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Real estate transfers for Oct. 20

Real estate transfers for Oct. 20

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Ohl, Quincy Michael and Cierah Lynne to Killham, Adam, 1301 Lorraine Ave., $180,000.

Edward Jones Trust Co., trustee of Donald G. Cliff Living Trust to Get Dirty Sports LLC, 1805 Franklin St., $110,000.

Dingess, David L. to Bostwick, Richard Eric, 2714 Crawford St., $125,000.

Rieger, Kimberly L. to Anson, Joyce, 2728 Woodbine Court, $135,000.

JSL Enterprises LLC to Pierce, Brenda, 1805 Avery Road, $167,000.

Ellis, Christina L. and Johnny Michael to Pedersen, Wayne, 2001 Thurston Ave., $96,000.

Baker, Anthony J. and Waskel, Monica G. to Lawrence, Jeffrey and Manning, Nichole, 904 W. 31st Ave., $131,000.

Russell, Donald M. Jr. and Deborah L. to Sconzert, Mark and Stacy, 504 W. 31st Ave., $170,000.


Klebba, Alfred III to Standish, Gregory L. and Theresa J., 12002 S. 212th St., $325,000.

Warren, James and Patricia to Warren, Josiah and Rachel, 11445 S. 216th St., $375,000.

White, Barbara A. and Mark B. to Gall, Trisha R., 10603 S. 213th St., $309,000.

Schneider, Leon to Newton, Donald O. Jr., 413 Pontiac Drive, $135,000.


Markham, William and Jannah to Wynn, John Jess Jr. and Chelsey Dawn, 819 Juniper Circle, $215,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Grass, Gregory G. and Melinda K., 9720 S. 123rd Ave., $100,000.

Lamb Land LLC to Tsr Eos LLC, 935-945 N. Adams St., $2,195,000.

Dober, Dana M. and Nicholas J. to Stanton, Thomas E. and Diane E., 2109 Petersen Drive, $263,000.

Shaffer, Nathan D. and Cheryl L. to Williams, Desiree J. and Marlyn Jabariake, 2202 S. River Rock Drive, $235,000.

Lorence, Marc and Lauren to Cox, Nathan B. and Erin C., 12552 S. 82nd St., $394,000.

Holmes, Matthew and Ashley to Greene, Travis and Nicole, 1005 Conestoga Road, $199,000.

Irish Shad P. to Moore Michael Oshea, 501 E. 2nd St., $140,000.

Nance, Kirk W. and Jacqueline M. to Chris Lake Properties LLC, 1108 Marshall Circle, $200,000.

Chapman, Christopher G. and Kym L. to Pearson, Matthew J. and Sarah R., 10605 S. 112th St., $300,000.

Buffington, Ryan and Danielle to Butcher, Riley and Ashley, 110 Matthies Drive, $179,000.

Ryan, Steven J. and Carey S. to Darling, Darrell and Patricia, 311 N. Monroe St., $134,000.

Quinby, Charles F., trustee, and Quinby, Mary Ellen, trustee of Charles F. Quinby Living Trust to Holmstrom, John E. and Anne M., 910 Shady Tree Lane, $275,000.

Eckhoff, Allen J. and Melissa K. to Haveman, Joel W. and Mary E., 10712 S. 113th St., $318,000.

Marotz, Jaclyn and Mitchell to Wallace, Randy D. and Yoonhee A., 2411 Crystal Drive, $352,000.

PPG Shadow Real Estate LLC to Wallup, L.P., 7302 Olsen Drive, $1,980,000.

Cooper, Quinn R. and Angela J. to Brown, Aaron R. and Katy E., 804 Port Royal Drive, $250,000.

SGD Huntington LLC to Tab Liberty Partnership XIX LLC, 623 Fenwick Drive, $13,150,000.

Briggs, Charles to Bieryla, Luke W. and Amy L., 2312 Walnut Creek Drive, $235,000.

Shaner, Kristine Kalyn to Perrott, Patrick J. and Jennifer A., 12115 S. 79th St., $370,000.

McDowell, Jeremy B. and Jennifer R. to Vaughn, Joel B. and Prall Vaughn, Stacey, 1114 Walnut Creek St., $271,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Sibrian, Gladys, 7309 Swallowtail St., $417,000.

Hawkins, John E. and Carol S. to Withem, Ronald E. and Patricia Diane, 7959 Ponderosa Drive, $430,000.

Staebell, Alex D. to Reiners, Nicholas and Alex, 1217 Buckboard Blvd., $197,000.

Davis, Cody T. and Nicole E. to Hilaire, Shannon M. and James R., 1132 Michelle Parkway, $230,000.

Mayou, Larry J. and Rebecca J. to Smith, Jacob C. and Jannel D., 728 N. Beadle St., $163,000.

Riddle, Jack H. II, co-successor trustee, Riddle, Mark S., co-successor trustee, and Riddle, Steven M., co-successor trustee of Linda Riddle B. Revocable Trust to Woitaszewski, Seth, 816 Crest Drive, $210,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Bregg, Kenneth and Makayla, 10406 S. 111th St., $297,000.

Leonard, Cori James and Marilyn M. to Monk, Jessica Lynn, 7615 Ponderosa Drive, $330,000.

68059 Nadrchal, Cole to Schlecht, Daniel, 380 Main St., $185,000. 68123

Smith, Scott W. and Anne M. to Kaup, Benjamin A. and Elizabeth K., 3408 Duane Ave., $193,000.

Baker, Austin and Aubri to Bolan, Morris J. and Ellen M., 4219 Heartland Drive, $265,000.

Campbell, Joseph A. and Ann C. to Rickard, Alex and Mariani Rickard, Cathleen, 3306 Jessie Marie Drive, $190,000.

Reavis, Zachary M. and Victoria M. to Nielsen, Jeffrey and Nicholle, 4202 Victoria Ave., $302,000.

Stroup, Krista D. to Pickrell, Brent, 1504 Halifax St., $250,000.

Showalter, Steven L. and Angela F. to Douglas, Jasperskye and Miles P., 14506 S. 29th Circle, $185,000.

Lehman, Brittanie D. and Kyle B. to Phillips, Charles, 13204 S. 35th St., $195,000.

Smith Lynne M. and Zyeair K. to Alberts, Sara M., trustee of Sara Megan Alberts Living Trust, 14208 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $177,000.

Patterson, Jacob to Weeast, Tanner, 3401 E. Dutchman Circle, $185,000.

Davison, John R. and Hansen, Ron A. to Bevins, Michael J., trustee, and Bevins, Debbie, trustee of Bevins Family Trust, 14104 S. 33rd Ave., $240,000.

Dooley, Kenneth and Auvray Linden to Kadow, Benjamin and Lisa, 14310 S. 27th St., $183,000.

Chong, Reynold C. to Nabity, Bastian D., 2607 Jack Pine St., $147,000.

Cox, Roger Lee and Gayla Lejean to Miller, Gregory and Christina, 2926 Lynnwood Drive, $206,000.

Timothy, Frank Allen and Misty Catina to Yacoubou, Kimberly D. and Archie, Dorothy, 11920 Gow Lane, $233,000.

