ashley K. and Deroin, William to Liebentritt, Gregory and Anne, 9923 S. 170th St., $245,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8008 S. 184th St., $70,000.

Micheli, Marcus K. and Amanda M. to Nastase, Patrick, 7914 S. 190th Ave., $210,000.

Becker, Troy G. to Griffey, Raymond and Shannon, 7514 S. 177th Ave., $175,000.

Menichetti, Lorene M. to Northam, Daniel, 7202 S. 183rd St., $206,000.

Koch, Lance R. and Kristine L. to Wyatt, Joseph and Ashley, 19020 Redwood St., $310,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schwartz, Jefforey A. and Mary E. 18914 Blackwalnut St., $313,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hunter, Bryan W. and Ali, 18818 Cottonwood St., $301,000.

Legacy Model Properties LLC to Smith, Austin D. and Jamie E., 18618 Hoich Drive, $340,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Hanna, Daniel J. and Sara M., 18509 Hampton Drive, $342,000.

Sams, Mark A. and Jodie L. to Harris, John P. and Michelle L., 17706 Edna St., $168,000.

Mackling, Chad E. and Darcie L. to Whitmarsh, Troy and Jana, 17209 Sage St., $343,000.

Duckett, Brian L. and Derong L. to Gottschalck, Brian, 16308 Rosewood St., $281,000.

Ellis, Jeffrey L. and Sherri L. to Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC, 16135 Robin Drive, $167,000.

Long, Ryan P. and Ida A. to Erlewine, Miles R., 16120 Briar St., $170,000.

Montes, Maria E. to Hultquist, Joseph T. and Lesley, 15728 Rosewood St., $159,000.

Bier, Lauren A. to Omaha Rents RJ1 LLC, 15722 Briar St., $170,000.

Harlow, Joan M. Trust to Zych, Robert J. and Janet M., 15616 Gertrude St., $175,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Homes, 10809 S. 175th Ave., $67,000.

Royal Development Inc. to White, J. Gregory and Alicia C., 10707 S. 174th Ave., $558,000.

Hill Custom Homes Inc. to Seibel, Kent J. and Starkey-Seibel, Xuan-Mai, 10619 S. 191st Ave., $420,000.


Collogan, Scott A. and Lauren B. to Becker, Daniel and Marie, 7918 S. 155th Ave., $171,000.

Large, Kimberly D. to Slinkard, Michael, 8607 Meadows Parkway, $116,000.

Horton, Elaine C. and John to Burns, Lyle A. and Jessica M., 8107 S. 152nd St., $164,000.

Schlumberger, David and Maria to Cardenas, Jacob M. and Emily A., 7226 S. 150th St., $183,000.

Norton, Jerald nd Bridget to Red Ladder LLC, 7112 S. 139th Circle, $100,000.

Marousek, Jacob L. and Andrea to Dragseth, Eric S. and Amanda M., 15114 Robin Circle, $172,000.

Svehla, John and Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen to Criner, Anthony and Melissa, 13955 Frederick Ave., $240,000.

McGerr, Jo A. to Salazar, Ricardo, 13942 Greenfield Road, $115,000.

Nelson, Larry J. and Kit L. to Horn, Tahnee L. and Arthur D., 13523 Olive St., $195,000.

Custard, Thomas A. and Tracy B. to Walker, Dale R. and Mary E., 13253 Gertrude St., $186,000.

Haack, John E. and Jennifer K. to Thomsen, Einer T. and Susan M., 13117 Edna St., $180,000.

Menousek, Bruce D. to Peterson, Brian E., 11652 Westmont Drive, $146,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Thompson, Michelle A. and Todd E., 11213 S. 115th St., $346,000.


O & H Properties Inc. to Frankenberg, John G., 9604 S. 22nd Ave., $191,000.

Collins, James A. and Juanita to Arrington, Donald R., 8405 S. 25th St., $145,000.

Hutfless, Sara L. and David E. Trust to Munoz, Manuel and De Los Angeles Hernandez, Ma, 8314 S. 36th St., $220,000.

Sperry, Albert R. Estate to Cabrera, Jose M. and Olga, 7510 S. 40th St., $93,000.

Newlin, Charles M. and Patricia J. to Deseck, Donald J. and Stewart-Deseck, Terry E., 3021 Pleasant Drive, $138,000.

Bortle, Carol J. Estate to Williams, Jason W., 2714 Georgia Ave., $233,000.


Martinez, Rosendo and Kira to Holubar, Matthew A. and Rayna D. and Berryman, Franklin A., 8421 S. 64th St., $200,000.

FA Properties LLC to Galvan, Jesus and Sandra, 7503 S. 48th St., $168,000.

Booth, Jillian and Micah H. to Campbell, Alec, 7308 S. 53rd St., $198,000.



Welling, Earl to Miller Way LLC, 202 N. 38th St., $40,500.

Eagle 4 LLC to Wyman, Christopher M., 209 Kestrel Court, $187,500.

Husa, DeeAnn to DePauw, Joel S. and Rosanne L., 2602 S. Seventh St., $150,000.

Price, Danielle D. and Roth, Brendan D. to Lamkins, Carmen and Lopez, Edgar, 3451 Seventh Ave., $140,000.

Kilpatrick, Kathleen to Davey, Dalton R., 546 26th Ave., $91,000.

MAC Investments Inc. and Old Lincoln Investments LLC to Mayer, Nicholas J. and Sara, 2807 Twin City Drive, $134,000.

Richards, Dorthy to Miller Way LLC, 2435 Ave. F, $32,000.


Tri State Ventures Inc. to Moore, Andrew, 292 Harrison St., $136,000.

Tri State Ventures Inc. to Moore, Andrew, 292 Harrison St., $155,000.

Loux, Kathleen and Wethington, David to Smith, Mindy L., 217 Bluff St., $145,500.

Crouse, Joycelyn K. to McCardle, Erin and Ryan, 113 Happy Hollow Blvd., $157,000.

Wimmer, Samantha N. to Hammer, Susan W., 510 Harrison St., $108,500.

Lewis, Andrew M. and Ashlee M. to Devers, Angel M. and Robert J., 10 Ethel Lane, $177,000.

Shaw, Zella M. to Pizano, Juan M. and Maria C., 516 Simms Ave., $209,000.

Prop LLC to Hale, Matthew, 18 Kay Court, $115,000.

Kemmish, Randy R. to Luther, Brandi J. and Joseph E., 22 Locust Lodge Ave., $85,000.

DIMM LLC to Raymond, Andy, 233 Bluff St., $120,000.


Mikel USA Inc. to Wall, Rasheed, 1309 Dorene Blvd., $92,000.

3805N13thStCarterLakeIa51501 LLC to Thomas, Mary and Walter, 3805 N. 13th St., Carter Lake, $135,000.


Symanowicz, Bruce and Diana to Bashore, James M. and Loriel R., 40958 Whippoorwill Road, Avoca, $155,000.


Cihal, Dennis M. and Sandra A. to Malina, James J., 53823 Highway 92, Griswold, $60,500.

Krisinger, Marilyn J. and Stanley D. to Peck, Diane K. and William H., 16139 Contrail Ave., Griswold, $200,000.


Felton, Anthony J. and Chester L. and Rhonda to Paulee LTD, 32718 300th St., Neola, $150,000.


Arnold, Carolyn B. and Robert E. to Arnold, Jenny C. and Russell E., 24003 230th St., Underwood, $195,000.


Weaver, Phil L. and Trudy L. to Henningsen, Kirk A., 23432 500th St., Walnut, $300,000.

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