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LINCOLN — Tight ends coach Sean Beckton wrapped his arm around Thomas Fidone as they walked off the field, and told the freshman from Council Bluffs Lewis Central that he’s proud of his hard work and impressive effort.

Fidone caught four or five passes during Nebraska’s scrimmage Wednesday. Beckton said it was Fidone’s best day of practice “by far.”

“He has really, really improved since Day 1,” Beckton said. “And he’s only gonna get better from here. The sky’s the limit for him. He’s gonna help the football team this year.”

Like fellow freshman tight end James Carnie, who is back after shoulder surgery, Beckton is going “to press (Fidone) on every single detail when he’s in.”

The former four-star prospect with offers from LSU, Alabama, Notre Dame and more has been overloaded with information on Nebraska’s offense, system and fundamentals.

“He’s a physical kid, but as far as understanding the footwork and technique, hand placement, he was kind of deficient in,” Beckton said. “And today he put it all together for us.”

Beckton said he wasn’t surprised Fidone progressed nicely this spring because of his work ethic, drive and abilities.

“He wanted to step out there Day 1 and be the best tight end on the team,” Beckton said. “I had to humble him early on, that’s not gonna happen. We got to stack practices, we got to stack reps on top of each other in order for him to be great. And he’s definitely moving in that direction.

“I’m really proud of what he did today. It shows me that he’s on the right track.”