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Dr Lee


Nope. The jokes on you.


While I'm not a fan of what Kleeb said about Don Klein, I will say that this BIshop's comments were uncalled for and very unbecoming of a person of his status. To sow doubt into the legitimacy of the election when there is NO legitimate evidence of any fraud is just plain reckless in our …


Bellevue West at number 1 seed over Westside makes no sense. This is no slight to BWHS as they have an outstanding program. But, more like what more would you like WHS to do this year? It will all eventually get settled on the field, though.


Serving concessions, cheering on your team = no mask wearing. Completely irresponsible!


Love your work Tom! Keep it up.


He didn’t accidentally pull the trigger he accidentally didn’t make sure there was no round in the chamber. Pulling the trigger is a necessary step when disassembling a Glock. Hopefully he recovers fully and learns from this mistake.


If you're a Republican in Nebraska and have criticized Sen. Sasse for his views on Trump, then you need to get in touch with reality, ask yourself what qualities make an effective leader--honesty, integrity, respectful of others are some and Trump lacks all three. Most of all you need to …


So that's the latest GOP talking point, huh? Rudy did it. Senator Sasse, please do not insult the intelligence of Nebraskans like this. Were not buying it. The aid was released because Trump got caught. Period. You know this and should have just admitted it. Or, here's an idea. Why don't …


So just to be clear, we should support a president who:

1. Lies on a daily basis

2. Pays off strippers to hide his extra-marital affairs

3. Won't release his tax information even though he said he would

4. Called upon a foreign leader to investigate a political riv…

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