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IOWA CITY — The fifth and final wild snap from Cam Jurgens in the first half sailed a full yard over the head of quarterback Adrian Martinez and went for a 19-yard loss.

Nebraska’s sophomore center trotted to the bench and senior Matt Farniok slid over from right guard for the offense’s last five plays, which resulted in a touchdown before intermission.

Jurgens returned to play the entire second half without further errant snaps.

What happened? Coach Scott Frost said he doesn’t think it had anything to do with Jurgens’ technique.

“There was clapping going on on (Iowa’s) sideline,” Frost said. “Cam heard that clap and thought it was the quarterback clapping. We discussed it with officials and it didn’t happen in the second half.”


Jurgens had at least four other wayward hikes before the break. One on the offense’s second play was high to Martinez, but he still ran for 5 yards. Two plays later, the snap went high and to the right of Martinez, resulting in a 10-yard sack.

Luke McCaffrey in the second quarter took a high snap on fourth-and-1 that he ran for 9 yards. Moments before coming out of the game, Jurgens sent a ball to the feet of Martinez before the quarterback was ready, resulting in a 4-yard loss.

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz disputed the idea that his sideline did anything to disrupt Jurgens.

“Next thing you know, we’re going to be treating this like golf,” Ferentz said.

Ferentz said he and some coaches were clapping to cheer the players on the field.

“So, I mean, what the hell are we talking about?” Ferentz said. “I mean, it’s stupid, right? I have no idea. Plus, I do know this: I saw across the field they had a little clap routine for third downs or something, I don’t know. This is stuff in (22 years) I’m never even thinking about that.”


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