Brown, Susan Phyllis to Dewitt, Ricky D. II, trustee of Ghost Cat Trust, 14214 S. 22nd St., $130,000.

Lahayne Benjamin Roy and Lahayne Brittney Leann to Lentsch, Lloyd and Brenda, 2306 Coventry Drive, $170,000.

Holder, Rodney L. and Frances A. to Butler, Matthew D. and Andrea L., 13001 S. 31st St., $218,000.

Hay, William Alexander III and Victoria Elizabeth to Lamonica, Jonathan and Veronica, 11911 Quail Drive, $212,000.

Crawford, Nicholas and Ashley to Colombo, James and Caitlin, 2205 Coventry Drive, $202,000.

Bjornstad, Debra and Michael to Arnold, Allison N., 3415 Comstock Ave., $115,000.

Lambertus, Mark and Rebecca to Martinez, Claudia I., 11756 McCarty Loup, $215,000.

Monster, Joe to Aceves, Miguel Angel Ayala and Ayala, Rocio De Luz, 2609 Morrie Drive, $265,000.

Eakins, Kenneth L., trustee, and Eakins, Karen A., trustee of Kenneth L. & Karen A. Eakins Living Trust to Poldberg, Warren L. and Connie L., 9704 S. 21st Ave., $200,000.

Rezac Rental Properties #3 LLC to Emmanuel Realty LLC, 15009 Versaille St., $123,000.

Carter, Morris L. to Block, Tyler Andrew and Tara Michelle, 3107 Lone Tree Road, $183,000.

Dworak, Jason and Ashley to Petersen, Justin and Rachel, 14208 Tregaron Drive, $270,000.

Walker, Thomas B. and Dami K. to Dunaway, Cheryl A. and Mitera, Dale J., 3260 Tammy St., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ammons, Daniel and Jasmin, 1916 Canyon St., $298,000.

Daw Properties LLC to Roman, Mario and Laine, 2306 Whitted Drive, $178,000.

Wilson, David Nathan and Carrie to Dworak, Jason and Ashley, 3411 Lookingglass Drive, $190,000.

Rex, Benjamin B. and Kathleen M. to Athay, Kelli Lyn, 13704 S. 44th St., $332,000.

Seals, Erik and Heidi to Gonzalez, Lesbia and Lopez, Juan Carlos Jaimes, 13520 S. 31st St., $180,000.

Boyd, Danny K. and Laurie J. to Soethout, Bret D. and Nathalia Ybay, 13704 S. 14th St., $225,000.

Reo Asset Management Co LLC to HBI LLC, 13806 Rahn Blvd., $209,000.


Almeida, Fabio and Silva, Fabiana to Mejia, Esther and Sagon, Jeneen, 10150 Edward St., $400,000.

Dahl, James to Dethlefs, Kimberly, 7501 Ivy Lane Dirve, $150,000.

Hawkswell, Chase and Catherine to Peavy, Blossom, 7012 Josephine St., $138,000.

K & B. Associates to Hansen, Mildred J. and Eugene G., 7515 Joseph Ave., $145,000.

Prill, Cynthia M. to Schmidt, Larry and Christine, 6837 Crabapple St., $225,000.

Stanley, Debbie L. and Gerald P. to Gebreyes, Dege G., 7002 Michelle Ave., $190,000.

Brown, Aaron R. and Katy E. to Cook, Thomas Frank Jr., 7425 Josephine St., $185,000.

Popp, Timothy M. to Miller, Jason L., 7215 Park Crest Drive, $142,000.

Ferguson, Audra J. and Michael A. to Legado Group LLC, 7524 Lillian Ave., $112,000.

Griffin, Wendy L. to Li, Haotian and Zhang, Chen, 7717 S. 70th St., $218,000.

McCabe, Kevin R. and Jeanne M. to Brown, Jonathan J., 8810 Honey Locust Drive, $175,000.

Past, Donald L. and Virginia M. to Arnold, Roger G. and Debra M., 8151 S. 94th Circle, $282,000.

Arnold, Roger G. and Debra M. to Patterson, Jacob and Joshua R., 9804 Melissa St., $250,000.

Cox, Charles E. and Kathy L. to Coghlan, Patrick and Chelsey, 7425 S. 93rd St., $335,000.

Ost Inc. to Frampton, Ashley, 7107 Florence St., $116,000.

Phillips, Rickie D. and Tamara S. to Grant, Tatum Alyssa Sioux, 7355 La Vista Drive, $125,000.

Equity Trust Co., custodian FBO Donna Rothlisberger to Ace Properties LLC, 7417 Joseph Ave., $126,000.


Schurger, Joshua P. and Amy L. to Nei Global Relocation Co., 2309 Alexandra Road, $276,000.

Nei Global Relocation Co. to Nance, Philip and Noelia, 2309 Alexandra Road, $276,000.

Miller, David A. and Kathy E. to Klesitz Realty LLC, 208 Sumter Circle, $162,000.

Ries, Darrell P. and Melissa A. to Blazek, Thomas R. and Nancy P., 1409 Cherry Tree Lane, $222,000.

Johnson, Crystal M. to Archer, Jason A. and Amy E., 302 Fleetwood Drive, $248,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Galardy, Blaze, 6836 Park Crest Drive, $360,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Crawford, Nicholas and Ashley, 13806 S. 50th St., $356,000.

Widman, John and Jerri to Widman, Travis, 1904 Franklin Drive, $178,000.

Nixon, Eldon J., trustee, and Nixon, Marjorie E., trustee of Nixon Revocable Trust to Griffith, Lynnette Marie and Dennis Wayne, 2131 Liberty Lane, $275,000.

Shonka, John J. and Michele J. to Logan, Kathleen M. Brewer, 5203 Woodlane Drive, $250,000.


Winder, Austin H. and Melissa Anne to Virden, Aron D. and Kelsey R., 7107 S. 161st St., $262,000.

Shrum, Ryan and Megan to Barger, James R. and Sharon A., 7825 S. 190th Ave., $255,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Schram, Nicholas L. and Sara L., 16862 Cary St., $256,000.

Buschow, Brad and Shery to Allen, Matthew C. and Heather M., 18621 Chandler St., $320,000.

Butler, Anthony C. to Teager, Bryce and Katelyn, 8211 S. 167th St., $241,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sartan, Joel E. and Cook, Kelly J., 7813 S. 184th Ave., $271,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Khanna, Harinder K. and Mishra, Richa, 7901 S. 184th Terrace, $336,000.

Sobczyk, Daniel B. and Ann M. to Bendon, Stephanie Jean, 7105 S. 178th Ave., $185,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Jensen, Jeffrey A. and Keri L., 18508 Merion Drive, $385,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7817 S. 184th Terrace, $36,000.

Kulus, Bradley S. and Melissa M. to Kleinschmit, Andrew and Shelby, 18904 Redwood St., $260,000.

Chandler, Kimberly L. to Henry, Joseph Michael, 17748 Margo St., $190,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hrncirik, Michael and Jaclyn, 16914 Cary St., $284,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anderson, Jonathan D. and Nicole R., 9403 S. 176th Ave., $277,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Eller, Amy and Michael, 7814 S. 184th Ave., $327,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7833 S. 184th St., $105,000.

