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The golden era of Husker hoops. When a Brooklyn-born Vietnam vet named Danny Nee captivated Nebraska with a sharp tongue and stunningly good basketball. The World-Herald has spent hundreds of hours interviewing the characters from that era, digging through archives, watching game tapes, piecing together old memories with new perspectives and producing the definitive account of an epic Nebraska sports story.

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The greatest season in school history, a winter marked by brilliance and controversy, began with a not-to-be-overlooked epiphany: Nebraska basketball was alive! And fueling that resurgence was a band of misfits assembled by Danny Nee that came together and turned rivalries upside down.

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In March 2018, The World-Herald published a series about Nebraska basketball during the Danny Nee era. During his signature season, 1990-91, the Huskers won 26 games en route to a No. 3 seed in the NCAA tournament. But one of the biggest games of that season is often overlooked. It came at Wisconsin Green Bay, against a star guard named Tony Bennett.