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Scandal-ridden and on probation, the CU Bluejays threw up a stinker in front of 18,000 fans. Did I mention greedy too? Why is Creighton in the Big East? Omaha is in the middle of the country.


Not sure what this editorial is getting at but it seems to take issue with Stothert's my way or the highway attitude. Things would go better if Heritage Services came out and said we decided not to have anything to do with libraries.

What happened was the emails leaked out from Rach…


The oligarchs formed the "downtown riverfront trust" in order to have people make tax-deductible donations to fund this project. The OWH keeps referring it as a "$400 million " project but the trust has less than 200 million in it, the vast majority by Susie Buffett.

The "Heritage F…


I've posted this before and will again:

A friend of mine worked for The Reader magazine and was doing a story about how he liked the Gene Leahy Mall. Stinson and Bay instructed the reporter that if The Reader published a story that was against the re-development of the mall, that th…


Guess you don't understand Omaha. We don't want two forms of government here; one we elect and the one that rules by greed and bullying: IE the oligarchs.

This might be a huge bust and nobody will enter; I am not.


Reporter Jessica Wade is the new MECA - Omaha chamber of commerce public relations person for the OWH.

This is about the fourth article she has written where MECA takes her on a tour and feeds her propaganda that the paper prints.



Why make mean comments about be because I have an opinion? And I am supposed to get a life? What should you do with your life?


Agreed. A lot of trees were torn down for this. It does seem like an amusement park instead of a park. What happens when you let people that know nothing about parks get ahold of city parkland.


What was wrong with the Gene Leahy Mall the way it was? Apparently some wealthy people didn't like the design and bullied the city into making this park into their image of a park.

Recap what happened: Ken Stinson and Mogens Bay went before the city council and demanded fifty millio…


Good choice not to read the drivel.

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