Frazee, Donald and Kimberly to Bartman, Peggy I., 17612 Olive St., $185,000.

Paradise, Brianne R. to Hansen, Marcus E. and Sarah M., 7406 S. 170th St., $296,000.

Williams, Matthew K. and Emily to Martinez, Jose and Aguirre, Lluvia, 18920 Briar St., $257,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Tong, Kevin and Bui, Truc V., 16851 Cary St., $263,000.

Corrigan, Patrick J. Jr. and Kaitlin J. to Klug, Daniel and Tammy, 9902 S. 178th St., $375,000.

Gonzalez, Blair N. and Carols A. to Laborde, Nicole F. and Tim J., 17704 Josephine St., $188,000.

Hawley, Aaron W. to Cleveland, Daniel F. II, 17840 Edna St., $190,000.

Roche, William A. and Ruth E. to Suchy, Jonathan, 7658 S. 158th St., $218,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Dulik, Michael J. and Virginia M., 16830 Aurora Circle, $278,000.

Hinman, Andrew and Shannon L. to Noyes, Anthony W. and Parker, Allison, 9506 S. 173rd Ave., $329,000.

Hansen, Marcus E. and Sarah M. to Healy, David P. and O’Malley, Katie E., 17709 Edna St., $195,000.

Reinhart, Kaitlyn R. and Derrick P. to Phan, Vinh and Ho, Nam Dang Suong, 17414 Emiline St., $189,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fabian, Tara R., 8014 S. 184th Terrace, $258,000.

Fabian, Tara R. to Olson, Nathan R. and Alyssa J., 7121 S. 183rd Terrace, $195,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nair, Arunjith Velayduhan Pillaai Gopin and Arumjith, Vidhya, 7333 S. 184th St., $285,000.

Silverstone Building Co LLC to Garday, Ben and Megan, 18655 Camelback Ave., $437,000.

Kiolbasa, Richard W. and Farley, Nicolette S. to Felise, Eugene and Jordan, 9501 S. 175th Circle, $400,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Charlson, Robert and Deborah, 9311 S. 176th St., $345,000.

Walsh, Kathleen A. to Sobczyk, Daniel B. and Dring, Sarah J., 18604 Rosewood St., $237,000.

Heinke, Keith A. and Laura A. to Waller, Trina Diane Landwehr, 8014 S. 190th Ave., $200,000.

Baker, Tyler M. and Sara M. to Laborde, Jordan D. and Cassie L., 16217 Heather St., $255,000.

Luna, Chris and Kristin to Fuhrman, Broc and Karissa, 8702 S. 167th St., $279,000.

Keller, Kevin J. and Staci M. to McConnell, Stanley L. and Lynn A., 7817 S. 171st St., $310,000.

Wilson, Shane and Carie to Lepert, Glenn and Rachel, 16015 Virginia St., $276,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Walsh, Nancy J. and Kathleen A., 18786 Redwood St., $379,000.

Comorski, Kelly to Ballesteros, Matthew, 16129 Willow St., $167,000.

Krishnakumar, Sajinseh Kumar and Sasidharan, Sailekshmi to Kambhampati, Vivek and Garapati, Navya Sri, 8409 S. 164th St., $253,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wittrock, Trevor R. and Kaitlyn E., 18611 Redwood St., $302,000.

Belt, Robert J. and Amorette K. to Shafer, Jonathan and Amanda, 7022 S. 177th St., $182,000.

Moreno, Arturo M. and Celia D. to Ballesteros, Lawrence V. and Comorski, Kelly, 15810 Stony Circle, $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stanigzai, Mohammad and Maimoona, 17722 Rampart St., $333,000.

Hoser Inc. to Hawley, Samantha, 17841 Lillian St., $105,000.

Hawley, Samantha, trustee of Samantha Hawley Revocable Trust to Ahlf, Zachary W., 17841 Lillian St., $190,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Boukal, Chad and Molly, 16906 Cary St., $285,000.

Davis, Keith M. and Tamara E. to Murrell, Bryan and Tania, 15605 Cottonwood Ave., $195,000.

Vaughn, Luke and Katie to Schilling, Cody and Jessica, 16215 Greenleaf St., $230,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kohl, Brian C. and Lachanse, Christine M., 7829 S. 184th St., $297,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Render, Brett and Erin, 18517 Hampton Drive, $413,000.

Hinze, Kacie M. and Monte J. to Cobia, Matthew and Amber, 8029 S. 162nd Ave., $295,000.

Herbst, Phyllis A., trustee of Herbst Phyllis A. Revocable Trust to Wasson, Matthew and Susan, 10319 S. 179th Ave., $385,000.

JKC Construction Inc. to Herzog, Harold C. and Arminda S., 10023 S. 170th Circle, $285,000.

Bydalek, Bryan and Patricia to Urban, Nicole Renee and Harold E., 8220 S. 167th St., $252,000.

Patterson, Walter L. Jr. and Mary S. to Johnson, Sheryl, 7026 S. 163rd St., $242,000.

VKB Properties LLC to Chris Lake Properties LLC, 8003 S. 158th St., $170,000.

VKB Properties LLC to Chris Lake Properties LLC, 16019 Greenleaf St., $170,000.

Valasek, Alfred L. and Sarah A. to Arumugam, Venkatraman Sankara Devar, 17824 Josephine St., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McLemore, Cassandra D. and Nauss, Jacqueline M., 18805 Birch Ave., $285,000.

Phillips, Lyndsay A. to Valasek, Alfred L. and Sarah A., 16714 Gertrude St., $325,000.

Harris, John P. and Michelle L. to Ohg LLC, 17706 Edna St., $170,000.

S & S. Homes Inc. to Masten, Andrew and Jordan, 10814 S. 175th Ave., $410,000.

Warren, Josiah P. and Rachel E. to Koeppe, Jeffery and Amy, 17201 Musket St., $269,000.

Lorenz, Arlo J. and Sarah C. to Douglas, Judd M., 8916 S. 163rd St., $236,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fritts, Ryan A. and Katherine A., 18810 Greenleaf St., $251,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ortega, Oscar, 7849 S. 184th St., $335,000.

Burkey, Eric V. and Brenda A. to Stanikzai, Mohammad Yaqoob, 7916 S. 161st Terrace, $185,000.

Lentz, Lisa and Andrew to Corbett, Nicholas and Jessica, 7656 S. 162nd St., $318,000.

Rowe, Justin K. and Laura E. to Querry, Ryan and Jennifer, 18919 Margo St., $305,000.

White, Megan Anne and Stephen to Petersen, Brittney, 7124 S. 176th Ave., $186,000.

McArthur, Alexa R. and Paul G. to Rice, Brandon J. and Storm, Stephanie A., 16623 Loop Circle, $260,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stock, David B. and Jocelyn A., 9318 S. 176th Ave., $324,000.

Holst, James A. and Susan L. to Arenas, Antonio W., 16106 Birch Ave., $184,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Todd, Timothy J. and Ivy A., 18809 Pinehurst Ave., $345,000.

Collamore, Christian E. and Kimberly Eileen to Plummer, Jason and Susan, 16525 Cottonwood St., $242,000.

Hawkinson, Sharon L. to Balfour, Jared and Chelsi, 18816 Redwood St., $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Miller, Kristen E., 17720 Musket St., $277,000.

Bluvas. Zachary M. to Littrel, Kari and Taylor, Cless Elsa, 7714 S. 161st Terrace, $193,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Conway, Jason and Carolyn, 7825 S. 184th St., $341,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Agbekponou, Kanyivi M., 18814 Greenleaf St., $226,000.


Gray, Jerry E. to Twohig, Tyler J. and Julie, 13579 Margo St., $190,000.

Johnson, Carol R., personal representative of Vickie E. Lien Estate to Fester, Katie, 15203 Robin Drive, $183,000.

Butler, Mark A. and Bateman, Karen to Clark, Jolie, 13901 Meadow Ridge Road, $130,000.

Lutz, Andrea L. and Clifford, Kenneth to MacCarthy, Kevin D. and Allison L., 15318 Rock Circle Drive, $182,000.

Jensen, Jeffrey A. and Keri L. to Spencer, Barry and Jodi, 7915 S. 154th Ave., $290,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Soyk, Edward C. and Stephanie, 11503 Glenn St., $308,000.

Hauptman, James and Judith L. to Christensen, Bryan, 7205 S. 151st St., $255,000.

Petersen, Bret L., trustee, and Petersen, Sharon K., trustee of Bret L. & Sharon K. Petersen Revocable Trust to Rettenmaier, Brandi and Blazek, Michael J. E., 12704 Emiline St., $193,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Nagel, Jill, 13438 Edna St., $135,000.

Jacobe, Kristine L. to Flipping Flanagans LLC, 9010 David Circle, $116,000.

Stanigzai, Mohammad Ajmal and Maimoona Rauf to Eggers, Michael R., 7421 S. 155th St., $184,000.

Odorisio, Jessica and Marcus to Wesely, Blake, 13904 Olive St., $195,000.

Williamson, Marty J. and Vacek Williamson, Mary E. to Odorisio, Marcus and Jessica, 13911 Olive St., $253,000.

Estrada, Abner I. and Rufina to Dame, William M., 14929 Willow Creek Drive, $201,000.

Milburn, Laura C. to Bremer, Brett, 14816 Edna St., $160,000.

Raymond, Alex C. and Hayley W. to Dahlheim, Taylor Jo, 8104 S. 153rd St., $184,000.

Emrich, Kristy Lynn and James to Hurtz, Sarah A. and Scott M., 13607 Slayton St., $205,000.

Escobedo, Aldo A. to Liggett, Tia and Knapp, Cody, 14810 Borman St., $171,000.

Holling, Matthew M. to MacBean, John, 13932 Lisa Circle, $168,000.

Lopes, Jennifer to Herman, Curtis M. and Laura M., 14121 Olive Circle, $280,000.

Kreger, Michael J. and Melody to Farley, Brian C. and Dickman, Kendra L., 8509 S. 142nd Ave., $168,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 12802 Josephine St., $116,000.

Cornic, Todd and Amy to Dynamic Properties LLC, 13905 Emiline Circle, $162,000.

Tomlinson, Jamie N. and Michael D. to Peterson, Jarred W. and South, Cynthia A., 15319 Papio St., $194,000.

Muench, Nolan and Amy to Nelson, Aaron, 13411 Margo St., $190,000.

Cole, Matthew and Pamela S. to Scott, Alexandra and Spencer, Koy, 13314 Emiline St., $172,000.

Rodriguez, Gwen to Buhl, Zach and Jessica, 13409 Shepard St., $215,000.

Odell, Gerald L. to Henry, David and Diane, 7742 S. 155th Ave., $160,000.

Haschenburger, Robert G. and Papastarros, Efthimia to Triplett, Jordan H., 9017 Gary Circle, $112,000.

Finkral, Joshua Jeffrey and Jamie Marie to Paczosa, Mackenzie L., 13910 Barretts Circle, $176,000.

Wrenn, Heather and Thompson, Nicholas A. to Kratochvil, Katelyn M. and Fullner, Cole J., 13827 Greenfield Road, $169,000.

Schumacher, Jeannette A. to Malone, Michelle T., 13005 Olive St., $183,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Hawkins, John E. and Carol S., 12655 Sherman Plaza, $423,000.

Vasquez, Margarita to Docken, Marvin O., 7008 S. 145th St., $180,000.

Kirsch, Carol S. Green, trustee of Carol S. Green Kirsch Revocable Living Trust to Stortz, Robert W., 13418 Redwood St., $185,000.


Carlsen, Stacy Sr to Norcik, Xan A. and Patricia A., 8413 S. 11th St., $213,000.

Sanchez, Maria D., trustee of Maria D. Sanchez Revocable Trust to Zalapa, Gilberto, 2730 Lillians St., $95,000.

Brooks, Casanova and Julie to Diaz, Omar, 9010 Florence Drive, $170,000.

Biser, James W. and Rachel A. to Bravo, Yoana, 7006 S. 33rd St., $133,000.

Nelson, Michael A. and Jacqueline to Rivera, Rosalinda and Rangel, Rosendo V., 6905 Chandler Acres Drive, $155,000.

Nekuda, James L. Jr. and Michelle R. to Riha, Daniel J. and Mueting, Melissa, 3703 Marie St., $240,000.

McCormick, Kasey L. to Wpi LLC, 7635 S. 41st Ave., $135,000.

Woodruff, Joni S. and Mason, Robert W. to Connell, Jared, 9311 S. 21st St., $320,000.

Classic Refrigeration LLC to Hieber, Donna L. and Barrientos, Richard Sr. and Vicki, 7801 S. 30th St., $39,000.

Tanev, Yaneh and Taneva Slavka and Taneva Miller, Vesna and Miller, David to Buonafede LLC, 7508 S. 42nd St., $122,000.

Harness, Timothy C. and Jessica to Noerenberg, Gay L. and Pitts, Kelley S., 2109 Gertrude St., $113,000.

Mikkelson, Jean A. and Eriksen, Frederick to Modesto, Martin and Elizabeth, 4103 High Meadows Lane, $113,000.

Prusha, Linda L., personal representative of Leroy M. Loth Estate to Gilbert, Donna A., 2631 Greene Ave., $89,000.

Prusha, Linda L., personal representative of Donna M. Loth Estate to Gilbert, Donna A., 2631 Greene Ave., $89,000.

Fichter, Erin J. and Alcantara, Mario Paredes to Hill, Kathryn Sue, 4159 High Meadows Lane, $115,000.

Shire, Brian, personal representative of Leland L. Shire Estate to Hicks, Andrew J. and Teresa L., 9706 Linden Ave., $101,000.

Shire, Sandra L. to Hicks, Andrew J. and Teresa L., 9706 Linden Ave., $101,000.

Blankman, Mark Allen and Debora; Karnish, Cynthia Marie and Daniel; Blankman, Susan Elaine; Barnes, Rebecca Lynn; Deane, Charles Leroy and Sherleen; Deane, Steven Eugene and Janet; Blake, Bonnie Lou and Ronald Gene; Honcik, Marjorie Ann; Dolezal, Terese Cecile and Mark; Debolt, Debra; and Blankman Champion, Debbie Ann and Champion, Steven to Partida, Rodolfo and Maria J., 2724 Olive St., $90,000.

Killham, Adam M. and Starling, Rebecca M. to Grabenbauer, Ross M. and Joan O., 2205 Lola Ave., $370,000.

Abbott, David R. to Loontjer, Tyler S. and Jennifer K., 3329 Willow St., $103,000.


Sedlacek, Victory A., of Jan Henry Charles Sedlacek Estate to Caldwell, Brian E. and Bernice D., 4904 Bernadette Ave., $190,000.

Targy, Paul F., co-trustee, and Targy, Thomas G., co-trustee of Mary Lou Targy Irrevocable Trust to Targy, Stephen T. and Tina M., 7113 S. 48th St., $174,000.

Miller, Christina M. and Greg A. to Swartz, Heather R., 5206 Emiline St., $145,000.

Williamson, Debra L. to Sayre, Lisa, 4837 Lillian St., $175,000.

Ho, John and Phan, Kim to Kieffer, Nicholas D., 4609 Ruth St., $156,000.

Muell, Amy J. to Gomez, Cesar Alejandro and Rios, Jessica, 5006 Trail Creek Ave., $135,000.

Meza, Ildefonsa Carreno to Thompson, Aaron J., 8613 S. 45th Ave., $174,000.

Bosanek, Rita to Arens, Necol Marie and Jeffrey, 4914 Glasgow Ave., $94,000.

Boukal, Jerry F., personal representative of Anna Marie Boukal Estate to Arens, Necol Marie and Jeffrey, 4914 Glasgow Ave., $94,000.

Wynn, John J. Jr. and Chelsey Dawn to Rubio, Jonathan Jaimes, 6914 S. 52nd St., $154,000.



State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 7811 N. 156th Ave., $43,950.

Iqbal, Syed Asad Irfan and Shabnam to Koneck, Rachel, 15379 Mormon St., $190,000.

Olafson, James and Michelle to Torneten, Jessye and Austin, 7220 N. 154th St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wilderman, Brent A. and Teresa C., 16509 Read, $315,089.

Cambridge Homes LLC to McVicar, Michael R. and Rita, 17023 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $365,338.

Shelsta, Lissa A. and Ryan R. to Syed, Asad Irfan Iqbal and Shabnam, 7935 N. 154th Ave., $243,000.

Showman, Jason and Nichole to Walls, Elizabeth, 10413 Rosewater Parkway, $270,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 7715 N. 156th Ave., $43,950.

Trifecta Properties LLC to Showman, Nichole and Jason, 8820 N. 169th St., $370,000.

Goosen, Daniel M. and Melinda M. to Anderson, Anthony, 8810 N. 155th St., $204,000.

Cutchall, Gregory S. and Molly C. to Campagna, Charles W., 7303 N. 151st Circle, $60,000.

Hembree, Jesse and Kristen C. to Locke, Ryan and Adams, Hayley, 14716 Ernst St., $359,900.

Lynn, Robert Francis and Joyce to Harris, Nicole and Albert Justin, 11770 N. 175th Circle, $103,000.

Lund, David L. to Jensen, Pauline P. and Brian, 114 N. Allen St., $30,000.

Kuhfahl, Jered and Katie to Becher, Christopher and Jennifer, 12818 N. 185th St., $598,000.

Olson, Gary and Toni to Anderson, Richard L. and Amy S., 7525 N. 155th St., $447,500.

Hall, Adam and Ashlee to Shaw, Lucas Michael and Jacey Kristina, 9824 N. 148th St., $406,500.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Metschke, Chad and Bousquet-Metschke, Shelly, 8528 N. 168th Ave., $399,990.


Special T. Masonry Inc. to Seidl, Kevin and Amber, 6432 S. 244th Place, $275,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Schio, Leonardo and Fanny, 20715 Nina St., $409,000.

Haffke, Joshua J. and Kristi A. to Morris, Donald F. and Sandra M., 20812 Parker St., $275,000.

Predoehl, Kylee Elise to Predoehl, Kylee Elise and Schleppenbach, Adam Michael, 2714 N. 191st Ave., $137,200.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Shafer, Kayla and Danenhauer, Robert Jr., 20502 Howe St., $351,785.

Cohn, Jonathan M. and Amber to Schultz, Scott and Nancy, 3419 Gateway Road, $220,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Hopkins, Lindsay Ann, 2120 N. 188th Ave., $412,500.

Freeland, Travis and Katie to Kanne, Ricky J. and Lisa A., 619 N. 189th St., $579,500.

Bolamperti, Terrence A. to Forsman, Christopher and Ashley, 4862 S. 236th Circle, $135,000.

Bousquet, Latonya L. to Lin, Rui, 906 S. 180th Ave., $480,000.

Froemming, Stacey and Shari to JKC Construction Inc., 2542 N. 188th St., $52,000.

Oelco LLC to Dewald, Deirdre May, 2705 N. 202nd Ave., $283,300.

Yoo, David C. and Judith B. to Uchtman, James D. and Phyllis A., 21750 Stanford Circle, $297,000.

Oelco LLC to Donner, Linda and Sufficool, Beth A., 2650 N. 202nd Ave., $254,800.

Zarybnicky, Kenneth A. and Margaret A. to Stier, Matthew C. and Taylor, Sydney R., 19704 Harney St., $325,000.

Obbink, Nicholas and Kara to Nei Global Relocation Co., 18923 Sahler St., $384,900.

Nei Global Relocation Co. to Cotton, Barney Thomas and Christine Kaye, 18923 Sahler St., $384,900.

Scheer, Ryan David and Amber Lynn to Radford, Nicholas J. and Kayla R., 23415 Berry St., $419,000.

Underwood, Richard and Tonya to Riddell, John T. and Sarah E., 19302 Sahler St., $369,000.


RRM Holdings LLC to Magana, Silas, 5902 N. 246th St., $13,000.

McCurry, Kelly R. to Rose, Roy L., 24136 Redick Ave., $32,000.


Trost, Terry J. and Tammy L. to Argintean, Brian, 29204 Platte River Place, $193,000.

Peterson, Roger W. and Jane L. to Vacanti, Anthony J. Jr. and Muth, Alecia N., 1021 N. 264th St., $830,000.

Morey, Frank P. and Kathleen M. to Kasson, Lucas and Kara, 23514 Denton St., $239,000.

Home Town Properties LLC to Mumm, Jeffrey B., 503rd Lincoln Ave., $142,000.

Foy, Larry C. and Carol M. to Moreland, Darrel G. and Susan J., 517 S. 251st St., $675,000.

Anderson, Barbara A. to Morey, Frank and Kathy, 458 Riverside Drive, $359,000.


Paxton Group LLC to Zapo LLC, 1403 Farnam St., $470,000.

Deboer, Nathan S. and Megan M. to Dinaro, Thomas and Helgesen, Katherine A., 312 S. 16th St., $162,000.

Future Forward LLC to Millwork Parcel 5 Apartments LLC, 1304 Nicholas St., $730,000.

Future Forward LLC to Millwork Land Company LLC, 1110 N. 11th St., $225,000.


Beatty, Laurie Ann to Smith, Dorothy, 6610 Bedford Ave., $120,000.

Carpenter, Jason John and Molly to Chen, Melinda E., 2018 Country Club Ave., $325,000.

Floyd, Carolyn and McCorvey, Colette to Gossett, Gregory J., 5717 Ogden St., $15,000.

Anderson, Elizabeth J. to Csanadi-Schwartz, Hartmuth Michael and Sarah Corinne, 2524 N. 53rd St., $416,000.

Cox, Thongjure to Evans, Mark D. and Miller-Evans, Peg M., 2616 N. 69th St., $62,400.

Flint, Kevin D. and Christine to Hines, Breeanna, 4907 N. 60th Ave., $80,000.

Miami St Stork LLC to Rasbert Properties LLC, 5628 Miami St., $110,000.

Miami St Stork LLC to Rasbert Properties LLC, 5626 Miami St., $110,000.

Elliott, Collin C. and Keirstyn M. to Meyer, Christopher John, 2530 N. 63rd St., $167,500.

Francis, Michael B. and Katherine T. to Lund, James H. and Sarah A.M., 3012 N. 49th Ave., $145,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Quintana, Regina Ruiz and Campos, Angel Alberto Lynch, 3519 N. 45th Ave., $83,000.

Friel, Jeffrey A. to Lynch, Jordan Mackenzie and Smith, Abigail Louise, 4854 Decatur St., $225,000.

Wrasse, Scott A. to Hamre, Brenda and Tom, 2040 N. 65th Ave., $32,000.

Maples, Harmon T. Jr. and Kido-Maples, Motoko to Gorby, Hunter, 1702 N. 55th St., $199,000.

Carlson, James J. and Emily E. to Sasek, Cody, 1611 N. 52nd St., $186,000.

O & H. Investments B. LLC to Mock, Lilian, 4636 Larimore Ave., $35,000.

Cortex, Lou and Chaboude, Darlene to Yang, Tao, 2727 N. 65th St., $200,000.

Carrington, Jerry W. and Marti A. to Chundury, Rao, 6340 Wirt St., $192,500.

Vetter, Henry P. to Osborn Property Group LLC, 2732 N. 60th Ave., $75,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 4234 N. 65th Ave., $65,100.

Irwin, Charles Logan and McCready, Kirsten to Bartlett, Sarah, 6939 Binney St., $135,000.

Andersen, Andrew J. to J Adams Investments LLC, 4548 Camden Ave., $48,500.

Geis, Michael P. and Virginia A. to Watson, Lindsay I., 3508 N. 55th St., $115,000.

Hoogeveen, Blake and Sara to Ludwick, Jason DW and Kathleen, 1602 N. 54th St., $290,000.


Deitering, Donald A. and Faith to Genchi-Villal, Jose J., 3006 Poppleton Ave., $155,000.

Rowan, Raymond A. III and Katrina M. to Laqua, Jacob A. and Lia N. Catania, 2601 S. 33rd St., $120,000.

Isaacson, Seth D. W. to Isaacson, Luke Jared and Rebecca Ann, 3072 S. 41st St., $110,000.

Rowe, Mark J., personal representative of Rowe, Jacqueline E. to Bernabe, Andres P. Bernabe, 2709 S. 40th St., $175,000.

Martin, Janis C., personal representative of Martin, Jimmy Ronald to Schulte, Heather L., 4445 Woolworth Ave., $172,000.

Ulmer, Jesse and Munhall, Jennifer to Candor Properties Bnb LLC, 3417 Jackson St., $100,000.

Kiki Hamilton Corp to Greene Development LLC, 531 S. 27th St., $66,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Ivy Properties Inc., 2845 S. 36th St., $86,870.

Olivotto, Romana I. Trust to Allen, Theresa, 3121 S. 42nd St., $126,000.



Strain, Courtney F. to KMJ Properties Company LLC, 6161 Hickory St., $123,500.

Bowen, Megan E. and Bryant to Carlson, Daniel C. and Nyce, Dominique C., 844 S. 50th St., $180,000.

Forst, Alicia to Weinandt, Logan T. and Alexandra R., 1943 S. 63rd St., $161,000.

Jarboe, Jessie R. and Mollner, Jessie R. to Cawley, Alison L. and Charles E. III, 1710 S. 55th St., $240,000.

Floridia, Sebastiana to Pqof I. LLC, 3206 S. 71st St., $195,750.

Henderson, Dawn C. to Thomas, Andrew, 5323 B St., $155,000.

Radke, Benjamin J. and Holly to Beltz, Adam, 4539 Walnut St., $240,000.

McDonnell, Sara E. and Lukesh, Lannie J. to Suiter, James R. III, 3021 S. 49th St., $182,000.

Malhotra, Gautam K. and Nishma S. to Buss, Annah M., 1619 S. 58th St., $215,000.


Mancuso Enterprises LLC to Briggs, Bianca, 4015 S. 36th Ave., $85,000.

Svanda, Amanda to Wagner, Rhonda, 4110 Polk St., $108,000.

Masters, John L. and Kathy to Reyna, Miguel M. and Castaneda, Veronica Raquel Vega, 2302 U St., $81,000.

Ringler, Robin to Scheen, Aaron T. and Samantha K., 4806 S. 17th St., $102,500.

Santacruz, Miguel Angel and Luz Maria to Luna, Raul Luna, 6803 S. 27th St., $100,000.

Joe Real Estate Ventures LLC to Lemus, Maria Magdalena and Espinoza, Genaro, 3242 Drexel St., $110,000.

Edison Street LLC to Villa, Hilda L., 5638 S. 19th St., $23,500.

Docekal, Donna and Shea, Terri to Marquez, Reynaldo and Noemi, 6823 S. 36th St., $220,000.

Bartunek, Gregory P. to Martinez-Morales, Guillermina Edith and Andrade-Diaz, Jose Antonio, 3716 X St., $91,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Martinez, Yasmin, 4124 S. 36th St., $95,000.

Rushlau, Mark and Deb to Rushlau, Vicki and Mary, 6055 S. 40th St., $69,000.

Pasieka, James J. to Sherman Properties 111 LLC, 4124 S. 29th St., $67,000.


Avz Realty Holdings LLC to Bmt Investments I. LLC, 2215 Mason St., $105,000.

Romero, Jesse John Estate to Punch It Out Inc., 1902 S. 14th St., $55,999.

Mendoza, Leonel and Olga to Gonzales, Orlando Galindo and Bravo-Aguirre, Guadalupe, 1721 S. 14th St., $45,500.

Laguzza, James, trustee of Sam C. Laguzza Living Trust to Laguzza, James D. and Regina K., 1416 S. 5th St., $51,000.

Cascio, Alfred and Michelle to Lowe, Melissa M. and Nicholas P., 1435 S. 11th St., $220,000.

Dooley, Edgar L. to Caulfield, Vince and Mathis, Elizabeth, 2712 S. 13th St., $76,000.


Coleman, Lynette K. to Amw Acquisitions LLC, 4103 N. 19th St., $15,000.

Kings Heritage Estates I. LLC to Ohio 36 Limited Partnership, 3929 N. 19th St., $157,500.

Kountze Park Crown Limited Partnership to Ohio 36 Limited Partnership, 2010 Emmet St., $45,000.

Kountze Park Crown II Limited Partnership to Ohio 36 Limited Partnership, 2024 Locust St., $45,000.

Kountze Park Crown III Limited Partnership to Ohio 36 Limited Partnership, 1810 Emmet St., $90,000.


Quiroz, Rodolfo E. to Cisneros, Irene Tovar, 2307 N. 33rd Ave., $13,000.

Green, Leron D. and Lashundia to Rivera, Sara, 4103 Grand Ave., $120,000.

Agora Realty LLC to Entrust Group Inc. and Laura Lee Ramirez Ira, 3517 Laurel Ave., $14,000.

Kemmish, Jadara Angelica and Spencer D. to Mohr, Travis M. and Gillotte, Azia M., 3823 Corby St., $96,500.

Golden Realty Investments LLC to Lepco LLC, 3821 Burdette St., $43,000.

Agee, Lynn Chaplin and Lynn C. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 5102 N. 40th St., $30,000.

Winters Realty #3 LLC to 2633 Rental LLC, 2633 Decatur St., $31,500.

Legado Group LLC to Burson, Jake and Courtney, 3663 Bedford Ave., $95,000.

Smith, Brenda Jean, personal representative of Willie D. Smith Estate to Klesitz Realty LLC, 5542 N. 35th St., $61,000.

Specht, George T. to Melendez, Ariana, 4111 Grand Ave., $40,000.

Bothwell, Michael A. to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K., 3166 Belvedere Blvd., $40,000.

Chatelain Properties LLC to Ramirez-Corado, Dimas and Albeno, Santos Albertina Grijalva, 2420 N. 33rd Ave., $45,000.

Rooney, Elizabeth A. to Salazar, Arlete Cruz, 6306 N. 32nd St., $49,000.

Holy Name Housing Corp. to Ohio 36 Limited Partnership, 3605 Erskine St., $36,000.

Station, Lamaratine X and Yurika to Janovich, James and Courtney, 4422 Vernon Ave., $36,000.

U.S. Bank Trust, trustee of Lsf10 Master Participation Trust to Ecute, Lilian, 3902 N. 38th St., $43,000.

R Properties LLC to TMRC Property Management LLC, 6350 N. 36th Ave., $49,000.

McKell, Eula M. to Velasco, Doris Martinez and Guzman, Miguel Cruz, 3512 N. 39th St., $70,000.

Nagel, Jill E. to Cates, Eugene C. and Harris, Tricia M., 3715 Pratt St., $25,000.


Tedford, Debra L. to Aragones, Ruben and Perez, Sandra Yanet Diaz, 2885 Iowa St., $120,000.

Ohira, Jeanne and Brett to Robinson, Justin M. and Memoree L., 3808 Grebe St., $206,000.

Ulferts, David W. to Kilker, Angie, 2441 Titus Ave., $105,000.

Swift, Jeremiah L. to Girouex, Lindsay, 6513 N. 33rd St., $91,000.

Brown, David C. and Carol S. to Gamble, Rae Van, 7409 N. Ridge Drive, $126,000.

Feeney, John L. to 681 Properties LLC, 2745 Vane St., $75,000.

Stewart, Joan E. to Dokes, Tiffany L., 3659 Summit St., $91,000.


Norton, Tiffany M. and Nicholas to Loewenstein, Pamela G., 7770 Hamilton St., $170,000.

Walker, Rodney P. and Vicki P. to Dowd, Timothy S., 231 S. 86th St., $425,000.

Festersen, Sigrid L. to Marcus, Lynn D. and Aylward, Charles P., 1334 N. 97th Court, $280,000.

Cass Court Shopping Center LLC to Hoop LLC, 7609 Cass St., $3,850,000.

Uchtman, James D., trustee of James D. Uchtman Trust to Neubauer, Kevin and Lauren, 9639 Parker St., $308,000.

Skaggs, Donna R., trustee of Donna R. Skaggs Revocable Trust to Lorenz, Robert E., 770 N. 93rd St., $300,000.

Schaal, David R. and Joyce M. to Brons, Ryan and Krista, 10524 Nicholas St., $280,000.

Kalal, Kevin D. and Peggy R. to Rooney, Elizabeth Ann, 827 N. 76th St., $169,000.

Lyons, Brandon A. and Kaelyn E. to Outerbridge, Andrea and Cole, Antonio, 1813 Robertson Drive, $175,000.


Engelhaupt, Kayla M. to P&G Enterprises LLC, 16506 Burdette St., $130,000.

Beam, Cynthia L. to Radik, Ryan, 3014 N. 154th Ave., $187,500.

Kandimalla, Prasad and Chigurupati, Neela to Friend, Anthony and Laura, 2403 N. 169th St., $335,000.

Slater, Donald L. and Joann C. to Streif, Richard C. and Michelle A., 5908 N. 160th Ave., $388,000.

Alonso, Jose Diaz III and Hays, Jodi Lynn to Seddiqi, Mohammad Sharif and Mohammad Shafiq, 17019 Locust St., $310,000.

Lydon, Kristopher D. and Angela M. to Page, Jason D. and Traci C., 16531 Yort Ave., $252,000.

Inc.ontro Enterprises LLC to Sanchez, Christopher, 16526 Ames Ave., $247,000.

Kovuru, Venugopal R. and Neena to Styl Properties Inc., 14720 Grant St., $215,000.

Smith, Kelli Jane to Wells, Grant E. and Aleasa M., 4304 N. Branch Drive, $246,900.

Porter, Kathleen M. and Sammy Kent to Porter, Kristy Jo, 3325 N. 148th Court, $150,000.

M Group LLC to Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC, 6509 N. 157th St., $52,900.

Wilcox, Sarah and Jason A. to Horwart, Mitchell C. and Olson, Amber M., 14608 Curtis Ave., $220,000.

Thomas, Nicholas and Krissy to Golwitzer, Eric J., 14525 Wirt St., $165,000.

Johnson, Victoria J. and Corey to Shirley, Brandon and Natalie, 3117 N. 170th St., $295,000.

Jordan Michael Signature Homes Inc. to Shradar, Robert D. Jr. and Kassa L., 3205 N. 177th St., $72,500.

Bassett, Andrew C. and Bridget A. to Bassett, Elliot and Natalie, 4021 N. 158th St., $336,500.

Holden, Jeffery A. and Marian A. to Fox, William and Nollett, Kristin, 6226 N. 158th Avenue Circle, $415,000.

Shaw, Lucas M. and Jacey K. to Kinzey, Cynthia L., 4658 N. 163rd St., $260,700.

Peacher, Joshua and Shannon to Omar, Abdikadir A., 14822 Spaulding St., $220,000.

Kruger, Michael-Ryan and Michele to Dao, Yaya, 5920 N. 145th St., $261,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Deacy, John and Laura, 15135 Himebaugh Ave., $332,859.

Murvin, Daniel and Sefick, Sydney to Rauterkus, Jeffrey D. and Kristine A., 15105 Mary St., $329,900.

Banks, Gary L. and Joyce O. to Pavin, Alexander and Brittany, 4522 N. 167th St., $269,000.


Martinez, Jaypee T. and Bernadette Samera to A & L. Remodeling LLC, 5047 S. 49th St., $114,500.

Buhl, Zachary and Jessica to Nichols, Shaun, 6092 H St., $154,000.

Soucy, Sean D. and Theresa A. to Dowell, Christopher A., 4530 S. 61st Ave., $105,000.

Cumberledge, Daniel T. and Deanna L. to Fetts Property & Investment Inc., 4506 L St., $300,000.

USA Builders LLC to Burgos, Lucila Velazquez, 4917 Y St., $220,000.

Anson, Stanley J. and Norma J. to Svehla, John and Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen, 4851 Q St., $120,000.

Newton, Elaine to Burson, Trinity F., 5411 P St., $143,500.

GTM Properties LLC to Kelley, Michael J., 4860 S. 52nd St., $98,000.


Sell, Lyle J. to Rhoades, Mary Jo, 1818 N. 175th Court, $165,000.

Abbott, Brian E. and Katherine A. to Dostal, Steven E., 16024 Parker St., $270,000.

Lucius, Aaron John and Barbara to Curtis, Ryan B. and Lisa M., 16717 Marcy Circle, $400,000.

Wilson, Carol S., trustee of Carol S. Wilson Trust to Tusa, Gary E. and Pamela A., 15927 Nottingham Drive, $215,000.

Miller, Robert L. and Shirley J. to Smith, Patricia A., 16141 Capitol Ave., $300,000.

National Transfer Services LLC to Daniel, Anthony R. and Karlyn J., 783 N. 164th St., $564,500.


Marron, Matthew G. to Potmesil, Mary E., 9160 Scott St., $167,000.

McCumber, Samuel S. and Kelli M. to Say, Kyaw Ku and Shu, Paw, 7508 N. 73rd Ave., $174,500.

Wolf, Glen H. and Julie A. to Gurung, Bal and Bhawana, 9223 Summit St., $197,000.

Ramirez, Brenda and Francisco Javier to Griffin, Jackie and Rebecca, 7431 Wyoming St., $179,900.

Adams, Hayley J. to McGuire, Bradley J. and Bardos, Marie Arnestine B., 9146 Black St., $175,000.

Rauterkus, Jeffrey D. and Kristine A. to Yual, Nyajuok and Woul, Pur, 7706 N. 107th Ave., $225,000.


McNichols, Henry J. III to French, Torrey L., 1134 S. 90th St., $178,000.

Gappa, James M. and Dorothy M. to Gappa, Nicole M., 3314 S. 90th St., $152,000.

Guenther, Dale A. and Kay M. to McClenny, Owen C., 2505 Ridgewood Ave., $195,000.


Story, Wyatt J. and Cox, Cassie M. to Perez, Robert, 5067 S. 106th St., $185,000.

Three Meadows Properties LLC to Nungaray, Nazario Vidales and Gannon, Mercedes, 5010 S. 87th St., $155,000.

Mohan, James J. and Mary Ann to Buchholz, Pam, 10705 Borman Circle, $140,000.

Gomez, Ricardo Jr. to Vaughan, Marti A., 5211 S. 104th Avenue Circle, $150,000.

Campbell, Paul E. and Tracy E. to Schimonitz, Charles J., 9378 N St., $220,000.

Ohanlon, Michael Matthew to Mass, Dustin R., 7917 Main St., $128,000.

Coy, Michael L. and Jennifer to Cichowski, Ronald R. and Thompson, Kelly Lynn, 5071 S. 105th St., $169,500.

Ozanne, Jacob A. and Christina M. to Woodall, Stephen M. and Spray, Emma L., 10256 Washington Drive, $315,000.

Billings, Kit B. and Penny S. to McGuire, Dawn and Ron, 7736 Park Drive, $155,000.


Upah, Richard F. to Vaughn, Lindsey R., 2819 S. 162nd Place, $110,000.

Gilstrap, Jack Michael, trustee of Gilstrap 2014 Joint Living Trust to Maass Judith, 1507 S. 198th Ave., $428,900.

Young, Korey L. and Langan-Young, Tammy to Naser, Guy, 3087 S. 160th Place, $165,000.

Healion, Sean J. and Vamosi, Michelle E. to Zekarias, Bereket and Ephraim, Eden, 3714 S. 202nd Ave., $184,000.

Moersch, Nancy A. to Bissen, Andrew J. and Ponnuraj, Latha, 3822 S. 182nd St., $443,000.

Kanne, Ricky J. and Lisa A. to Stoltenberg, Martin and Colette, 2101 S. 197th St., $320,000.

Boni, John A. and Diane L. to Brandt, Tamara Sue, 1821 S. 189th Court, $365,000.

Masten, Jordan A. and Bruch, Jordan A. to Kasem, Burhan and Habash, Martha, 16006 Arbor St., $194,000.

Rana, Sandeep and Dhankhar, Rashmi to Hanrath, Andrew and Sarah, 18906 Ontario St., $250,000.

Dewispelare, Jamie and Kelli to Harris, James Alex and Jill Elizabeth, 3334 S. 188th Ave., $457,400.

Dickmeyer, Gerald Irwin and Janet Susan to Foy, Larry C. and Carol M., 1226 S. 194th St., $465,000.

Morris, Donald F. and Sandra M. to Barron, Jaclyn D., 17115 Walnut Circle, $260,000.

Waterbury, Clifton and Kari to Fulton, Maureen and Windhorst, Brian, 3715 S. 170th Court, $874,000.

Bartruff, Sara E. and Tyler J. to Phillips, Frank and Ashlee, 1627 S. 181st St., $360,000.

Harris, James Alex and Jill to Campbell, Tyrelle and Danielle, 17617 Poppleton Ave., $382,000.

Rhodes, Rex S. and Whealy, Mary L. to Myers, Howard and Linda, 2917 S. 159th Circle, $239,000.

Pufahl, Scott and Katherine to Kobza, Aaron M. and Jennifer A., 2110 S. 186th St., $555,000.

Kawa-Breci, Debra L., personal representative of Skradski, Larry S. to Gubbels, Christopher M. and Erin M., 2036 S. 164th Ave., $170,000.


East Campus Realty LLC to Nelson, Michael A. and Kyle K., 120 S. 31st Ave., $432,900.

GSA Properties LLC to Circle Development LLC, 3505 California St., $265,000.

Foster, Louisa W. and Hay, William H. to Gonzalez, Maria E., 3000 Farnam St., $91,000.

PBPM LLC to Trelles, Tyler Joseph, 3415 Burt St., $314,000.

Orians, Karen Stroh, trustee of Karen Stroh Orians Revocable Trust to Shields, James Patrick, 120 S. 38th Ave., $27,000.

Rains, Anthony L. and Kessler-Rains, Natasha to Sohriakoff, Nathan, 807 N. 43rd St., $188,000.

Olives Nest LLC to Arter, Martin Winfield, trustee of Central Property Holdings Revocable Trust, 200 S. 31st Ave., $405,000.

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